Friday, December 12, 2014

Billy Twee Wants Breeding Season 3

This is a dvd I'm actually going to buy without previewing first.  I would have it by now except my local porn emporium in San Francisco still doesn't have it in stock, and I've tried to buy it three times already.  It's supposed to be in today, Friday, December whatever, and I probably will check again.  I really want this video.

Why?  Why this particular video?  Aren't all Treasure Island Media videos all the same?
They most certainly are not!  But this one is particularly attractive, because of the match-ups: lots of poz tops churning fresh butterbutts, lots of veterans of the HIV battleground spreading their tainted DNA, lots of newbies taking raw poz dick up the ass like there's no tomorrow.  I'm especially anxious to learn how the implicit poz seed sowing is handled.  TIM has been dancing around the HIV issue for years now, but now I'm guessing that Truvada is going make it all irrelevant.  Whatever road TIM takes will make a difference, however.  I'm pretty sure that HIV won't even be an issue at all, unless the porn studios (influenced by TIM, the industry leader) take a turn at poz fetishism, which could be the next likely step.  Max Cameron, as hot a piece of ass as you're likely to find, is on prep according to his profile on barebackrt.  He'll probably become a big star if he wants to, but he'll only help define the Neg+Prep era.  I wish there were something I could do to keep the Truvada whores from killing the business.  Of course, I want negative guys to do whatever it takes to remain negative, but I'm talking about bareback video here.  Barebacking won't be risky or taboo anymore, and instead could become as thrilling as Mom-and-Dad sex.

Treasure Island Media has posted an intelligent interview with the porn daddy of the moment, Rocco Steele, who has been pretty thoughtful and philosophical about his HIV status.  Maybe this is a beginning.
And by the way, my comments on the TIM video, 'Viral Loads' were rebutted by one of the stars, Steven Richards.  I re-read my 'review,' as it was posted on the Treasure Island website, and I thought I qualified my statements about the HIV status of the 'Viral Loads' performers.  I'm not in the mood to get into a debate based on the semantics of HIV and video, but to set the record straight, I am offering a retraction of sorts, and that is, contrary to what I may have implied, porn star Steven Richards is not HIV positive.

Now what about 'Breeding Season 3?"  I just got back from the store: it's still not in!! Gawddam!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Palm Springs Cops Bust Sex Party

Hey, nobody was arrested...but it did mess up what was a promising night of raunchy bareback sex.  Stuart's parties always are, the best regular sex parties in California.  But not for a while, I guess, and we'll have to wait to see how it all pans out.  Supposedly, somebody in the neighborhood complained about parking, and I can only assume that a careless queen, so hot to trot, parked in a neighbor's driveway.  A phone call to the PSPD was made, and these cops being dedicated cops, showed up to investigate.  I was on the mattress trying to get my fourth dick of the night (thank God, this time I showed up earlier than usual), when I heard somebody say that the cops were here and the party was being shut down and we'd all have to leave, something about code violations.  So it wasn't a morality call, although the cops couldn't let 50 guys congregate in a garage, no matter what was going on, right.  Hey, wait a minute here!  There isn't a Mexican child's birthday party that doesn't attract at least 50 celebrating relatives, so what's going on?  Are permits required for house parties these days?  Even in Palm Springs?

We'll just have to wait until all of the matter gets settled, but one thing might interest you: no fewer than five squad cars showed up, I saw them myself as I was around 10 cops were there, 9 male and one lady cop.  And while the male cops clustered outside the garage fearful of having being recognized by any of the party-goers (well, I'm just trying to make sense of why they acted as they did), it was the lady cop who actually went into the sex garage and communicated with the party organizers...ah, those cops showed more than they told.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Face for the World to See/My Ass for Latins to Seed

