Friday, July 31, 2009

Fisting a Porn Star

'What is a porn star?' pornstar Damian Ford asks in Jochim Hick's 'Sex/Life in LA 2' (2005)...does one movie make you a star? Well, Damian, in the twisted world of porn, I'd say 'yes,' but it pays to get the pornstar's name correct, which can be hard since some performers play under more than one name. But I had a brain fart at Tom Fister's party last Dore Up Your Alley night, which was last Sunday night. I had seen this guy before at Tom's parties, and I recognized him as Ray Raven from HDK's 'Roadtrip #3' in a segment where he got gangfucked by the Chris Cohand Houston gang...he has a splendid, fabulous 'abused' (as Jeff Palmer would say) hole, and I knew that I wanted to fuck it, fist it. Last Sunday night I had my chance...he was there!...and after exchanging glances for about half an hour in Tom's 'fisting attic,' we connected. 'No gloves, right?' I asked. 'No gloves,' he said.
And then I blew it...I said, 'aren't you Ray?' 'No,' he said, 'I'm David.' Which was true, no doubt. He got up into the sling and I fisted his hot ass for a good while, and he was a talented, receptive bottom, this David not Ray. His wasn't the deepest hole I've ever fisted...after some work, I finally got my fist completely in but I wasn't able to work it around as I've done in the deepest, widest holes (see the Cathedral City Cove fistfuck) but this was a nice, satisfying encounter. I'm sure it was Ray Raven, though...which would have made it hotter for me...since I buddylisted him last year on barebackrt and he's poz (of course!). Ray Raven. Blissed out after fisting this nice butt, I hit the bars in the Castro (Tom's is just up the street), Toad Hall not much goin' on, Midnight Sun nothin' goin' on, my pal Robert was tending the front bar at The Mix but it was an dull looking crowd and way after I bagged it and caught the last Metro train, and was in my own bed by 1 a.m.
Subsequently, I checked my own private porn library and played the Houston segment of 'HDK Road Trip #3' and saw my porn star...he's Roy not Ray Raven, and he's my guy. Roy, Ray, no matter, in bed, alone, I jacked off to the memory of fisting a hot poz butt. Yes, there are porn stars out there, he's a porn star, fuck'em, fist'em.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cock Hungry in Palm Springs

