Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Matt Sizemore Goes East

One of our favorite pornstars, Matt Sizemore, is in DC, and teaming up with fellow pornster Champ Robinson, to entertain as many Washingtonians as is possible over the next few days. You remember Champ...a hot top from Raw Fuck Club videos, and of course, Matt...well, Matt is a legend. After working hard in mainstream gay porn, he made the switch to bareback almost 10 years ago when he modeled for Hot Desert Knights. He made a couple more for HDK, and then...sort of...disappeared. Then recently he allied with Treasure Island Media where he went the bottom route. And very well, too. Ah, he's done that before...and often. After DC, he heads on to New York where he should be pretty busy. On his barebackrt profile, Matt says he'll team with Champ in DC or Sam Crockett in LA, for those of you pigs who are into that sort of thing. I get hit on daily by escorts working the various websites, and while I'm unable to take advantage of these offers...financially speaking...I know lots of guys who can and will. And being the dedicted blogger that I am, I don't mind being a matchmaker. That's all I do...the boys can figure out the rest for themselves. But I remain, as always, an admirer of the audacious marketing efforts by some of the, ahem...rentmen.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dept. of Corrections: Re: Double Fucking

In an earlier blog, I described how I wanted to see double penetration depicted, and bemoaned how the contemporary crop of video directors seem to have forgotten how to do it right, especially since double fucking is nothing new. I credited William Higgins for staging the perfect double penetration scene, but, as a number of readers have pointed out, it wasn't William Higgins at all, but rather John Travis, director of much of the Jeff Stryker repertoire. The scene I treasure was part of the John Tavis masterpiece, 'Power Tool,' best remembered not for the double fuck scene I love, but for prisoner Jeff Stryker powerfucking the late great total bottom Tony Bravo on a prison bunk...ah yes. That was by far a more memorable scene that will live forever, if fans could only find it. And for the record, the bottom who took two rawdicks up his ass was Gary Owen. Where be he now, God only knows.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cheap Thrills: Porn Stars on Parade

It's time to let you guys, out in the hinterlands, know what you're missing by not being part of everyday life in San Francisco. Say you're in Safeway, and we all know that after Home Depot, Safeway offers the best malewatching in town, any town. But we're in San Francisco and we're in the Gay Central Safeway on Market Street and you see the perfect ass...the most beautifully shaped male posterior ever. Then you notice the rest of the man, and he's trim but you can tell he's built under that button down shirt he's wearing, and maybe he's slightly balding and most certainly not chicken material. Then you stall waiting for him to turn around, and then he does, and it's ex-Falcon/Treasure Island Media studlet Max Holden...traveling with his faithful little lapdog, and I mean that literally. Maybe it's been a while since Max has done anything on video, but his starring turn in 'Fucking Crazy,' the Treasure Island Media document of the old Cute Boy SF Bareback Party...those were the days, yeah, all the way back to 2005(!)...will live forever. He's also pretty good getting nailed by Buttlover in Buttlover's Best. Seeing how well Max has held up over the years is an inspiration to us all, and I know he's got fans out there, because they've e-mailed me about him. If you want to see Max Holden post-video, you can go to Safeway. It would perk up any queen's day to catch a sight of tall, lean, versatilian studlet Tyler (Slut Machine/Treasure Island Media) standing in the checkout line at Mollie Stone's supermarket in the Castro. Buying wine, I think. He was wearing a leather jacket and wonderful black cowgirl boots, and looking terrific. When I first saw Brad McGuire tending bar at the Edge, I thought it was for a celebrity/charity fund raiser. Every queen running for Empress has to put time in at the Edge, a mainstay in the Castro, surviving all these years probably because its schizophrenic client base changes with the hours of the day, and has done so, successfully over time. I've followed many a drag queen into the Edge, and have stayed for the cheap drinks and the music, which is mostly 80's retro. But if Brad McGuire is there you go for Brad McGuire. I guess Brad is working at the Edge now because I've seen him on more than one occasion, though I haven't tested his martini making skills yet. For those of you who haven't met Brad, he's a really nice guy, and what's gonna hold ya back now? I can say that he appears to work weekday evenings, and of course I wouldn't dare ask. A guy deserves his own space, even if he is a bartender. The Edge is in the Castro, at the corner of 18th & Collingwood...across the street from Mollie Stone's.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Videographers Forget How to Shoot Double Penetration

