Saturday, January 30, 2016

TIM's Fuck Off Homo Resurrects the Orgy

Treasure Island Media's recent release 'Fuck Off Homo' lives up to that studio's reputation for superb production values, interesting match ups with established pornstars and new meat, and covering all the bases with daddies, pups, preppies, raunch, all familiar yet fresh.  What really connected with me, however, was the group scene defined as a '10 Man Orgy,' because director Max Sohl, either by design or inadvertently, recreated what was the standard means of barebacking during the early Condom Era...the no holes barred orgy.

Those of us who are of a certain age, recall the late 1990's as a transitional era when enough gay men were just beginning to reinvent their sex lives.  Bars and clubs as hook up venues had suffered greatly during the age of AIDS, and lest we forget, all the bath houses in San Francisco had been shut down completely (they still are!).  But at the same time, the internet was establishing itself as the primary means of communication.  In the beginning, there were the yahoo groups, and there were suggestions of bareback sex, as guys would post stories about their sexual adventures, but everybody was still pretty timid.  Then some guys started hosting parties in private homes using the yahoo groups to get the word out.  Believe me, it was very private; it was anonymity taken to the next step: anonymous group sex.  Of course, we were all strangers at first, but we didn't stay strangers for long and a whole culture developed: the orgy, always in a private home.  Then travelling businessmen starting hosting orgies in their hotel rooms but one still had to communicate through the internet, via the interest group or friends of friends.  The early bareback pornstar and founder of an early bareback hookup website called Bareback City, Kenboy, opened up his house in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.  He called it the LA SexHouse and that is exactly what it all around the clock open house for sex.  I used to haunt house orgies hosted by a guy named Marshall in San Francisco's Castro district. The very early bareback videos of Michael McKey were all recorded sex orgies that took place in his private home in the Phoenix area, and you could tell by the participants that the connection was all about bareback sex without too much attention to 'type' although bears (some really BIG bears) and leather predominated, it was all about fucking and getting fucked, nobody much cared what you looked like.  A looky-loo wouldn't go there, not to mention the Chatty Matties and the virtual sexhound.  It was exclusive without trying to be.  And it still had the edge of riskiness and danger.

And then came Paul Morris and Dawson, and everything pretty much changed.  There was such a thing as a 'featured bottom' in the massive sex parties hosted by John Singleton and the late Bill Gardner in Palm Springs.  There was always a large leather covered platform with a porn star bottom on all fours taking anybody's load, but that wasn't the focus of the party, just a nice added feature.
Then Dawson refined the gangbang, and now we have recurrent pump and dumps in hotels across America posted online by self-styled cumdumps on PReP.  Wow, times really have changed.

Max Sohl's ten man orgy takes place in a hotel suite, and the action moves from the living room to the bedrooms and then to the showers, and that is exactly how it happened back in the day.  Whole houses were turned into an orgy venue, and sometimes the pool, backyard and garage.  Men of all types would show up, and there was no tolerance for attitude; it was all about barebacking.  While this format still exists here and there...places in Los Angeles and New York come to mind, and probably Provincetown, Fire Island, Key West and Fort Lauderdale (these places are beyond my circle of influence), it's not quite the same.  A lot of times, the guys don't even bother to take off their clothes.

The best thing about Fuck Off Homo (at least, for me) is the orgy scene because it brought back so many great memories.  Believe me, Max Sohl, you did it right; actually, you did it better.  Every orgy should have the All-American boy freshness of a Kyle Ferris contrasted to the street sluttiness of a Draven Torres, on their backs, side by side, taking one swollen plumped up cock after another, with so many combinations of lust that you'd need a seating chart to figure out who's who.  This scene alone puts Fuck Off Homo among my favorites and I hope you'll agree.  There is one thing the TIM crowd didn't have to worry about, and that is the consequence of ten or twelve men fucking on a California king sized bed, at the same time.  Ah, bring back those memories.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015: Death of Condom Porn/Best Video/AIDS Mafia Shenanigans

