Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cameron Cruise Makes A Party

Down in the desert a couple of weekends ago, I couldn't pass up the chance to hit pspigslut's bareback party on the north end of town.  Now I've seen pornstars there before but usually I don't give out names unless I know the guy personally and know that he would be all right with my blogging about it.  I hadn't met Cameron before although I knew and admired his work which goes back a few years now, mostly as a bottom with his partner Tony DeAngelo.  Their website Bareback Masters has been a fixture on the bareback video scene for years, and as far as I know, is the only porn studio working out of Pismo Beach, an unpretentious little California beach town on the central coast about half-way between San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Pismo is the way Newport Beach must have been in the 1950's.  Both guys are openly poz barebackers and their stable of models reflects their catholic taste in men...there are some big name stars and starlets ready to break out, all hot.  There's a lot of toxic jism streaming at Bareback Masters.

The party in Palm Springs was the first one with decent enough weather for nightime outside play, but nobody was that made for a lot of close-in communal activity.  I was getting my share of dick, but I was waiting for a particular top who had RSVP'd on the Barebackrt party list, since he had fucked me before and I like his schtick: white trailer trash longhair motorcycle top slut who fucks anything that moves.  He happens to be a very nice guy.  One time we were talking about his plans to complete a Craigslist hookup at the local Motel 6, and he could put all his sentences together, and he sounded like a considerate type.  But I like his biker shit and wanted that poz dick up my butt in a very bad way.

Cameron showed up a little late and I recognized him right away.  He was getting a lot of dick and doing some topping, too.  I went up and introduced myself, told him what a fan I was.  Note: Cam is much handsomer in person and his personality comes across as it does not on video.  Of course, he doesn't say much in his videos: he leaves the communicating to his magnificent butthole...check out the website for a good look.  He also looks somewhat thinner, as the camera does make you look thicker or heavier, but in person Cameron Cruise is a slim, hot sex machine.   We chatted for a bit and then split up; after all this was a sex party.

From the sexpad, I could see the undressing room, and noticed the cycle slut had arrived finally...way later than usual, and it's getting past my bedtime.  He usually doesn't take much off, and adheres pretty much to the leather code, always keeps his hat and boots on.  So here I was, hoping to take that white trash schlong up my shithole, when the dude takes one look at Cam and he's off in Cam's direction, where I concluded he'd take his time and not be interested in anybody else after fucking some Cameron Cruise ass.  That was when I just bagged it, hoping that Cam wouldn't make it to the next party.  Like I said, it was way past my bedtime.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Popular Gay Barebacker Dies, A Suicide at Golden Gate Bridge

I met Jonathan Klein through a barebackrt hookup.  At the time, he was still living in a rather large nondescript wood frame house at the end of the Castro streetcar line.  He was hosting, but by the time I got there, he wasn't up to sex.  Now I have been refused by the host a couple of times in my bareback career, but never before in such a gracious manner.  Jonathan had changed his mind about least about sex with me...but he offered me a soda and we had an engaging chat in his kitchen.  He's a slightly burly, bearish guy, and he was dressed in a filled out tee, sweatpants and socks.  He couldn't have been nicer and I really wanted him to fuck me because I had already watched him in action.  I recognized him as soon as I saw him in person, after a slight inkling based on his profile headshot.

Erich Lange filmed Jonathan fucking Max Holden in the Treasure Island Media video, 'Fucking Crazy' a few years back.  'Fucking Crazy' was actually a documentation of an erstwhile San Francisco gangbang phenomenon, the Cute Boy Bareback Party.  If you don't know this video, check it out and the format of the CuteBoy will be explained to you.  Jonathan was a regular at these parties, I think, stuffing his pozdick up the asses of some of the legendary bottoms of our time: Jeff Palmer, Sean Storm, Rob Rodin, Max Holden among them.

Then I was walking up 18th St. in the Castro one day and passed maybe the last, full-service old school travel agency in the whole world: Now Voyager Travel (the title taken from the famous Bette Davis movie) and there sat Jonathan at his computer, providing the personal service for which he was well known.  I had occasion to pass Now Voyager many times since, and just about every time Jonathan was there, working his ass off for his loyal clients.  It follows that he was well-known in the gay business community and well beyond Castro Village.  And of course, I wasn't the only guy who met him through barebackrt.