You would have seen a man's face looking out the window if you had been standing on the sidewalk looking up to the fifth floor.  You would have seen a man talking trash to the world, shit like 'fuck that ass!'  That man was I, and I was poised on an armchair facing the open window with my hands on the sill while a humpy Latino neighbor plowed my ass with his thick, veiny, uncut native meat.  The seat could have been a little higher for the best insertion and I raised my white trash butt as best I could to take his forceful thrusting; with my dirty bare feet on the seat cushion, I could poise my ass just right for this rockhard dick, he never slipped out even though it wasn't the most comfortable position for either of us.  Latino fucker had to pause to put on his shades because the sun was in his face, and sadly, there's no building across the street so there was no one there to get the best view, which would have been from a few stories up.  As for the 100+ windows down the block, I couldn't say if anybody took advantage of the free show, for as I said, it was pretty bright...broad daylight in the middle of the day.  But world, if you saw it, that was gnarly face shouting obscenities with a Latin man, face obscured by sunglasses, behind me, fucking ass.  Sorry if you all missed it, and I sure would like to do it again...just for you.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cutler X: The Black Top We All Want

Robby Mendez has been a great bottom from the beginning of his career in bareback porn, but nobody quite figured out how to film him.  His bottoming style is one of passivity; Robby doesn't move much (the sign of a good bottom) nor does he show much emotion...he doesn't exactly deadpan it, but he don't show much...that's his style and it works for him.  He doesn't have much of an ass (he's a flaquito) and he's small in stature, so he has to be photographed/recorded in a certain way, and most ways had been lacking.  But in his match-up with black megahung top Cutler X, Robby looks just right.  In a sling, strapped in specially rigged to show off his lovely butt or on the floor, we get superb views of that cute little Latino butt taking every inch of the super hung black mamba snake of Cutler X.  Give thanks to Rawstrokes for finally getting it right.

CutlerX is one fine black man, nicely muscled, with a shaved head and facial hair, and gifted with some massive equipment that when needed, comes straight up and rockhard.  Check out Rawstrokes for one of the hottest scenes in bareback porn...CutlerX vs. Robby Mendez...a scene that will be saved a million times.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cum-drenched Fucking in Florida according to the Bible

Genesis 38:9 has been mangled by self-serving Puritans and fags for centuries.  Those of us Christians who endured hours of bible study in Sunday school will recall 'tis better to spill thy seed into the belly of a whore than to spill it on the ground,' or something like that; pick your Bible for it's been re-written, re-translated, re-edited for political and other ulterior motives for millenia now, but if you will, it's the Lord's stamp of approval on bareback the throat I'd say since that's the most direct route to the belly.  But up my butt will do, too.  He didn't say cunt, He didn't say woman.  He said Whore, if you believe a common, white trash, low class interpretation of the Bible.

Down in Florida, a couple of tops are doing their best to make sure their seed ends up in the bellies of various hot ass Cuban whores and others, by lubing their dicks with cum (their own, most probably) and then fucking it up those willing butts.  What results are some of the raunchiest, cummiest free videos on the internet, courtesy of Xtube.  Yeah, and there's some assalicious butt-eating, felching, cum schmearing, and all with a subtle Latin flavor.  This pair is known as chaosity420 among Xtube contributors, check out their contributions, the quality varies and some are unfortunately short, but more than a couple are inspiring to the point where we'll all be saving and using our cum.  Put it in a jar, not the don't wanna go to Hell, do you?  Bible does and Bible says.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Fred Mayer is a Top

The shelf-life of pornstars, sadly, is rarely longer than a couple of years.  Porngrazers hitting the websites usually notice Somebody Interesting, so we follow Him, then for about a year, He's everywhere, eventually graduating to the better studios, assuming He didn't start at The Top.  And then he slips, oh so gradually, into obscurity, so when someone brings up his name, you think...oh yeah, whatever happened to Him?  So when Somebody you really enjoy watching, fades away into the archives of porn, so philosophically concede...well, that's the way it is.

So when a performer emerges from the archives of porn, a performer who was really Great, it's newsworthy for us porn aficionados.  Fred Mayer shows a new public face in his edited profile on BarebackRT.  It's the familiar body, lithe and sinewy but he's let his hair grow back, which is a good thing.  That shaved head business on a skinny dude can make him look cadaverous.  Well, wait...cadaverous is kind of a 'porn look,' especially among Euros, but Americans tend not to like it.  But I digress.  Fred is not American, of course, but a French Canadian.  He had the best quality a porno bottom can have and that is: I like what I'm doing. All the great bottoms demonstrate this quality; Dawson, Christian, Damon Dogg among them.  So Fred thought he needed to update his profile, and I guess the reason is  That's what it says, that's what he wrote.  Great News indeed!  Let's hope Fred returns to porn as a top, that would be fascinating. Anytime, Fred.  Nothing would please us more than to have your pozdick up our asses.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Man Seed Planted Deep

Like every other bottom I know, I like to keep a load in my ass for as long as possible.  Married bottoms may have the best deal, especially if they get fucked in a conjugal morning bed.  Missy will tolerate, even enjoy possibly, her daily routine, if she's got a wad planted up there as she bakes, dusts or scrubs the toilet.

