Sunday, March 27, 2016

Deep Inside to the Pit

In matters sexual, there is no one who has really done all that there is to do.  Now you may think you have, but trust me, you haven't...really.  That's what's great about your sex life: it's over when you want it to be over.  Until then, keep at it, learning, testing yourself, enjoy the you get older, sex,  always somewhat mental, becomes more so.  So?  What's happened to me that caused me to turn so philosophical?  Here's what happened: I fisted an ass up to my armpit.  I could have gone deeper, I think, but my shoulder got in the way.  A bony shoulder might have gone deeper, but I've been working out, so my shoulder was too big.  All I can say is that for the first time in my fisting career, I wasn't terrified once I got beyond the elbow.  This ass just kept sucking me in.  Who is this talented superb bottom?  Nah, I never divulge names unless it's a professional, a pornstar, or a bottom who gives me permission.  So, nah, but man, what an experience for a top!  I still tremble a little when I think back about it.  There are professional men, career men, men of stature and substance in their public lives inner self...that they offer up for exploration...usually on a Saturday night, but not necessarily.  That's my point here: you never really know a man until you get deep inside, and then...deeper and deeper.  And keep trying until you find him.
Thank you, God, for the gift of opportunity....I love fisting!!!!!