It happened...gradually...month after month...through the whole year: fuck websites and fuck videos, one by one, abandoned the condom and transitioned into bareback I predicted.  Michael Lucas is now producing his superb, honed and buffed bareback videos with his Hollywood glitz and glam marketing, and from what I can see, using on occasion, models who "crossovered" from trailblazers like Treasure Island Media...Drew Sebastian, among others, if I'm not mistaken.  I only read the box wrappers (which are beautifully rendered) of the Lucas videos, as I'm just not interested in his stuff; it's mostly fantasy beyond reach whereas Treasure Island Media stuff is within reach, if you're wanting that life, you can get it...just channel your favorite TIM man.

So at the time that pornographers are putting the condoms away, the AIDS/HIV mafia have succeeded in getting a measure on the California ballot that would require pornoistas to sheath their studs at porn shoots in California.  In this digital age, this whole idea is pretty ridiculous.  Of course I haven't read the the ballot Measure, so I'll just wait until I get my voter's pamphlet, but I can assure the language will be so simple that whatever happens, the law will be unenforceable and a big waste of time and money.  I'm pretty sure that Paul Morris has read the ballot Measure, though, and if you're interested, check out the TIM blog where he parses the discussion down to the basic fact: with the advance of PreP medications, the AIDS crowd fears for its relevance...and their jobs.  To justify their existence and keep the donations and contributions coming in, they brought in the ill-informed or ambivalent public to vote on this business matter.  It's certainly less of a health issue which is the origin of the AIDS mafia's existence.  I guess the Measure would require monitoring video production and some element of censorship, and the public's involvement in porn production.  Are you bored already?  This Measure will pass, and bareback porn will continue...maybe not in California...and the California economy, as big as it is, will not miss the income generated by porn.  But generally, this whole thing is a fuckin' bore! Well, enough of this shit.  And by the way, get ready for a lot of boring articles about Truvada and the rise of old fashioned STD's in 2016.  Like I said, it's a fuckin' bore.

I don't pretend to see every video that comes on the market, so my comments must be qualified, but there's so much shit out there, I don't need to or want to.  Treasure Island Media produced some great stuff this year, and I'm going to write about 'Fuck Off Homo' in a separate posting on a specific thrill it gave me.  Having said that, TIM achieved some interesting things last year, taking porn in some new directions, with 'Fuckholes 3,' certainly the most significant achievement in 2015.  TIM called it the first 'inter-gender bareback movie.'  Fair enough.  There's a gangbang, a tranny sequence and the debut of 'international mega cum whore' Ryan Cummings.  Only 10 tops fucked Ryan in his scene, and his followers know that's what he can do in the time it takes to stand in line at Starbucks.  Ryan took thousands of dicks last year alone, so I think we can look forward to some great things in 2016 from Treasure Island Media and Ryan Cummings.  They'll let you know, trust me.

All in all, 2015 was interesting all buddy Jayson Park turned director for Hot Desert Knights, cumming out with 'Creamin' Daddies' starring some bareback veterans and xtube fave Tiger Milner.  Jayse is honing his topping instincts as well.  A true icon, Cole Tucker (from the condom era, but a barebacker in private) passed, I'm sorry to say...and Dominik Rider is showing some gray hair, I swear, but is as hot as ever.  Blue Bailey developed into a bull of a top, and he carries it very well.  Little Armond Rizzo (I remember when he just plain Joey Rodriguez) was everywhere getting schlonged by porn there's no such thing as being overexposed...a great year from Armond...fabulous tops Cutler X, Rocco Steele...Antonio Biaggi with his own video website, was in great form.  And here's hopin' that in 2016 we'll see more of top Viktor Rom and bottoms Kyle Ferris and Owen Powers.  Kyle could be the next great little bottom superstar...his hole 'reads' beautifully, so we'll see what happens.  I could be wrong, as I was with Taylor Jackson or...was it...Jackson Taylor.  Oh well.  A great 2016 to y'all.