Personally, I can't feel a blast of semen shot up my ass.  And I seriously doubt a bottom who professes otherwise.  'Oh, I really felt that load!'  I've heard that bullshit many times and it shows the influence of porn, for there's always somebody making that claim in just about every porno.  I can tell when a top cums in my butt, butt not always.  Like I said, I just don't actually feel it when it happens.  Last Sunday night, I hosted a hung black daddy with whom I had been chatting for years, literally.  We'd exchange teasers, we'd come close to hooking up, but something always got in the way.  Finally, he made it to my was all rather lucky as he happened to be in the neighborhood after moving to his new place just outside the San Francisco city limits...important because he can walk to the SF transit stop and the bus that can bring him to me.  I'm going to hit him up as soon as I finish this entry, because I know from experience that lightning can indeed strike twice.

Daddy fucked my ass with great style...that black mamba snake just plumbed my love canal in and out, up and down...and deposited a massive wad of cum up my toxic ass.  I didn't feel it, like I said...I never do...but I sure as hell felt it hours later.  I slept contentedly with that black cumload soaking my buttwalls all fuckin' night long.  The next morning I had the urge to crap but I knew it was the cum...that pregnant want to shit but with experience I've learned to recognize cum vs., I just realized what a ridiculous thing I just wrote...but well-traveled and well-cultivated bottoms know what I'm talking about.  It's just fuckin' different and it can get uncomfortable...keeping a load of cum up your ass for hours, tightening your hole to keep it from leaking out...fighting back the urge to fart because what you will do is fart out the cum and it will be wet and if you're like me and don't wear underwear all the time, you'll have a damp cumstain on your sit down.

Finally, I just had to let go as I had to get ready for work.  I squatted and cupped my hand below my bumhole and shot the big, messy, gooey blob of seed...that it was planted by a free-wheelin', easy dealin' brutha, made it so much better...into my hand. hand wasn't big enough.  Try three big blobs of cum and man, I needed a fuckin' towel to wipe it all off.

I have read about guys who've ridden motorcycles with cum up their asses (the late great porn icon Chris Burns made an art of this), delivered speeches at conventions (sadly, the load was donated by a colleague, not the bellman) cum-loaded, and similarly at a wedding...a porn tale come true...the best man got fucked by a groomsman (alas, not the groom).  One wonders, as he navigates the commuter rush, how many fellow commuters are loaded up with cum.  That leaves the lovely idea of sitting peacefully in a chapel pew listening to Fr. O'Twiddle's sermon on sin, sin, sin, with a nice fat, rich sperm deposit marinating in your ass.  Oh well, that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.  That would mean I'd have to figure out how to get into church without bringing it down.  Men, plant your seed deep...bottoms, just shut the fuck up.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Shorty Drills Deep

If you're one of those people who just assumes that any cute, short guy is naturally a bottom, you are so...wrong!  I was among that group, and of course, since I myself am only 5-6, when I say 'short' I mean shorter than I.  That would be really short.  We're talking Joey Rodriguez territory here since that cute little Latin poz power bottom is said to be a whopping five feet tall, and I'll bet Joey's stretching it a tad.  The little dude who strolled into my room at the Steamworks was not Joey, but he had a similarly wiry tight muscled bod and a bouncy step, and I thought oh here's another cute little bottom who's just another tease...he'll feel me up, caress my anxious butt lips with his hot little hands and...leave.  I was so wrong!  This shorty turned out to be a real rabbit fucker.

When I top shorties, I prefer missionary style: it's the best way for a short-statured man to penetrate a cute little ass.  You can spread those thighs wide apart,  nibble his nips, engage in some deep tongue action, all while your dick is buried deep in his hole.  You can look deep into his eyes as you plow away and kiss him deeply while you plant a load deep in his ass.  Shorty on shorty makes for some really hot sex, especially if my bottom plants his feet on my face, since that does it for me...I'm shooting a poz load up that little bumhole.

