Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Military Party at Helios

Well, men, this party was a disappointment, and it had nothing to do with the venue, the Helios is a terrific place and I encourage you all to check it out when in Palm Springs. Now this wasn't a bareback party, necessarily, but I saw only barebacking, what little action there was. There were way too many looky-loos at this event, you know the type, they mostly stand around fondling their equipment...waiting for some action to break out and then they rush and encircle the guys getting it on, stroking their dicks but clearly not looking for engagement. If the guys were HIV-neg then their caution is understandable, but it doesn't make for hot, no-attitude encounters. But you never know with these parties. It seems the only parties worth a damn are the openly blatantly lewd affairs that are implicitly poz parties where nobody gives a damn. Now Brad McGuire and James Roscoe will be featured at the next Nasty Guys party, the weekend of June 5-6. Exactly what Brad and James are going to do, I'm not sure...are they going to fuck for another audience of looky-loos (there is a raised area that's well-lighted and could serve as a stage), or is Brad going to plug every bottom who wants his fatdick up the ass? If that happens, it would result in Brad's 50-Hole Night, trust me. If that happens, I won't be disappointed. Still, you guys will have to check it out yourselves. Start with the Helios website.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some new bareback videoswith Timm Zane, Alan Gregory

I finally got a hold of the barebackrt dvd about the party in Palm Springs, which I attended last year. The actual party was not taped, but there was a series of encounters recorded in a guestroom with porn veteran Conrad Stevens and a newcomer from Arizona named Timm Zane. I must say the most impressive thing about the video is Mr. Zane, an unconventionally sexy guy of mixed racial origins (according to his profile on barebackrt), but pure Wally Cleaver when he opens his mouth. He's also openly poz, which made him that much sexier to me. Timm Zane takes it up the ass in the form of a mean fuck delivered by versatile Orion Cross. This is the best scene in the video, although I enjoyed watching veteran porn figure Lance Hancock dump his hot poz seed into a willing bottom's butt. Last month I had the pleasure of meeting barebackrt's PigMaster, who turned out to be a really nice guy (I was offered the dvd at a discount but didn't have enough money at the time...I was checking into the Helios resort in Palm Springs for a sex party and carried only enough cash to get me in...but too bad, because I should have bought it then), and like Timm Zane, is from Tucson. I got hard thinking of PigMaster shooting a load up Timm's ass...I hope it's happened, just wishing it is good enough for me.
RedStag has come out with 'Slam Fuck Seed,' (by Stefan Maverick) featuring the same Orion Cross, and Luke Cross, and other familiar barebackers in good form, but for me the action was dominated by veteran Alan Gregory, who bottoms in the final sequence here. Alan's a little fuller, with that same fabulous big ass, has some facial hair in the form of a budding Van Dyke and has let his head hair grown out a little. He looks like one of those hot, tough, big bottoms on his belly at the baths, and you're intimidated a little because you're not sure you can deliver and make him happy. Alan Gregory is a God, one of the hottest bottoms in the business. For a few years he languished over at SX Video, it was hit or miss, mostly because they didn't know how to make him look his best...then the Hot Desert Knights guys put him in 'Dungeon Fuck Party,' a vastly underrated orgy video, and then he shined in 'Bareback Neighborhood' by Spunk Video, probably under the radar for most bareback afficianados, and then Paul Morris got his naughty hands on him and Alan really took off. His cum scene in a threesome with Austin Shadow and Jerry Stearns in 'Fearless' is one of the best cum scenes ever, with fabulous close-ups of cum being worked into Alan's hot poz ass. Yowzah! Get all these videos, they're worth every penny.

SOMA Ass Munching

Communicating with this top online, it was made abundantly clear that he was into eating ass...big time. I'm kinda sweaty, I wrote...should I shower or come as I am? He doesn't like the taste of lube...so I showered and made it to his place South of Market in about 20 minutes. He lives in one of those new, expensive, full service buildings. I called him from the sidewalk outside, and he told me to go to the reception desk, tell the security guard I was there to visit, etc. A burly security type walked me over to the elevators, turned the key and let me in and pushed the button for the seventh floor, and I was in. The paint was barely dry in the place, and it was nicely appointed, sexy colors and trendy features in the kitchen and bath. My man is a neatfreak...there wasn't a thing out of place and his collection of antique clocks was thoughtfully and artfully arranged over the fireplace. He sucked my dick for a short while and I did not get fully hard (I hardly ever do, especially when I eschew enhancements, such as tonight), but was very skillful...it was pretty good and I don't even care much for oral sex. He led me into the bedroom where his big bed was covered with a play sheet in a camouflage pattern and bid me to get on all fours at the edge of the bed. He was pretty sure of himself, giving me orders...move up, move back, down lower, twist slightly to the left...all in a firm but polite way. He was clearly a top...and a top who enjoyed eating ass. He munched at my mancunt for about ten minutes, then applied some lube and then slo-fucked my ass, never quite rockhard. Then he would take one of those towelettes and wipe my butthole clean, and then get down to eating me out again. He did this procedure a few times, and finally gave up when he lost his hard-on, which as I said never really got rockhard in the first place. He was very charming, very nice and we shared a couple of hits of weed, a very nice host for the right bottom, which I obviously was not. Well, I guess not...anyway, it was better than staying at home. Hopping on the local bus, getting back home within 15 minutes, I immediately went back on line, chatted with a couple somewhere in town about a threesome, and then they tried to IM me, which I know absolutely nothing about, and we lost the beat. So there I was in bed by midnight, enjoying a nice wank before getting a good night's sleep. I would never eat another guy's ass...it's something I do not do, but I don't mind it done to me, as long as he doesn't want to kiss me afterwards with my buttscent on his lips. This top didn't. If he calls me again, I'll get my ass over there.

