Friday, December 12, 2014

Billy Twee Wants Breeding Season 3

This is a dvd I'm actually going to buy without previewing first.  I would have it by now except my local porn emporium in San Francisco still doesn't have it in stock, and I've tried to buy it three times already.  It's supposed to be in today, Friday, December whatever, and I probably will check again.  I really want this video.

Why?  Why this particular video?  Aren't all Treasure Island Media videos all the same?
They most certainly are not!  But this one is particularly attractive, because of the match-ups: lots of poz tops churning fresh butterbutts, lots of veterans of the HIV battleground spreading their tainted DNA, lots of newbies taking raw poz dick up the ass like there's no tomorrow.  I'm especially anxious to learn how the implicit poz seed sowing is handled.  TIM has been dancing around the HIV issue for years now, but now I'm guessing that Truvada is going make it all irrelevant.  Whatever road TIM takes will make a difference, however.  I'm pretty sure that HIV won't even be an issue at all, unless the porn studios (influenced by TIM, the industry leader) take a turn at poz fetishism, which could be the next likely step.  Max Cameron, as hot a piece of ass as you're likely to find, is on prep according to his profile on barebackrt.  He'll probably become a big star if he wants to, but he'll only help define the Neg+Prep era.  I wish there were something I could do to keep the Truvada whores from killing the business.  Of course, I want negative guys to do whatever it takes to remain negative, but I'm talking about bareback video here.  Barebacking won't be risky or taboo anymore, and instead could become as thrilling as Mom-and-Dad sex.

Treasure Island Media has posted an intelligent interview with the porn daddy of the moment, Rocco Steele, who has been pretty thoughtful and philosophical about his HIV status.  Maybe this is a beginning.
And by the way, my comments on the TIM video, 'Viral Loads' were rebutted by one of the stars, Steven Richards.  I re-read my 'review,' as it was posted on the Treasure Island website, and I thought I qualified my statements about the HIV status of the 'Viral Loads' performers.  I'm not in the mood to get into a debate based on the semantics of HIV and video, but to set the record straight, I am offering a retraction of sorts, and that is, contrary to what I may have implied, porn star Steven Richards is not HIV positive.

Now what about 'Breeding Season 3?"  I just got back from the store: it's still not in!! Gawddam!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Palm Springs Cops Bust Sex Party

Hey, nobody was arrested...but it did mess up what was a promising night of raunchy bareback sex.  Stuart's parties always are, the best regular sex parties in California.  But not for a while, I guess, and we'll have to wait to see how it all pans out.  Supposedly, somebody in the neighborhood complained about parking, and I can only assume that a careless queen, so hot to trot, parked in a neighbor's driveway.  A phone call to the PSPD was made, and these cops being dedicated cops, showed up to investigate.  I was on the mattress trying to get my fourth dick of the night (thank God, this time I showed up earlier than usual), when I heard somebody say that the cops were here and the party was being shut down and we'd all have to leave, something about code violations.  So it wasn't a morality call, although the cops couldn't let 50 guys congregate in a garage, no matter what was going on, right.  Hey, wait a minute here!  There isn't a Mexican child's birthday party that doesn't attract at least 50 celebrating relatives, so what's going on?  Are permits required for house parties these days?  Even in Palm Springs?

We'll just have to wait until all of the matter gets settled, but one thing might interest you: no fewer than five squad cars showed up, I saw them myself as I was around 10 cops were there, 9 male and one lady cop.  And while the male cops clustered outside the garage fearful of having being recognized by any of the party-goers (well, I'm just trying to make sense of why they acted as they did), it was the lady cop who actually went into the sex garage and communicated with the party organizers...ah, those cops showed more than they told.