The shorty who fucked my ass at the Steamworks didn't want it missionary, however; he grabbed my ass and put it where he wanted it, doggystyle, and he knew how to fuck foot on the floor and the other on the mattress, and with that dick (I'd say 'little dick' but only affectionately; he was pretty average) hit my fuckchute at a variety of angles, viciously, feverishly with constant, unrelenting thrusting.  Rabbtfucking at its best.  Oh yeah, shorty on shorty...the best.  Better than a poor 6-0 bottom looking to get fucked...all those legs...poor fuckers,

Monday, April 28, 2014

Robby Mendez: A Ten on a Scale of Ten

If I had to name one guy of the present moment, who embodies all the qualities of the Perfect Bottom, that guy would have to be superbottom and porn mogul Robby Mendez.  In some recent work for Rawstrokes where he bottoms for the mega-hung Hood, Robby demonstrates how a bottom should get fucked, ideally...and for real.  He's simply the best; his is a controlled, nuanced, sustained bottoming experience.  A great bottom has only a few minutes to understand the top's fucking style and then to follow accordingly...when to move, how to move, if to move at all...when and to what degree to be submissive, or, at times, all depends upon your top and you had better pay attention and don't be a stupid bitch.

I don't like bottoms who scream, talk, whimper or moan.  Grunts are OK, but mostly it should be a case of Bitch, just shut the fuck up and take it...if the top wants you to say anything, he'll let you know.  Bitch, shut up, don't move until the top lets you know and don't fuck up his climax and when he shoots it up your ass, you goddamn squeeze his dick with your buttmuscles.  Robby does all this with scarcely a hint of emotion...although I have seen him respond intensely while getting fucked in his own videos on his own website.  He is cool and kewl.  The Perfect Bottom.

Some other items of interest regarding Robby: his physical flexibility and his complexion are astounding.  Hood puts Robby through a series of moves, of various attitudes where we get good, unobstructed views of big black cock digging into Latino ass.  Robby can do it all with a rarely seen grace.  And then, Robby's skin is so damned perfect, I wonder if he's resorted to full body make-up the way William Higgins used make-up back in the '80's.  The difference is even back then it looked fake, especially on natural beauties like Kevin Williams.  The color contrast of the skin tones, Robby and Hood, in an anonymous looking hotel room with only three or four background colors, makes this sequence a of art.  Rawstrokes, Robby Mendez, Hood, check it all out for yourself.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Can't Get Enough of Joey Rodriguez

If you're like me, you've become a fan of this lithe, wiry, talented little Latin bottom boi, who made 2013 his own and is delivering on 2014.  XVideos contributor Porn Dog has uploaded his own compilation of four sizzling Joey scenes where he gives it up to Jessy Karson, Mr. and Mr. Owen Hawk, Antonio Biaggi and a hot black top of the thug persuasion, sorry that I can't recall this guy's name.  Joey's wearing shoes or socks in all but the Biaggi sequence, which is interesting because the time I actually saw Joey getting fucked, he was fully dressed in tight jeans and sport shirt.  Well, at least I'm pretty sure it was Joey, it sure looked like him, and judging by his facial expressions...which were pure Joey.

The reason he was dressed was because the occasion was a Super Bowl Party at that famous Silver Lake location where there is an unusual mix of socializing, drinking and eating, and sex, if you want it.  Joey was getting plugged in the kitchen during the first quarter, so it was still pretty early in the day.  And I can vouch for the top...I should say...he's fucked me twice, once at a fisting party at Master Tom's in the Castro and the other time at one of early Cockpit parties at that old catacombs of a sex club on Harrison Street.  So I know what I'm talking about here.  This top is short, stocky, hairy, bald and wears glasses even when he's fucking...and is...massively endowed. Joey took it all and since it was early in the day, I'm sure it didn't end there in the kitchen.  So if you're a Joey Rodriguez fanatic, check out XVideos or join up, and btw, it's free. You won't see the Silver Lake kitchen fuck but you...will like the four scenes...and get your Joey fix for the day.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Faceless Bottoms Take Black Dick, Cum, Piss

