Monday, April 20, 2009

Palm Springs Bareback Party at Helios Resort

I'm back in San Francisco and about to resume my workout regime after weeks of traveling and half-assed weight training sessions whenever I could squeeze them in...and I'm sore...not for working out, but rather for spending hours on all fours trying to entice every swinging dick to impregnate my hot poz asshole...this past weekend in the desert. I didn't have much luck at the Camp this time...I squeezed in a visit during the afternoon on a Friday and while there were some guys there, nobody seemed interested in fucking, just oral action...but the time spent in the sling wasn't a complete waste. The Camp was showing Treasure Island Media's new video BONE DEEP, so I guess it's finally out to the masses. Read my reviews elsewhere on this blog.
The real time sex happened on Saturday night at the Helios, a resort new to me, although I had heard of's a Spanish hacienda with rooms arranged along corridors surrounding the pool in the center, a traditional Old Californian Mexican layout (except for the pool, of course)...every room opens out into the pool. I got there around 10 on a pleasantly warm evening...Palm Springs nights in April are no longer cool and the days are not yet unbearably hot. There was a little action in the cabanas at one end of the pool but I saw some fucking in a sling at the far end of the property and that's where I went. A hot Mexican guy was taking it up the ass from a somewhat diffident top, but the Mexican bottom's feet were perfection, as were his pecs and his hair and his solid arms. It was over shortly after I got there, and off they went, so I climbed into the sling thinking that this was the hot center of the sex paradise, eventhough it was tucked off to a corner, as I said. Within five minutes, two guys walked up...a middle-aged bald flabby white guy and a tall black guy with hair askew, wiry and unkempt. It became obvious rather quickly that the white guy was pimping out the black top, judging by his dirty talk egging on the black dude and addressing me as if I were a sex slave...'do ya think ya can take this big black cock, boy?' that kind of shit...but the black guy shoved his generous dick up my lubed ass and gave me some rough vigorous thrusts...but...sadly, it was over in about 30 seconds. I was appreciative, made the required groans, etc., but off they went just the same...and I didn't see them the rest of the night. And then...nothing happened. I lay in that sling for about 20 minutes and contemplated the starry sky which was gorgeous. My friend Kevin from SoCal showed up and we talked a little bit, catching up since I hadn't seen him in over a year, although we communicated by e-mail once in a while. I asked if he had any Viagra, and he said yes and went off to his room and provided one, good friend that he is. I gotta find that Latino guy. He's my type and I can fuck him, with the Viagra...I think...I hope.
I realized of course that it wasn't going to happen in that sling, so I embarked on a more thorough investigation of Helios and found there was a whole other section in the main building that I had skipped earlier. One room with a sling and mirrors was the first, which led into a second room with a TV, two slings, one on either side of a bench, and some chairs...and finally the third room to the rear with one large mattress (actually two, placed together) surrounded by mirrors...and the Latin guy, on his back stroking his dick. He had a dumb, expressionless look on his face, which may or may not have been drug induced (some guys there said yes, but he looked OK to me otherwise), with his legs spread wide open. No takers...yet. One thing about bareback sex: we are not into attitudes like cha cha queens and the circuit party crowd. If a bottom can't get fucked, it's because the tops can't get it up and know it, and are reduced to standing around stroking, hoping, regretting.
I took my place next to the Latin guy, but faced the outside edge of the mattress, signifying my readiness for oral action. The first guy who stepped up was a white guy with a rosy pink dick, which I sucked for a while while he got hard, not rock hard but good enough...I turned around, offered my ass which he stuffed with his cock and gave me an adequate fuck...but he didn't cum. Then came my third fuck of the evening...which was a routine session, nice enough, better than staying home...and oh, that Viagra was showing no signs of working.