It turns out that the building has been sold recently and the future of Now Voyager uncertain.  Jonathan had also recently taken a buyout for his Castro apartment (rather than fight an eviction) and had moved to Bernal Heights, a desirable rustic cottagey hill neighborhood a bit removed from the gayness of the Castro.  He had turned 60, and he was poz, two factors which the local gaypaper Bay Area Reporter seemed to take as negatives contributing to depression.  Alas, suicide is often impulsive and always final.  I wish Jonathan had gone online to solicit a hot ass to fuck, rather than to make that last trip to the Golden Gate Bridge.  In short, his life didn't have to end this way, despite all these setbacks ganging up on him.

The last time I saw Jonathan was around 2011 at a Jayson Park video shoot at the Playspace on Folsom St.  Jonathan was in line to have his turn with Jayson's fine ass.  We said 'hi' but not much else, though Jonathan did feel me up nicely.  He seemed his old friendly self.  I left before Jonathan did, but I assume that Jayson did get some of Jonathan's poz seed planted deep in his ass, but regrettably, I don't recall seeing it in the video, but I could be wrong. 

It's always sad when a good men elects to end his life prematurely, and in this case, the world is worse off for his departure.  R.I.P., Jonathan.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Fuck Motel: Cheap Ass Hollywood Fucking, Part Two

Like most travelling business sluts, I try to make every penny invested, in the hotel room. return a dividend in the form of hot sex.  After spending way too many hours trading e-mails and text messages with one Chatty Matty after another, I retired that game around 2 a.m. and went for a couple of hours of sleep before hustling the morning commuter market.  Checkout time was gonna be at 11 a.m.  I did not break my fast, so I would need only a quick clean check and be ready for dick, not wasting valuable time cleaning out.  This strategy did pay off, as I wrote in Part One, a tall professional type nailed my ass around 8 a.m.  I left my door unlocked, my lubed ass was in the air, this dude walked in and he fucked my ass while I never saw his face.  It took 5 minutes, it was great, it was living porn.  His breeding me made me feel like a 'fabulous farm animal,' a quote from one of my favorite movies.

Since being a slut is all about quality AND quantity, and since I still had a couple of hours of room time, I returned to the search.  One guy had texted me about 6 or 7 times while I slept, and while I had written him off as just another Chatty Matty, I decided what the hell...I texted him back.

He was an hour away.  It was morning rush hour.  He was on his way.  Yeah, right.  I kept lookin' online.  But damned if he didn't show up: a not young, not old black dude, lanky, wearing a black cap over his longish hair.  I thought he was OK and liked him right away.

I had been playing around with my IPad, teaching myself how to record myself, and I jury-rigged a setup with the IPad on a table, braced up so we'd get a good view of the bed.  I sucked on this dude's dick: it was plump and slightly curved, not all that big to start but we got him to a nice kingsize, and he liked to move around so he was able to eat my ass while I worked on his joystick...being a 5-6 bottom with a much taller top allows for a lot of sex options.  This dude really loved eating ass...he had me twisted like a pretzel while his tongue probed my sweaty manhole while I did my best to push out tall guy's cum.  I just hope I don't fart too loud.  Well, I didn't was more of a wet squish and a load of poz cum oozed out of my hole.  This was too much for black daddy.  He turned me around and got me doggy style and then fucked that slutty hole for a rammin' five minutes before he shot his load.  Too bad, he pulled out first, blew his wad over my back, smeared it back on my hole, and then shoved his dick back in and dug deep.  I was gettin' pretty vocal with my racialist toilet talk, and he seemed to like that.  It was an almost perfect fuck.  Almost...because he pulled out rather than flood my mancunt with his seed, and...almost...because he's neg...and almost...because he won't let me post the raunchy video that was recorded because he was smokin' shit throughout.  So now I have this hot video which needs editing because it's too long to send via e-mail, but I'm working on that, at least for now it'll just have to be my own private video until this top no longer gives a shit and doesn't care if I post it here or on xtube, which is what a really would like.  If anybody out there wants to do a video, we can talk about that. 

The best part of this Fuck Motel experience is that I've found the perfect place in Hollywood and I'll be coming back again for sure.  And no, it's NOT the Dunes.