Noholesbard is one of my favorite Xtube contributors and his handle is an absolutely righteous pun, for he does provide some literary descriptive backup to his many encounters at That Place, and his masterly fucking is...indeed...well...poetic.  The holes are offered up by every Chicago cumslut who knows the way to the legendary That Place, obviously one of the hottest sex venues in Chi-town and on Xtube and could be, not so obviously, Noholesbard's bedroom.  He's uploaded dozens of episodes, most of them around ten minutes in length, depicting wasp-waisted bubblebuts with accommodating holes taking many miles of raw dick. Noholesbard's raw dick, for sure, but many other anonymous black topmen also contribute: That Place is the site of many a gangbang, all carefully edited by the Bard of Bareback himself.  Noholesbard never shows his face, nor the faces of his fellow sperm donors, much less the faces of his bottoms...still, the action is nonstop and has the real rawness that makes amateur videos so check out Noholesbard on Xtube: black dick, big black asses, cummy holes, and lately, piss with the promise of more to come.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Poz Texas Businessman Does It Sidesaddle

I am well aware of the risks that go along with promiscuity.  But having already dented the car, I'll continue to drive it for as long as I can.  I will not make excuses for promiscuity but I have to admit that were I not so promiscuous in these risky, treacherous times, I would never have experienced the wide range of fuckstyles found among the bounty of poz tops now traveling the world spreading their toxic seed.  Being a San Franciscan who gets out and around, I have enjoyed match-ups with many of the visitors passing through.  I have been fucked at midnight by a poz CEO in his suite at the Hilton.  I have been fucked by a poz St. Louis businessman in his suite at the Nikko...he was in full leather gear but because of his professional reputation, he wouldn't risk being seen at Kok or Truck, so I went to him.  I raced to the Parc 55 to get laid by a poz businessman whose window of opportunity was an hour while his partner shopped in the mall across the street.  And I haven't been all that discriminating: I've hooked up at Beck's many times, ditto the Travelodge on Market St, and guys who have rented short term places on Nob Hill, in the Castro and Pacific Heights. All bareback, all fucking, all HIV infected.  I've been fucked all over town and I'm glad for the experience of meeting new meat, as you never know who it will be or how it will turn out.  Such is the thrill of promiscuity and discovery.

How else would I have known that the post preppy in the rugby shirt would be such a pig with a distinct style of pounding it home?  The fact that he was poz was enough of a turn-on for me: with his styled hair and smile, he looked like he could be selling stocks, insurance or fine jewelry, but I knew that underneath the J. Crew khakis was a dick loaded with nasty, deadly stuff and I had to have it.  Usually when I find a guy who's 'too' well-groomed, it's not sexy for me but in this case, I liked the incongruity of his appearance and his being HIV-positive.  The media would like us to believe that poz men are the walking dead, depressed characters marking time before checking out to the Big Nowhere.

This dude is from Houston, and I thought about him after rhapsodizing about the great porn turned out by the Texas-based operation, RawOreo.  But this Texas fucker had a style that hasn't been much depicted by RawOreo or any other studio, for that matter: he liked to do it sidesaddle.  After the customary sucking around, he put me on my side, made sure my legs stayed together, and shoved in his average to better than average dick straight into my ass.  And I got a really nice drillin' with that rock hard prod hitting my buttwalls at various angles, 'places I never knew existed'...okay, I borrowed that line from 90's porn...who said that? Kurt somebody.  But it is so true.  Sidesaddle fucking requires a stiff dick, and probably a big dick, although Houston wasn't huge or holy shit.  But he never slipped out...not once, never.  It was a good, solid, relentless fuck so vivid I'm able to recall it now a couple months later.  And I haven't been fucked like that since.  Now that I think about it, maybe cute Latino hot-bottom-of-the moment Joey Rodriguez is the only guy I've seen sidefucked lately, and handling it very well, too...but more about him some other time since he deserves a posting of his own.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Black Thugs Plow White Ass Deep in the Heart of Texas