As it was getting 'round midnight, I considered heading over to the Tool Shed to see what I could dig up, and maybe return...since the rather expensive contribution was $35 at the door...but...was good for in-and-out, which was very Christian of the BBRT guys, organizers of these parties, check out their website. But as any bottom will tell you, it pays to be patient. After midnight, it picked up...some guy came out of nowhere and rough fucked my ass...his equipment was adequate, not massive, therefore ideal...he plowed by butt for about 10 minutes but didn't cum...on the heels of that, another top materialized...this was a bigger cock, and rock hard, probing deep, but goddammit, that lasted for only 3 minutes or so, his dick popped out, no cum and I never got a look at him or the other top despite all the face was deep into the mattress. While all of this is going on, the Latin Guy never relinquishes his place, he's still on his back, legs parted, stroking his dick...he's very hot and knows it...he's got tattoos and a complicated cock ring combined with a ball stretcher.
This is where I get up and troll the grounds to see what I've been missing...this takes about 5 minutes and when I return, the Latin guy is getting pounded by a tall, heavyset Hispanic type who's obviously enjoying himself, while Latin Guy is as expressionless as ever. When the big Hispanic type shoots his load, loudly and violently up Latin Guy's ass, the bottom registers absolutely no emotion...although after it's all done, he says quite clearly, 'thank you' to the top. They say he's on meth, but I can't believe it...I thought that drug hyped you up, but I don't really know or care. One of the hot things about the party scene and group sex is that you can get a front row seat even if you're not part of the action: there is an obvious top, a white middle-aged alternative lifestyle sort of guy with his hair pulled in a topknot, tattoos and piercings and the longest goatee I've ever seen...he produces a twenty-something little Latin bottom and proceeds to fuck him with his massive curved schlong, this was right out of porn. He starts off slowly and then ultimately slams it right into his bottom, getting get traction on his toes and palms of his hands. And here I was, only one foot away. This was exciting, and thinking about this would get me hard off and on for the rest of the weekend, as evidenced during the long drive home the following Sunday. As for the Viagra, maybe I should give it a second chance...while it never did get me rock hard, I got semi-hard off and on for the following 18 hours or so...maybe that's how it works for me.
I like the set-up at the Helios and will come back for sure, especially since the staff evidently gets into the action. The guy who took my $35, a very nice guy, was on the mattress getting fucked a couple of times...I was on one side of him and the Latin Guy was on the enough for three, you can't go wrong.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bone Deep Review Part 1

This one might cost you a bit more but the postage was included and I got a free download, and the presentation wrapper is superior, and it's worth every cent. Read on, and you'll understand why. This 2-disc set video is a dynamic dick-stiffener and highly recommended, and with 14 segments (including ones on the bonus disc), it requires a two-part review. Let's assume that you're already a Treasure Island Media fan, and if not, maybe this review will change that.
The opening sequence features our favorite Christian, who's maturing nicely with some facial hair this time and having let his hair grow out a bit with a developing modified mohawk...and that same hot poz ass begging to be stretched, pumped and loaded with cum. The top is a new guy named Keer, a nasty top with a face that's a topographic landscape of hair, furrows, piercings. I give this match-up the highest rating.
For all you Damon Dogg fans, here he is and bottoming for the first time on video, as far as I know. Now oral sex is not my favorite thing to do, so I have given a pass to all of the Dogg's cocksucking star turns, but I was always a fan of his style, which is puckish, impish, cute-ish starting with that shit-eating grin of his. DD's given me some cheap thrills in my time: driving past the TIM 'corporate headquarters' on 9th St. and catching DD on his smoke break, seeing DD lugging bags of stuff from Bath & Beyond a block away from the TIM offices, his antics at the TIM booth during Folsom, and most memorably, watching him smoke on the patio at The Mix in the Castro. That night he showed some real star quality, leaning against the wall with his drink and taking one drag after another, and garbed in a dressy jacket, a satin tie and kitschy shoes, the colors were red and black, he was dressed for a date, I gather. Damon Dogg is a studlet, a he gets fucked on a sofa by the sexiest daddy top of the moment, Derek Anthony. Top rating this one.
