Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Doesn't Dampen the Fire of New York Barebackers

Trolling the quick connect ads on BarebackRT, I couldn't help but notice that there were 33 New York hook-up postings at 230pm, Eastern Time.  Usually, it's about a dozen for that time of day.  I know that a lot of guys can't get to work today because of Hurricane Sandy; a lot of businesses, maybe most, have simply shut down for the duration.  Evidently, a lot of guys plan to use the time, away from work, to engage of hot mansex.  A couple of guys openly admitted that the Hurricane made them hornier than usual.  What to make of this...a link between Hurricanes and sex?  I, personally, have been interviewed by more than a couple of grad students, working on their dissertations...the subject matter in some way has always involved sex.  Here's another one for a grad student out there...hurricanes and sex...start with the hooking up websites and get to work.
All the best from warm and dry California...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Treasure Island Media Revives 'Breed Me'

The landmark bareback porn video 'Breed Me' is now available to all you children out there.  This video was released in VHS format and is not available in dvd, as far as I know, but it is available through the Treasure Island Media feature, TIMFUCK...and I advise you all to check it out.  You must realize how important this porno is.  The Father of Bareback Porn, Michael McKey, introduced some bareback sex in a fisting video he directed for Hot House...that video was called 'Depth Charge 2,' and for a few minutes we are treated to some bareback sex, and a little bit of cum oozing from a freshly fucked hole; there's also a lot of barehanded fisting, a lot of fisting.  This would have been around 1997...the AIDS cocktail had just been introduced, the 'seropositive' stigma had been relaxed, and people were taking chances again in the pursuit of satisfying sex.  Keep in mind there were fucktards who had been barebacking all along and when they were videotaped, they became objects of controversy and awe.  Michael McKey then began producing videos on his own...'Bareback The Movie', followed by 'Bareback 2, Once in a Blue Moon.'  These productions came out of Phoenix, Michael McKey's home base.  About the same time, a guy named Paul Morris came out with a video called 'Bareback Lunch,' and we were titillated by his was condomless sex without apology or qualification, in defiance of the political correctness of the time.  Then Paul Morris followed up with a little effort entitled 'Breed Me.' 

From the very first minute, we were captivated by the straightforward depiction of willful, dangerous and unapologetic, cum-drenched sex.  A faceless subject with the use of a dildo, coaxes rivers of cum to flow from his used and abused asshole.  It was shocking at the time, as so-called safe sex was very much the order of the day.  As far as we could tell, it was all very phony cum concocted from pina colada mix here.  And with the music and sound effects, the sense of taboo was greatly enhanced.  The rest of 'Breed Me' features an anonymous bottom taking numerous loads.  These are internal spunk deposits, and occasionally we may see a pearl of cum on an asscheek, but in the mood of the time, the very sight of a dribble of cum was radical, scary, sexy and to a great many of us, completely irresistible.  A taboo had been broken. 

'Breed Me' when compared to some of the stuff coming out today, will seem restrained, but trust me, it had quite an impact when it came out, so enjoy it by imagining the response it provoked among the AIDS mafia and self-appointed protectors of the gay constituency.  This video changed everything and Paul Morris kept up the pace with 'Raw Shots' One and Two, and Hot Desert Knights entered the marketplace, eventually linking up with Michael McKey, and the rest has been history.  RJ Parker is the only identifiable performer in 'Breed Me,' otherwise there are no faces shown.  So watch with the understanding that 'Breed Me' made possible every single second of bareback porn you enjoy today.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Dick Damonson Dies

Rawtop has reported that porn pup Dick Damonson was found dead in his New York apartment earlier this week.  Dick was a cute little Marine (so I've read) who played in some Treasure Island Media videos, notably closing one of TIM's best videos ever, Fuckholes 2, with some sizzling group action where he and Marcelo Masko entertain a gang of determined tops.  Rawtop actually fucked little DD on a couple of occasions and blogging about those New York liasons makes for some interesting reading.

It's thought by some that the death may have been drug-related and I'm sure that's the story circulating around bars in Manhattan and San Francisco, but as far as I can tell, that's still only a rumor.  With the recent death of mainstream pornstar Erik Rhoads of a heart attack brought on by steroid medication, one hopes that a third pornstar's imminent passing remains limited to idle chatter and conjecture.  These things don't necessary go in threes.