I was at my local pornshop the other day and saw a new porno by the very shaggable Damon Dogg (at least I think it was Damon's new venture Damon Dogg's Cum Factory, I'm pretty sure) that is devoted mostly to double penetration. I haven't seen this video, but judging from the pictures on the wrapper, it's all conventional double fucking. What do I mean by this? It's the familiar modified doggy style staging: one top on his back fucking with the second top giving it the doggie way. That's all I've seen by our great videographers, and I've concluded that the directors feel that this is what we, the videowatching public, want to see. I know these guys might recall one William Higgins. William Higgins goes way back to Pre-Condom Era, and through his Catalina Studios defined a specific look to his porn: palm trees, swimming pools, lithe clean-cut hairless boys with flawlessly styled hair who rarely broke into a sweat...ah...ugh. This William Higgins culture was not my thing, even then...but the guy knew how to stage a double fuck. I recall one of his videos, styled in a prison motif...I checked the Catalina videography and couldn't even guess at the title, so that part of this story is lost...but therein was the perfect doouble fuck. So I can't direct Paul Morris, Damon Dogg, Frank Stein, Ben Baird, Gary Carlton, etc. to the right video, but here's the set-up: take two tops on their backs, butt to butt, and then have the bottom straddle them and take both dicks up his ass, positioned so that we get a full frontal of the bottom riding those dicks. True, this staging is going to require a really big ass with a big stretchable hole, like, ah, uhm, Jesse Balboa, Danny Lopez, Ray Dalton, Damien Silver, for example. If William Higgins could make it look good on the floor of a prison shower...and I don't like much of what he did (except for Chad Douglas)...any of the great current porn directors could take note and make it great in their own ways. I think it was Liam Cole in an interview who said he didn't direct his performers; he just let them go at it. I figure that most directors work this way, and it's too bad. It's why we have a lot of hot guys having sex that doesn't do much for us. Any good director is going to visualize how to use his players. Otherwise, it's amateur stuff that belongs on Xtube. I've been viewed many times on Xtube getting fucked by hot poz dicks, and sometimes it was fun to watch later and other times even I would just want to move on...and it was me! The couple of times I appeared in a studio bareback production (for Hot Desert Knights), the director Ray Butler did provide some guidance, how he wanted us to stand, move so that the camera men could get access to the angles he wanted. If you leave it up to the performers, you're going to spend a lot of time in the editing room and end up with some mediocre porn, mediocre bareback porn. So maybe that's why the double fuck scenes haven't been so great: the guys don't even know who the fuck William Higgins is!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Xtube Review: Imjustsaying

I haven't blogged about Xtube and I really should have long ago, so I'm going to right that situation now. Xtube is fabulous, especially after one learns how to avoid wasting time going after all the crap encountered on that wonderful free-for-all website. I check out Xtube nearly every day and by now I have my favorites, and I thought I'd share them with you and share my ideas why these contributors are great. To begin with, there is a sexy element to amateur sex with strangers, anonymously or whatever, and to address one's inherent exhibitionist proclivities by sharing a video with the whole wide world, adds a prurient aspect that really gets one's hormones going. There's no 'bareback' category in Xtube, but no matter; once a user identifies his favorites, he can cut to the chase by accessing those accounts and very often, the contributors' favorites which are also accessible, really serve to expand the available options. From time to time, I'll be blogging about my favorites, hoping that you'll 'log-on and get-off' and gift these naughty, nasty boys. I'm going to start with a contributor who calls himself 'Imjustsaying'...a relentlessly hard driving black daddy into big asses and, feet. You'll see a lot of these in his submissions, like 'Hitting a Mexican' with a big ass that he fucks hard, and nice Latino feet on view for us to admire. Now these are amateur videos, so the production values are not comparable to studio-based bareback porn...although some times they are better than good enough. But...the grainy quality of the videos, at times (not Imjustsaying's, necessarily, as his are way better than average), with the crotch shadows, obstructions, weird angles, actually enhance the videos, giving them a raw quality that's very erotic, especially when the venue is an anonymous hotel room or a cheap ass tacky apartment bedroom. Imjustsaying is an equal opportunity topfucker and since he's a favorite of mine (and I hope you'll check him out and be generous, while you're at it), we'll be looking forward to his next show.