Crazy Fuckers follows with a four-way featuring openly poz bottom and hot Canadian Fred Mayer and TIM regular Mason who's fucked some poz bottoms in his time, getting worked over by two tops new to me, Calvin and Ray. Calvin is a textbook butch top and I hope to see more of him, and Ray has a vaguely art punk thing going on, and both men deliver the goods. Mason is a slutty as ever and Fred Mayer's ass is truly a cavern wanting to be explored and deeply plumbed. The highest rating here.
At every Cockpit party there seemed to be a tight, little muscular Asian bottom who staked his place on the mattress and took dick after dick. I'm not saying Jason Park was this bottom but he's of the type, well-built and a non-discriminating butthole open to all cummers. Check out the bubblebutt on this one, fucked expertly by the most reliable top in the business, Dan Fisk. Dan, fuck my ass! Top rating.
The next installment called Bone Deep stars two new guys, Kyle and Jay, who give us a more standard approach with Jay fucking Kyle in numerous positions and in his earnest favorites are with Kyle on top giving us a nice view of that thick dick getting stuffed into that flawless ass. Then sideways, and anyways but loose. Hot.
Next, Euro porn bottom king Lucas, well exposed through the Machofucker series, gets it from Derek Anthony, Lito Cruz and...James, every boi's idea of the ideal daddy, or maybe, granddaddy, James might be oldest guy in the biz, and who gives a shit...this man is hot one. Like Fred Mayer, Lucas has an elastic hole that gives with every thrust these topmen deliver. This sequence is one of the hottest match ups ever...James is commanding, Lito is a sleazy fucker (Lito, fuck my ass!) and damn that Derek, he comes twice, so does Lito...Derek, fuck my ass!
Flex and Rashad get it on, two hot black guys, new to me. More from these two, hopefully. Very nice.
Guys, I'm going to stop right now and pick up the rest later. It's beautiful this morning in Palm Springs, and I gotta get out there. Let it be known that I've reviewed only 7 segments, and there are 7 more! Now you'll understand how this video release is something special, worth it!
Bone Deep, by Treasure Island Media. Fuck my ass.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Florida Letdown

The sojourn to the Sunshine State got off to a bad start when I got a phone call (yes, the airline actually called ME!) from Frontier Airlines advising me that my flight to Tampa had been canceled. Due to a blizzard in Denver, where all West Coast flights on Frontier must be routed, my flight was canceled and what they offered in turn, an even earlier (6 a.m.) flight out of San Jose that would take even longer than the original flight (8 hrs.), simply would not do. Fuck that shit. I would most certainly lose my car rental reservation, and I took these developments as bad omens, so I...I, I, I...not anybody else...canceled the side trip to Orlando altogether. Drew, the reservations manager at the Parliament House, couldn't have been nicer and canceled my hotel reservation without penalizing me. So I did not get to stay at the most notorious gay resort in North America, so maybe next time, P-House. No shady cocktails or party drinks at one of their many bars, no drag shows, no midnight hook-ups, no open door invitation to every swinging dick to fuck my hot ass.
The business part of my trip did go on, but the new flight plan gave me no free time at all, although I did manage to see a little bit of St. Petersburg. And by the way, the weather was pleasantly cool and breezy, with very little sunshine. A fluke, I guess. A letdown for sure, but certainly not Florida's fault...I did like the plant life which was unfamiliar, and the architecture and there is something of a mystique goin' on down there, despite the familiar ugly signs, cars, Walmarts and strip malls. And oh by the way, I didn't become a convert to Cuban food. All that I ate seemed to be over-seasoned and lacked subtlety and finesse...a bit like bad Chinese food which is everywhere in if the Cubans and Chinese believed that ignorant whitey Americans would eat anything. Maybe they're right. Hope to return to Florida in the Fall.
Now I've got Palm Springs to look forward to, heading out later this week.