Friday, August 15, 2008

Dore Sling Fist & Fuck at Master Tom's

I've got 3 loads of cum in my ass as I write this, around midnight on a Thursday/Friday, but I'm not going to write about that right now...I have to let experiences marinate in the juices of my mind before I write, so what happened tonight, really more of a porn review, will have to wait. Tonight I'm going to write about the fisting party at Tom Fister's in conjunction with Dore Alley, now known as Up Your Alley. First of all, for those who don't know, TomFister hosts fisting parties in his home, a Victorian in the Castro. Tom is a gracious host and his parties are always great with nice guys, who come from all over the world, and the parties take place in a very respectable house in a very respectable neighborhood, but inside that house it's pure raunch. There's always a porn star or two, always great for local color...and lots of barebacking. Now I'm a fisting top and a good one...I'm just short of 5-8 and with small hands, and there are always unattached fisting bottoms looking to get probed and usually punched, and it's usually easy to hook up. There are a lot of trading glances but not much posing and the bullshit one encounters elsewhere. I fisted three guys that night and my favorite was the last, a chunky guy with a round butt, and nice pleasant friendly face. Although he said he was experienced, it must have been a while since he was last fisted...his hole was a bit tight and I didn't get in much deeper than my wrist. No matter. Fisting is not about how deep a top can get in or how much a bottom can take. It's a mutual scene respectful of limitations. I moved my fist around in his tight ass to good measure, and he seemed to enjoy it. His hole was experienced; it certainly looked like a well-used pussy, no matter how tight it was. I had asked him if he wanted me to wear gloves, and he said it was up to me, that he was poz...the right answers. But here it was, I had given him a good workout, and he had that big beautiful pussyass, and I couldn't resist: I wanted to fuck that ass. In a flash, my swollen dick (I had pumped a bit before I hit the party) was in his poz butt, and I gave him a vigorous fuck, which surprised me since I had had a few drinks and had not taken any viagra. He was wearing a harness which I grabbed as I rabbit fucked his hot ass, making a lot of noise and getting a grin out of him, and a couple of groans as well. Can I claim to be a versatile bottom again? We'll see. I'm going into bottom mode again this weekend for The Gathering at a motel on Market St. I know some of the tops who are going to be there, and I mean to accommodate them, but if there's a hot little bottom there with nice, fat, wide feet...well, we'll see.