Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tony Bishop and Steven Daigle Distinguish Treasure Island Media's 'Cum Whore'

The striking aspect of Treasure Island Media's latest production, 'Cum Whore,' is that some familiar characters don't look all that familiar.  Antonio Biaggi is leaner, and with some facial hair besides a little more hair on top, and an enhanced tan.  Jack Allen's nicely-styled hair and facial re-do makes his former homeless look a faint memory.  Sean Storm is leaner and more angular, showing a great chin and hair, graduating from post-twink to handsome young daddy.  And Peto Coast is now a silver daddy.  All this is to the good.  Max Sohl scores again. 

Treasure Island Media has big plans for Steven Daigle; he appears shirtless on the dvd wrapper.  But as hot as he might be, he just doesn't come across as an uninhibited, wanton sex pig.  Well, at least not yet.  We'll be seeing more of him, I hope, in upcoming productions and online.  He has still to grow from piglet to full-fledged pig.  Maybe this vanilla pudding needs some chocolate.  Steven Daigle will probably become a big bareback porn king, but probably not because of Cum Whore.  I've got a feeling that the best stuff is yet to come.

Tony Bishop, however, is a revelation.  I have admired his profile on Rentmen where he's one of the 'Anything Goes' guys.  And with that biohazard tattoo on his upper left chest, you'd have to be really dense not to get the message.  Tony Bishop has only one scene: he tops Jacob Lee and we get the full view of the biohazard tat as Tony Bishops works his dick like the weapon it is.  Max Sohl's on top of it, giving us Jacob's p.o.v.  This is a very hot sequence, all too short, but also promise for more.  Tony Bishop...more! more!

Cum Whore exploits the Treasure Island Media formula: a mix of old faces, regulars and reliables with some new, fresh dick and ass.  It's not as good as 'Bad Seed,' but still five stars.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dawson in Chicago

Trolling through the Barebackrt website, I noticed that Dawson has posted an updated profile with a new location: Chicago.  The Fog City's loss is The Windy City's gain, and DawsonBB (the profile handle) is looking for new friends, so I guess this move is permanent...well, at least for now.  My guess is that Porn's Greatest Bareback Superstar will have little trouble making friends in his new hometown.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Steven Daigle's Status: Poz Cum Whore?

There's certainly been a lot of buzz out there about the new Max Sohl/Treasure Island Media video, 'Cum Whore.'  It may be out in the stores (when I checked last week it wasn't available at my usual haunt, Rock Hard in San Francisco), which interests me since I intend to buy this one for my collection; my being totally old school and not into buying air time online.

So, obviously I haven't seen this video beyond the teaser on the Treasure Island Media website.  It looks better than promising; it's looks positively nasty, vile and fabulous.  I'm particularly interested in seeing Sean Storm, looking better than ever on the cusp of 40, but more about Sean in another post; everybody knows I'm already a fan of his.

This Steven Daigle character is the source of all the buzz online.  There's a lot of speculation as to his HIV status.  He had something of a career working for Sister Superior condom Nazi Miss Chi Chi LaRue (Chi Chi's position on safe sex is well-known and non-debatable) and then some stuff for Raging Stallion.  But his latest move into bareback has fueled a lot of rumors.  The roadmap for a career in porn usually takes the bareback offramp when one converts to HIV-positively.  Why this is customarily seen as a bad, regrettable affair is beyond me.  A lot of formerly mainstream guys really get loose and crazy in their porn performances for the bareback studios, and I'm thinking of the great Matt Sizemore here.

So, Steven Daigle appears in three scenes in the new 'Cum Whore' aptly named video, with his butt the territory of Antonio Biaggi (of course), Peto Coast (hmmmm) and old reliable negative Brad McGuire, among others.  I'll leave it up to you guys to decide for yourselves whether Steven is a member of The Club, but let me say this much: any bottom who gives it up in such an unhibited, wanton style is not worrying about catching da bug.  What little I've seen has been superb, so here's a video I'm actually going to buy without renting first...and I think all those discriminating video collectors out there who are actually buying the hard dvd editions will be well-advised to open their wallets for this one.