Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mexican Cum Goes Ass Schmear

Well, it took him a while, but he finally fucked me. I was in the sling in the playroom at Camp Palm Springs on a Sunday evening and where all (well, most of them, as we'll see) the guys there were into jacking off. But...there was a skinny Mexican guy hanging out, giving me looks but not really cruising. He'd come closer, then back off, and eventually retreated to a cot and jacked off a bit to porn. Then he'd come closer again and the pattern was repeated. Finally...after a couple of hours...he grabbed the sling and fucked my ass...not the biggest dick but he knew what to do with it. With this top, I worked my buttmuscles massaging his dick as he fucked me, and he seemed to like that...I know I did...I puckered my hole and pushed out a little bit and he kept right on fuckin'. Finally, he pulled off...and I saw him rip off the condom (!!!) and he finished by whacking off and squirting all over my stomach. The best I could do was to wipe up the cum with my fingers and smear it all over my butthole, doing what I could to finger a bit of it into my ass...hoping that the next guy would work it deeper into my manhole. Sadly, there was no next guy. Sundays are problematic...sometimes they can be hot, but this wasn't one of those times. However, if I can't get cum shot into my ass, then I'll do what I can to get it up there...smearing it all over my asslips or shoving a condom full of cum up my ass. Cumlovers must be resourceful. Hey, happy fuckin', get laid tonight!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Human Butt Plug

The Human Butt Plug is the best way to describe this Palm Springs top, with whom I've communicated several times before, whom I finally hooked up with last Sunday night. It was already around 10 p.m. when I logged into barebackrt to check out what was happening late on a Sunday night, in Palm Springs not necessarily the best time. I wasn't online for more than 5 minutes, when I got 'pinged' by Human Butt Plug, and within minutes I was on my way to his place in the gay ghetto of Warm Sands. He doesn't call himself the Human Butt Plug...I do. This guy's endowment is so big and fat that he can bring pleasure even when only semi-hard. As I sat down on his plumped up manmeat I felt my buttlips stretch and fit over that knob of his, and he didn't need to do much more...I had that fulfilling sensation one gets with his favorite butt plug...the one where the slightest movement causes subtle gentle ripples along the walls of your fuckchute. I maximized my good fortune by squeezing his shaft with my buttmuscles and massaging it, sending little jolts of pleasure up, down, everywhere. Butt Plug didn't let me do all the work: he told me when to move forward, when to back up, when to twist, and finally he was flipping me outwards like a tailgate, and that fat dick never once slipped out...I just kept the clamp on as best as I could and his cock is big enough to stay in. There was a third to our little party that night, a latino guy who I'd buddylisted a while ago...and I assume he got his ass worked over after I left, which I did around 2 a.m., but not before probing Butt Plug's butt with my talented little hands. His canal was not the deepest but it was certainly wide enough to provide for lots of fun...this closing was just a 'getting to know you' kind of fisting session...we both agreed to take it to the next step and soon. We also agreed that the 'tight hole' was vastly over-rated, surmising that the guys with tight holes just aren't getting around enough.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is a Pornstar? Some Comments on the Death of Chad Noel/Donny Price