It's been 115 every day for the past week, and that limits daytime matter, I have been priming for pspigslut's party on Sat. night. I also planned to check out the action at Camp Palm Springs and the Helios Resort. But then I hooked up on barebackrt with a poz couple in Cathedral City, both of whom wanted to fuck my ass. I popped an ExenZe and made it quick for Cat City. They wanted me there no later than 10, and once there, in their dimly lighted house near a golf course, I went to work, sucking both men off, and following their lead to the bed where I was posed on all fours. What these guys like is to rim, and rim they did...I'm always afraid that I'll fart, but that never happened. The aggressive rimjob leads to some serious tag team dad is the Rugged Type, with a 3-day growth of beard, and big shoulders and a big chest. The second dad is older but a Gymn Built Type...perhaps the best looking man of his age I have ever met. Rugged Dad fucked me religiously and dumped his poz load with a lot of noise and humping. Gymn Built Dad put me on my belly and proceeded to drill me thoroughly until he shot his poz load deep into my ass. Then it was over, I was out of there by 10:30. PSpigslut's doors lock at 11 so I got over there's a big house in a quiet neighborhood despite being on a major thoroughfare. The set up is in the garage...slings, gloryholes and a couple of platforms for fucking...and more slings and a swimming pool in the backyard. There was a lot of smoochy action in and by the pool, but that's not my scene, so I spent most of my time on the platform where a hefty Latino chub was getting fucked by a tall hot white dad...chub bottoms should always get on their bellies as they usually have sexy round bottoms begging to be parted and fucked hard. A substantial tall black daddy shoved his equipment into my face and I got him hard in no time...then he put me on the platform and fucked me to heaven...I was facing the Latin chub and kissed him and he kissed me back and it was hot, I love kissing another bottom while we're both getting fucked. Black Daddy shot his load in my ass and promptly disengaged. A white preppy type was getting drilled in a old trick of mine, Desert Rat. Desert Rat has fucked me several times at the Camp, and he should be called the Desert Energizer Bunny...he fucks and fucks and fucks with great gusto. I knew that he would be working on Preppy Guy for another half hour, and since Black Daddy was now working his big schlong up the Latino Chub's butt, I elected to leave right was 11:30. I didn't want to go home since it was still early and I had 3 loads in my ass, and I was feeling all 3 loads, that urge to crap them out but of course I didn't want to do that. It's still fuckin' 95 degrees out, it's almost midnight and I'm shirtless, wearing really old worn camo pants and black flip flops...I'm sweating so much that my feet are sticking to the flip flops...I need a beer, and decided to hit the Tool Shed. I didn't like the way the bartender addressed me so I didn't give him a tip, I took my beer and did the standing and modeling routine, but the crowd wasn't out to meet must have been CowGirl Night since there was a lot of western wear and not much leather of course since it's so goddamned hot. I decided to bag the Tool Shed and cruise Helios...if there are a lot of cars there, then I'll check in, the night time pass is $20. There are a lot of cars parked up and down the block, so it's a done deal. I staked out a place on the mattress in one of the playrooms, and decide I'll give it an hour...there seems to be a lot of looky-loos, but you never know. After about 20 minutes, I feel a probing and dick insertion, followed by a fierce fuck...the top slams his bod tightly against mine and does a quick, tough, steady rabbit fuck. As usual, my face is buried into the mattress but I do take a quick look at the full height mirrors all around and discover that the top is...Desert Rat! Black Daddy is also here. Desert Rat fucks me vigorously for about 20 minutes and takes a break...I don't think he recognized me...he just fucks and fucks, doesn't talk much though enough to tell me that he's neg and works as a teacher in the Hi-Desert. I stroll around the grounds and climb into the sling at the far corner of the enclave, and finger my ass and use the cum that trickles out to lube my dick for a jerk off. I'm having trouble getting hard...does ExtenZe work? For the good-sized crowd, there are probably 50 to 60 guys here, there is not that much action, and it's getting late, about 1:30 and I do have to drive back to San Francisco in the I bag Helios, grateful for the sexy ambiance and Desert Rat. As I make my way out I pass another outdoor sling where Desert Rat is busy fucking some bald guy. The guy's incredible...what does it take it make him cum? When I get home, I jack takes me about 5 minutes and blow a nice load...does ExtenZe work?...and drop off to sleep hoping that I still have some poz cum in my ass.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Porn Reviews: Bareback Marathon, Thick Cock Balls Deep

Being out of commission for the past couple of weeks, awaiting the results of my latest STD tests, I have been reduced to watching porn...not a total waste of time and always an informative way to pass time, like finding out which ones to buy in the future...I always rent it first these days, before buying...the exception being the Treasure Island Media stuff. What did I see? Some old reliables which I'll write about some other time, and some new stuff like Bareback Marathon, with its enticing box cover of a tattoo-ed dick ready to plow a willing ass. Well, despite all the tattoos and piercings, and I know this sounds stupid, but this one wasn't nasty's mostly a bunch of guys fucking, and that's about it, like a disappointing sex party, you know the kind, as at a middle class gay household in a nice house in Studio City, it's just not goddamned nasty enough...I can't do it in a beautifully decorated bedroom, sorry, even if the top is super hot...better to do it on the floor. Thick Cock Balls Deep by Stefan Maverick is another story, however. The action appears to take place on a mattress dumped on a basement floor of a warehouse somewhere in kind of scene. There's a variety of 'new guys' save for Tober Brandt (the performers are not ID'd but it sure looks like him...I could check some other videos for his tattoos, but I'm too damned lazy right now...Tober or Tober lookalike, tops here), which should please those of you who are always looking for new meat and dismiss pornstars of yesteryear (as in, 2008!) as over the hill. You'll like this one, it delivers. Buy it. And then there's Marco Paris' first (I believe) video under his own supervision, Bareback Only No Condoms Allowed, something like's OK, certainly a good start and Marco Paris' fans won't be disappointed, he has a solo scene at the end. Rent it, buy it if you like Marco. Watch for more to come from Marco.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Photo Studio Suckoff