For those of you unfamiliar with Raw Oreo, it is a website built around the talents of MachoFucker alum, Frost, featuring black thug type wannabes fucking a cast of skinny white bitches.  This may or may not sound enticing, but all the good stuff is there: miles of thick black dick, cultured white holes for copious black cum deposits, interesting camera angles...every sequence seems to include some cowboy and reverse cowboy action.  Yeah, there are a lot of raw cowboy cockriders dow there, and it's so appropriate, this being Texass coming and going.  In the release, Frosted Toppings, the lanky Frost demonstrates his versatility by doing a fair amount of topping white AND black ass, so I know you'll want to check out the website, or the Frosted Toppings trailer now available on Xvideos.  All the action takes place in a cookie-cutter Dallas apartment...all very real, and very hot, hot, hot.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Treasure Island Media Pushes the Button with 'Viral Loads'

Most of the comments from the public posted on the Treasure Island Media website have been typically lame, with a lot of dancing around the issue: detectable HIV deposits banked into willing asses.  Certainly, this is a fact of bareback sex, and by extension, bareback porn.  But the guys at Treasure Island Media are engaging in some subtle (some might say 'not so subtle') marketing here, demonstrating how to engage the pozcum fetish which is a repugnant issue for the mainstream porn industry.  Michael Lucas is now producing bareback porn...BUT...and we all know this...his models are all HIV-negative.  Ditto, the slew of crap from Brazil and Central Europe...fresh twinks free of the nasty bug are all tested, and paired off in antiseptic, usually tedious, uncharged bareback action.

I don't know about you gentle readers, but as far as I'm concerned, poz guys are so much sexier because we are uninhibited and have gone for broke with what remains of our sexual lives.  A porn star of undisclosed HIV status becomes so much more attractive once his positivity is revealed.  It helps the viewing public create his image, part of an imaginative and intellectual process that is a vital part of porn.  For example, I never really appreciated TIM starlet Jay Ross until I created my own image of his character: rich college frat boi who spends his allowance on expensive New York hotel suites where he can get gangfucked and charged by big latino cock.  But it's still up to the pornographer to give us something to play with.  Treasure Island Media is doing this with the new video, 'Viral Loads,' where a preview scene with poz megastar Blue Bailey (porn types reach 'mega' status when they star in their own gangbangs) and Steven Richards, of whom I would know little if it were not for TIM's subtle marketing.

We all know that all bareback porn bottoms are poz, with only a few exceptions.  You can't be worried about HIV if you're going to bottom in bareback porn.  But we often don't know that much about the tops; we have to search the internet for more information about HIV status, if it's ever disclosed at all.  Until now, however; through this subtle exercise, TIM has taken the unspoken to the next step.  A viral load in bareback porn is a matter that pertains to the top.  We bottoms love those viral loads, and in the new video 'Viral Loads' we can assume that all the tops have a viral load to satisfy the hungry demands of those toxic bottoms.  So I'm assuming that Steven Richards is poz, and all the other tops are poz, as well.   I think we're supposed to assume such.  So I'm anxious to see who else tops in 'Viral Loads.'  I can almost guess who the bottoms are, but I'm really interested to see the roster of tops with their viral loads.  One thing about Treasure Island Media: they don't mislead their viewers, e.g., we all know Brad McGuire is negative.  If Brad shows up in this one, then it will show how wrong I can be.  Check out the 'Viral Load' preview scene on the TIM website.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mike Dozer's Million Dollar Bail

As far as I know, Mike Dozer remains in the Montgomery County (PA) clink and that million dollar bail levied by the judge assures he will remain there for a long time.  There's no way that Mike can win on this one, even if his 14-year old prey (located through the Jack'd website) looked mature for his years, pursued and consented to having sex with the poz pornstar.  I don't know if this story will interest the gay community for very much longer, although some of the comments I've read online have been provocative and reveal some understanding, however creative, of Mike's situation.  It's been posited that the boy wanted to have sex with a poz man and set in his mind that Mike Dozer was the man he wanted.  I'm not from Philadelphia, but I would have to assume that your choices in that part of the world are going to be limited...pornstar, poz, can travel, all that stuff.

Mike has been quoted as saying that he didn't realize how young the kid was until he met him...ah, the perils of internet hookups...and then he says he cleared out.  But he did communicate with the kid online, he did travel to engage the kid, and may or may not have had sex with the kid, but by that point it doesn't matter anymore. Although the statutory rape laws do differ slightly from from one jurisdiction to another, according to statute, one doesn't need actually to engage in a sex act.  Just putting yourself in the situation pretty much closes the case.  As soon as Mike got within a few feet of the boy, he was matter what information the kid provided online or via cellphone.  The rape rap also includes a charge of 'recklessly endangering another person,' which probably has to do with Mike's hiv status.  You can see the Montgomery County's docket case for yourself, it's been posted on the website str8upgayporn.