'I think it's always funny when we call call them pornstars' muses pornstar Damian Ford in Jochen Hick's documentary 'Sex/Life in LA 2:Cycles of Porn' (highly recommended, by the way, if you can find it). 'I mean, what is a star? How many movies do you have to do to be a star? One, in porn.' Right you are, Damian. I haven't seen every bareback porn video (I have an aversion to twink porn, crap like Eurocreme) but I've seen all the good ones (the Knightbreeders have escaped me because I won't do Paypal, the only reason) and I know most of the pornstars. So when there was internet buzz about the 'AIDS-related death of 'pornstar' Chad Noel, I was taken aback. Who? Chad Noel. AKA Donny Price. Who? It turns out Chad was in the Brent Corrigan video that was pulled off the shelves when it was learned that Brent was underage. If you have this video...something about a pool boy and under my radar because it qualified as twink porn, in my book...better throw it away because if it ends up in the wrong hands, you could be in a lot of trouble. But back to Chad Noel/Donny Price...and his 'AIDS-related' death: it didn't take long for the sermonizing do-gooders to get online with their tittering about the evils of barebacking, etc., you know the drill by now. They're out there in droves...these professional humanitarians clogging the circuits with their rhetoric. It turns out that Chad/Donny was indeed HIV-positive, but his death was not AIDS-related...some guys, who've claimed to be his friend, attest that the demise was probably drug-related, which certainly rings true. Drug abuse is the real problem, not calculated risky sex. It's been a while since we've lost a pornstar to AIDS...lately, the deaths have been related to drugs, abusive relationships and alas, that scourge of a younger generation...suicide. All of these causes can be avoided with appropriately-directed sermons. There are some good aspects to the bareback culture which I've discussed in earlier blogs.
Google 'Dead Porn Stars' and you'll find the website that lists all of the departed greats and near greats, and those of you of a certain age, will be taken down a path called 'memory lane.' It's a long list, including the best top in porn history, a guy named Chad Douglas. And the best bottom, well OK, it's a toss up between Chris (Danny) Burns and Jon (Gaines) King. What Bill Gardner or Paul Morris could have done with these guys. As of right now, I have known still more dead pornstars than living pornstars, but I'm constantly working to change that. Nothing brightens up your day more than a pornstar's dick up your mancunt. Yeah. I'd better work.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Treasure Island Media DVD Sale

Men, there is a sale on ALL T.I.M. dvd's going on at Superstar Video on Castro St. I've checked around the neighborhood and the sale seems to be exclusive to Superstar, and there's no mention of it on the TIM website, although I made only a casual, perfunctory check. I was astonished that the new videos are included, so I bagged 'Raw Underground: Paris' featuring French pornographer Eric (see his website, he not only directs but performs in his own videos, and he is hot), and more about that some other time. I just wanted to get the word out: if you've been meaning to update your T.I.M. video collection, and I know I'm not alone, this is the time to act. Better get to SF this weekend before the sale far as I know, Superstar doesn't take online or telephone orders.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Smoke Gets in Your Ass

My own ass, actually, and on a school night to boot...things happen when you're unemployed. Feelin' hornier than usual, I walked around the corner to the porn arcade on Geary & Polk Sts. Nothin' goin' on...oh well, actually, a workin' boy was lodged in there but we don't do that sort of thing...and horny as I was, I just wasn't in the mood to stand around and model for an unknown period of time. Back home, I got pinged by a guy on honest to God total top, and it wasn't gettin' any earlier...get on over here, I wrote back. Said top turned out to be a recent transplant from LA and into partying...he pulled out a pipe and politely offered...partying hadn't been discussed earlier, but as I said, I was really horny...and it wasn't gettin' any's now around midnight. What transpired was an inspired, crystal meth-fueled session that lasted six raunchy hours. LA top fucked me on all was an average-sized dick that stayed hard the whole time he was into his spirited, aggressive fucking...he kept it up the whole goddamned time, kinda unbelievable, but he sure did. After a couple of hours, he shot his pozjuice deep into my butthole. And this despite the crystal. As for me, it ain't my thing, but I did take a couple of hits...and most of what I got was blown into my mouth...a smoky kiss that sent all that shit straight into my brain. It turned out that he was also into farts, and got what he wanted by blowing crystal smoke right up my ass, and then resumed fucking my poz hole getting it juicy, sloppy to the point where it emitted loud, raunchy sounding farts...a steady machine gun rapid firing off of little nasties, and then eventually that loud gassy blaster he was aimin' for. Whenever the farting subsided, he'd load up on the pipe, and then get down to blow more smoke up my ass. I don't think I've felt sluttier in my life. LA top turned me on my back and then fucked my ass for another long session, and while he came close to blowing a second load up that smoky ass, this time he came up a little short. Nevertheless, this was one hot of the best among a slutty lifetime of great fucks. Fartmen, get a hold of me...I want more!