Monday, May 4, 2009

RideHard Slut Machine Review

Frank Stein at Slut Machine cuts straight to the chase: hot action in sexy environments, in the case of Ride Hard, the newest offering from this relatively new studio, the sexy setting is a concrete warehouse or construction site, you decide...the setting is a bare, stripped down environment, showcasing sex. SlutMachine usually doesn't identify the performers but some are known to me: in the first sequence, skinny-hot art punk versatile poz Derrick Downs gets plowed by Lito Cruz...and we see it all through some great shots: cock,ass,legs,feet,face...Derrick strides Lito's big dick and we get a nice view of that thick dick plunging into that exquisite butthole...four stars. The other sets are all great, but the standout is one Tyler, a fresh-faced bottom who appears to be be barely legal, who gets fucked in succession by a young firm dad and a hot earthy latino. Tyler is young and cute, and appears to be tall...lanky, all legs and big feet...he's on his back the whole time, but I doubt that I'm wrong on this one. Tyler is one hell of a bottom who takes two rough fucks, and he cums each time, before the tops get off and ram their cum-soaked dicks into Tyler's ass. For all you guys who fantasize about charging up a compliant, eager teen anxious to get pozzed up, this dvd is for you. Tyler might be a bottom who would list 'don't care' as his status, but no doubt about it, this kid is out to join the brotherhood. Get this video now.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

BoneDeep Review Part 2

When Treasure Island Media introduced Ian Jay, he looked like just another sexy and confused teen who wandered into a bareback sex party, if such things really do happen. In Bone Deep, Ian has a more matured look, slightly scruffy and made out to look like a slacker punk: it works...as he's fucked every which way by pierced muscledaddy Tober Brandt, who's evidently crossed the Rubicon from mainstream to bareback porn.
I thought 'Eddie' as in Go-Go Eddie was known as Eddie Hibbs, and he worked at a premiere leather shop in LA's Silver Lake/Echo Park district, i.e., the Other End of Sunset...he may still, for all I know, and I know he's on barebackrt on a regular basis, arranging his anonymous pump and dumps...Paul Morris gets it right in Bone Deep...showing off Eddie at his best. Here's where the biohazard tattoo fetish gets played out...Sean Hunter (whom I'll always associate with Palm Springs where the Hot Desert Knights guys introduced him a few years back) is a dependable top with a biohazard tattoo above and to the edge of his dick, which means that a bottom getting fucked on his back can observe and luxuriate in the fact that he's getting pumped by a hot poz guy and due to get impregnated with the evil devil seed itself. Eddie's on all fours, but we get some great shots of Sean's tattoo and the enormous prison style biohazard tattoo on Eddie's stomach. Eddie's been active in the LA leather scene and isn't shy about showing off his bio-H tatt, and it probably gets him laid every time. The scene evolves into a fisting sequence...a rarity for TIM videos, but a hot scene just the same.
There's a scene called Feeding the Young, where daddy Mark Dixon squeezes out a milk (yes, you heard right) enema, feeding Hal, and then getting the rest of it fucked out by poz top Keer. This is a landmark event...remember...Treasure Island Media brought it to you first. This is for fetishists, good luck with this one...I'll have to watch it a few more times before really getting into it...Mark Dixon, Keer and Hal are all hot and that helps.
Time was, in the old days, circa 2000, Hot Desert Knights hosted some legendary sex parties in their warehouse in Palm Springs, I used to call it the porn ranch...in the summer the winds get wild in the desert, that hot desert wind is something to remember, especially if you're getting fucked in a sling under the stars, with palm trees blowing all crazy. There used to be a 'dedicated bottom' for these parties...one bottom, usually a porn star like Chad Adams...or Trey...took his place on the leather fuck platform and took all cummers. Trey probably got fucked by 30 guys that night, god knows how many loads, but let's just say that his famous butthole was sloshed with cum and your dick felt like a bottle washer hitting those buttwalls and stirring up rich, poz-laden cum. God, what a night, those parties were something to remember for a lifetime. Trey gets his in the TIM sex kitchen and it brought back all those great memories. Skinny little Trey has matured with the years in a nice fashion, thickened out a bit (he made good use of those added pounds), so that now he's fairly buff, and with tattoos and some definition.
Poz Keer gets a TIM tattoo in the last sequence.
Buy this vid! Think of those quiet nights next February when you'll be glad you bought this one. Thanks, Paul and gang.