Rest in peace, guy.  In your short time on earth, you made a lot of us happy and the world a better place.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Castro Video Store Closes & Gay Public Yawns

For whatever reason, Superstar Satellite Video, the landmark institution of SF's Castro Village, is conducting its 'Closing - Everything Must Go' sale.  This may or may not be the end of Satellite Video, as it may choose to relocate to another location, but somehow I don't think that's in the cards.  It may be closing because of rising rents...all of San Francisco is on the upswing these days with a lot of commercial and residential development finally getting the cash to move forward.  But somehow, I don't think a rent increase would be a big enough reason for the store to close.  And though, I dropped in on a Wednesday, a day when most of the business conducted in the Castro would be local business rather than weekend or tourist trade, the place was as quiet as a tomb.  The local guys weren't rushing to Superstar Satellite to snap up dvd bargains.  No, it was more like nobody gave a shit.  I'd have to admit that if this had happened a couple of years ago, or maybe even last year, I would have dedicated hours going through the inventory, looking for videos to add to my library..specifically a pozapalooza video of a road trip with porn pups Ethan Sexxtin and Tim Tyler getting in on with a poz daddy master, picking up white trash toxic hitchhikers and fucking away the daylight hours at the infamous old Coral Sands Motel on the shadier side of Hollywood.  But do you know what?  I don't give a shit either.  In fact, this year I've sold more porn than I've actually bought. 

This landmark video store's closing is actually the closing of an era.  The porn business has been done in by streaming videos, websites like X-tube and MachoMoe, tumblr and the i-pad.  A new age of amateur porn is upon us...a lot of it, most of crap, but enough of it is good enough, despite the limitations of the i-pad.  I think the dvd will be around for a few more years; the cheap production costs make for enormous mark-up potential, but eventually it will go the way of the VHS, prized still but by collectors and porn archivists like myself.  Subscription websites will be the next to go, they'll drag on for a few more years.  The future will be in the free, amateur or personal websites and blogs.

But if you're one of those into collecting, I suspect the Super Satellite - and I don't even know if that's the official name anymore, I used to be such a loyal customer I stopped paying attention - will die its lingering death through the end of the month, so you still have time to get down there and go through their impressive inventory with a lot of vintage stuff and esoteric material that will only get lost on the internet.  For those of you unfamiliar with SS video, the sale could worth a trip to's in the heart of the Castro...the 400 block of Castro between Market and 18th Street.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

John Dahl as TIM's 'Fucktard'

I gave Folsom a pass this year.  There were no performers who I wanted to see, and that's the only reason.  Well, that...and also the fact that Treasure Island Media decided not to do anything this year.  Last year, TIM hosted its fans with a party at the corporate offices...well, that's what I call it, on 9th Street, just a block off Folsom.  I got there relatively late in the day, and I still had to wait a few minutes until I was OK'd by security to enter...a matter of the fire code; there were that many was a success.  Once I climbed up the stairs and reached the office, Brad McGuire had just shot a load up James Roscoe's butt...on the top of somebody's (not Paul Morris', I'll bet) desk, and there was some feeling up here and there among the fans, but nothing radical...and oh yeah, I recognized Paul Stag in the crowd, a cheap thrill if there ever was one.  But there was nothing like that this year, so I didn't bother.  But I did venture into the TIM domain on the Friday before for a meet-and-greet with TIM's newest star, John Dahl, whom we'll all be seeing in 'Fucktard,' the new video due out this month.

There are a lot things going on here.  First off, a fucktard is a guy who does incredbily stupid things in pursuit of self-gratification.  The implication is that he knows better, and is going to risk endangerment or tragedy, anyway.  Any old dumbass isn't necessarily a fucktard...he's just a dumbass.  But a fucktard has to have sense of bravado, and he's going to engage in questionable, risky, taboo behavior because he wants to, or maybe because he just can't help himself.  But that's just part of it.

Formerly, what kind of risks were involved in getting fucked up the ass?  Well, ah yeah, there was the risk to career, and to health, and to reputation, and of course, you could end up in jail.  A lot has changed just within one generation, but there is still the risk of....yeah...HIV.  Conversion...because HIV pozbottoms are beyond the risk issue...we're all going for broke for the time we have left.  So, I think it's implicit that the alleged fucktards in the new video are all boys looking for the adrenalin shot that comes with doing something dangerous, something forbidden, something dangerous to one's health.  They're not stupid but they can't help themselves either.

I have no idea what John's HIV status is.  We chatted a bit, and he's a genuinely nice guy.  Shortish, meaty (not fat!), unassuming and masculine.  He looks a bit more homespun in person than he does in the TIM promo where his muscles, physique, hairy blondeness and butchness in low cut wrestling gear, are all notably evident.  The photographer also captured that quality of dumbness (fucktard!) that a lot of us find appealing, attractive, sexy.  He looks like a dumbass Marine ready to take it up the ass.  John Dahl is not a dumbass but I think he knows how to play one...the evidence is in the trailer where his shortness and stockiness, beautifully contoured head and nice feet, all come into play...he's a hotshit bottom, of course.  So if TIM wants to build him up as this type of bottom character, I'm on board.  I can't wait to see the video and more of John Dahl.  It's so much more sexy when the bottom is smart but plays dumb.  Remember, a fucktard is not necessarily stupid; he just does stupid (sexy?) things.  Let's see where TIM goes with this.