Sorry, Mike...there's no way out for you on this one; it's probably the better course to face the music. Having written all this is not by any menas to suggest that your porn career is over; you may return to your bareback porn career once you have paid your 'debt to society,' just stick to the beef and the pork and give a pass to the chicken.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Matt Sizemore's New Gig

Anyone who's part of the Palm Springs gay scene knows that the enduring bareback pornstar Matt Sizemore hosts some pretty incredible parties at the Helios resort.  These themed events relate to the holiday calendar and the seasons, and always feature a hot bareback performer...guys like Champ Robinson, Brad McGuire, Patrick O'Connor, lately Adam Russo...setting the mood for anything-goes sex parties where all attendees can take part, and though, not necessarily bareback, there's plenty of bareback action to go around.  I've blogged about these parties, and my admiration for Matt is well-known, and when Treasure Island Media asked me to review 'Return to Meat Rack' I jumped at the opportunity, delighted when Matt got fucked in the pines, his first time on video as far as I know.  He had already racked up a reputation as a top during his tenure at Hot Desert Knights in videos such as 'Cum Canyon.' 

So there I was, sitting in the sun at Helios last Tuesday, taking a breather from the weekly informal daddysex party enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, when who should hustle past but the great Matt himself, dressed and acting very businesslike, like a guy who runs things.  And that's because he does!  Matt Sizemore is now managing the Helios Resort just off Indian Canyon Drive in the north end of Palm Springs.  We had the opportunity to chat a bit and he's every bit as charming as he appears in his videos, with his good-natured manliness. 

I have been meeting men at Helios for sexual encounters for a while now, especially after Camp Palm Springs went downhill (and eventually closed and converted to a straight hotel called the Skylark), because of the generous day pass...only $10 but you have to clear out at 5pm...and the great layout...a playroom (with too much light), mattresses, slings both indoors and outdoors, not to mention the hot tub and the pool.  Helios is not in the gay-oriented Warm Sands District but the Spanish hacienda architecture, the lush landscaping and agreeable size...about 12 the Palm Springs hotel I heartily recommend...and oh yeah, you might get to meet Matt Sizemore making his rounds.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Seance on a Wet Afternoon: Poz Top Churns the Butter

What better way to pass a wet, sloppy day than to open your heart, home and hole to the horny bastards of the world?  That's how it's been in California where we are finally getting hosed down with buckets of the wet stuff, and we respond by engaging in indoor sports.  A regular fuckbud came over for our customary nooner, and fortunately he works only a five minute walk away.  How good is that?  It's best to make the best of this situation before he gets tired of me.  And well, he's so good that we can get down and off in about ten minutes; he likes to make his toxic black cum deposit doggystyle, and I'm just love that shit.

But a load of cum deep in your ass is a terrible thing to waste.  It should be shared with the perverts out there harboring the cum fetish.  And they're out there, too.  Going online, we didn't have to wait long, thanks to barebackrt's newish cell phone app.  I need to share fairly quickly because I have found that a massive wad up there makes for a pregnant feeling and the urge to shit it out, which is what I consider to be a sad waste.

A nice, short All American type showed up, slightly post-jock with a full head of hair, and I discover that he likes to swing it side saddle.  I don't get fucked on my side all that much, so it was a riveting experience and this dude was hung well enough so that he never slipped out through all of that scissor action.  He rocked on the squishing sounds of his poz rod stirring the stew and he stayed rockhard throughout.  On top of that, his missionary style was to thrust and pull, which he did expertly and he closed a long session with some butt nibbling, tongueing and wiping down my cleaned out hole.  I'm not much for long sessions, but with this top, it was a very satisfying bit of afternoon play, almost romantic (which is not my style, usually!) with the grey skies, the rain, and the sounds of tires on the wet pavement of the street below.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pornstar Lou Cass Cleans House