It was time to get my fotos updated, so I went to Mark Chester on Folsom Street, who's been documenting the fetishes of San Francisco (and beyond) for a good many years now. In fact, it was here that I got pierced for my Prince Albert by the legendary Jim Ward...that was Veterans' Day, 1987...I wasn't wearing underwear and my old washed out jeans betrayed the aftermath of a bloody crotch. Except that I wasn't aware of it at the time...wandering on Polk St. looking as if I must have been castrated, or on the rag. Such fond memories we have. Mark periodically offers 'specials,' say 2 or 3 images for a reasonable price, or you can go crazy and get more specific, artistic and expensive. There was a guy there already when I got buzzed in on Sunday afternoon. The client/model was posing on a small platform, fully clothed...he was lion-like, tall with a lot of hair, and reminded me of the Barry Gibb of the 1970's. Facial hair, a lot of teeth, you get the idea. Mark told me to have a seat and get comfortable while he photo'd this guy, eventually working down to total nakedness, with a lot of butt shots...the guy was a bottom. I sat there, naked, and taking it all in...then Mark left the studio for a moment, long enough for the Barry Gibb type to motion me over, and to get down on my knees. I gave him a decent blow job for a Sunday afternoon, his dick wasn't huge and I could take the whole thing in my mouth, and I'm not the greatest cocksucker in the world, it takes me a while to get into it, and I don't care much to have it done to me. Anyway, BG came in my mouth, a salty load. Mark wasn't there the whole time, but the whole affair lasted about five minutes, max.
Then BG had to leave to hit the ATM...Mark was dealing on a cash only basis that day...and my session followed...pretty basic, a face shot, and a couple of butt shots for my profiles...ass floating in a dark background. I forked over twenty bucks and Mark said he'd e-mail them to me, which he did, and they're good. If you need just a couple of updated shots, consider Mark I. Chester, Folsom Street in SF...he usually advertises specials during Folsom and Dore Alley. Or go to his website. He's a nice guy who'll take care of you.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

STD Clinic Hard-on

It was time to hit the STD clinic again...we are in the midst of a 'syphilis epidemic,' the healthcare workers tell me...if you read this blog, you know that I know personally of what I speak. I vow never to let that happen again: my syph had been around for a 'long time,' and the clinics attach a numerical value to your dose, and mine was high. But actually, after a while you cease to be infectious...I guess the syphilis goes into a 'dormant' stage, or a laid-back stage. Enough of this banter, get tested, guys! There was the usual, ordinary, off the street collection of people at the clinic, except for one guy who caught my attention. He came in later and was hustled into an office right away where they drew blood. I was seated right across the hallway, also getting my blood drawn...which is how they test for syph, for you guys who haven't been tested (if you read and enjoy this blog, you're living in dangerous territory, get tested)...the clap is tested through a urinalysis, a swab of the throat and a swab up the ass. Back to this hot man: late 40's or early 50's,white,buzz cut,slender,masculine face,wearing a white long-sleeved button down and dark business trousers, dress shoes. It looked like he'd left his jacket and tie in the car. Dad looked at me briefly, square on, eye to eye contact. But he's there for a reason: Daddy's fucking up a storm...thinking about the possibilities got me hard right there in the clinic while the technician was filling the tube with my hot charged blood. I left first, and considered loitering on the street, waiting for business dad to emerge and if not to follow him, just to see what kind of car he drove, and maybe he would pay me some attention. But then I saw a metermaid turn on to the street, doing her duty...I had to run to my car to avoid a parking ticket, they're up to about $50 now, that buys lot of porn.