Once a pornstar, always a matter down what road life takes you.  Lou Cass is an example of this observation.  In the Pre-Condom Era, pornstars paid the rent working at jobs leveraged through their porn associations.  All did some modeling on the side, and a great many were bartenders, barbacks or waiters, djs or event promoters, some managed gay businesses and some carried out production roles behind the scenes.  Some became writers, poets or editors.  But it was mostly porn related, since time spent doing porn didn't read too well on a 'real world' resume.  Since the Pre-Condom Era, the situation has loosened up a bit...which is so obvious when one recalls how Antonio Biaggi owned his own baked goods company or Cole Tucker worked in real estate.  But few who remained in show business (and yes, porn is definitely a show business) were able to make the transition to mainstream movies and TV.  Lou Cass is one of those few and for those of you interested in his filmography, check out Wikipedia for the full list.  That list includes 'Melrose Place,' and while I don't remember that, no Wikipedia user has corrected that information.

Now Lou's added a new venture to his entrepreneurial resume: his own house cleaning services outfit working in San Francisco and environs.  Lou was a lean, wiry, muscular dude when he worked for Catalina Video and other 80's studios, and the head shot on his new business card shows a bulked up young daddy complete with tats and a buzz cut.  The meticulously groomed young man obvioiusly takes care of himself and is now ready to take care of your house.  Do his boys work in the nude? That you'll have to ask him yourself...Lou Cass The Cleaning, or 415-377-3427

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Year Starts with Uncut Latin Dick

It would seem preposterous that a month has gone by with just a couple of postings, but indeed, I have been busy trying to purchase my own personal sex venue in the Colorado Desert, and more about that some other time.  I have had a sexy January, mostly fisting some seasoned, mature, and worthy ass in our City by the Bay.

The month got off to a sleepy start: on New Year's Eve, I passed out around 10pm and was jostled awake in time to toast the arrival of 2014, and then I went right back to sleep.  I don't force myself to be jolly and prefer to be comfortable.

A couple of days later, though, I was back to my old tricks, scouring the internet for old tricks and new tricks, and struck gold with a buddy who'd been to my place before.  Except on that occasion, he didn't fuck me (although he was supposed to); instead he fucked the black poz top who was fuckin' me.  Yeah, I was the bottom of a good old fashioned 3-meat sandwich fuck.  Both tops came simultaneously, and I did get a nice load out of it...but now it was time to sample that raw latin dick that had charged the top who was charging me.  Just thinkin' back now, I'm gettin' hard...that session was a quick journey to pozotopia.

I am very much into Latin guys.  Of all the numerous types of men, If I may be permitted to generalize, Latin men seem to be the 'less fucked up' about sex than any others.  Ricky Martin has been quoted saying to the effect, Sex to us (Latinos) is a joke, which sounds flip but what I get from that is that Latinos realize sex is just another aspect to the human experience, something not necessarily sacred or idealized, conjugal sex and the Blessed Virgin aside.  So my Mexican buddy fucked me raw, hard and fast, shot a toxic blast of jism up my white ass where it stayed for the rest of the day, marinating with my buttslime and giving me that pregnant feeling bottoms get when juiced.  Ah, that brings us up to January 3.

Friday, January 3, 2014

RawOreo: What I Learned in 2013

Why haven't I heard about this porn studio/website earlier?  This venue is the most interesting discovery of the past, and it is exactly what its name suggests and delivers: Interracial bareback porn from deep in the heart of Texas.

Most porn studios do their best to cover all the bases, and nobody does it better than Treasure Island Media. Within TIM videos, one finds a wide range of scenes including leathermen, muscle daddies, preppies, gymbots, hustlers, bears and cubs, ethnics, drunks, and street pigs.  Other studios have followed suit, but RawOreo is concentrating on young black thug tops matched up with skinny, wiry, white pussyboi bottoms, and let's the sparks fly.  The mastermind behind this concept appears to be Machofucker favorite, Frost, who stars (sleazily in a spectacular way) in all of the videos supported by a bunch of passive white lads, all getting fucked by lean, mean black dudes.  There's the usual streaming, but only 4 or 5 dvds out as of this New Year, but we are so looking forward to what they come up with in 2014.

Go to RawOreo, courtesy of the FrostedMediaGroup, and get educated as I did, and enjoy these raw, uninhibited, genuinely trashy exhibitions of hot interracial bareback mansex.