Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Trannyfuck That Didn't Happen

I didn't think that I would ever realize this fantasy, and sadly, an opportunity was lost because of geography...and timing, and all I can say is 'Goddamn it.' I was traveling on business, but as I usually do, I checked in on Barebackrt to find out what's going on in the Bareback World. My curiosity is hardly idle, but sometimes things simply can't happen. Then...I got 'pinged' by a transgendered visitor staying in a very classy downtown San Francisco hotel...she was horny, she was hard, and she was leaving town later that day, and she needed to get off, preferably in a white sluthole. Gentlemen, there is a God and He obviously believes that bareback bottoms deserve a break. But God,on principle, doesn't make things easy: He put me in Sacramento the day Miss TG mailed me wanting to hook up and plow my ass. Nothing would make me happier than to be under a black transgendered top with her dick up my ass while I nibbled on her tits. Well, all is not lost, as we did connect, and traded numbers and maybe we can make it happen when I'm in New York later this year. Until then, this remains a dream unfulfilled.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Breeding of Jayson Park - Review

At the conclusion of the video 'Sex Life/LA 2,' pornstar Damian Ford muses (with a lollipop in his mouth and his hand at the wheel of his SUV) about what qualifies one as a movie, Damian concludes. Right you are, Damian. And video means you can live forever, if you've had the chance to play on video. By that rule, yours truly qualifies as a pornstar...I was in 'Dungeon Fist Party' and 'Dungeon Fuck Party,' where I took Steve Wiley's load and got fucked by the legendary Will West who made me shoot an impressive load and then made me eat it, with his own artful flourishes,wiping my sweat with my leather cap and throwing it derisively on the was all Will, as Ray Butler didn't tell us what to do. A true gentleman, offscreen Will apologized to me for not cumming up my ass!
But this installment is not about me. It's about the real, true pornstars, where the standard is higher than the Old Hollywood standard...that being, your name over the title. In porn, you are a megastar if you have a dvd titled with your own name. The hardest-working bottoms in the business right now...all qualify. Ian Jay, Sage Daniels and Dominik Rider have all starred in their own gangbang videos with their names as part of the titles. But this honor had eluded maybe the hardest-working porn bottom of them all...Jayson Park. Until now.
I was at the Playspace on Folsom St. when Barebackrt's 'The Breeding of Jayson Park' was filmed and I admit right now that I didn't like the set-up; all the action was limited to a tiny platform. But not to worry. Jayson shines in this one, taking one anonymous load after another...the tops are not named, but I recognized at least one from my personal sex life. Such helps with the fantasy.
Jayson is not only a great bottom, but he's fun to watch getting's a man who really loves his work. Don't you hate those bottoms who whine, whimper, or grimace or the worst crime of all: talk too much? Shut up when I'm fucking you, is what they need to hear. The worst of all: the bottom who sings when he's getting plowed, like the queen I was trying to fuck in a Portland Oregon bath house years ago. A Cyndi Lauper tune is not on the gay erotica short list.
Well, Jayson doesn't sing...but you will hear some dirty talk, and the sleazy sounds of cum being slushed around.
This video might be hard to find in the hinterlands, so go to the bbrts website.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Manfuck Manifesto - Review

I thought I'd never see Matt Sizemore bottom, but indeed he does just that in Treasure Island Media's 'Manfuck Manifesto.' He gives it up to the ultimate sex pig Ray Dalton, who demonstrates his true versatility by turning Mr. Sizemore into just another big ole bottom in a masterful sequence that closes one of TIM's better videos in recent memory. You shouldn't necessarily skip right to Matt's and Ray's scene, however...especially if you're into daddies pluggin' young and tender boi-holes, because that's what this manifesto is about. TIM serves up some newer boy butt, to be worked over by veteran daddies Brad you know who, Derek you know who, BJ you know who and Jack, where the hell have you been all this time? These reliable tops deliver gallons of cum up the fresh holes of guys like Blake Daniels, Noah Foxx, Tennessee, Dimitri and sensation-waiting-to-break out Jackson Taylor who claims his sex life started at the truly tender age of four. Litte, cutie Jackson gets pozzed by daddy Ethan Wolfe who sports an in-your-face biohazard tattoo on his groin. Man, I'm just waiting for TIM to get him in action from the bottom's POV, on his back with that biohazard warning in full view. In its usual fashion, TIM has some overlap with totally fucked out poz bottoms Ian Jay and John Sullivan, and their fans won't be disappointed. This dvd has something for everyone, but it will be remembered as one of the best dads-on-lads themed videos ever made. There's poz ass taking poz cum in this one, even though Brad and Derek are famous for being HIV-negative, you poz fetishists will get off on 'Manfuck Manifesto.'
Coming up: TIM's next 'Return to Meat Rack,' linking it up with one of the best videos ever made, except the seasoned Christian takes over where Dawson left off in the original. Funny, Christian seems more Coney Island than Fire Island, but judging from the promo shots, nobody's going to be disappointed here, especially those of you into interracial fucking, white tops on black ass, musclemen, the ever punky Christian and sex in the great outdoors.

Friday, March 2, 2012

California Bareback Sex Calendar

Ah, to be missing out...'tis not a great feeling. There are three momentous bareback events taking place in California this week. One is a gangbang featuring Damien Silver, the hottest ass in bareback porn, in an LA hotel, Saturday night. I can only wonder if parts of it will be recorded for a new video to be released in the near can only hope. The other is the monthly bareback party at the Camp Palm Springs, an event that has had its ups and downs over the years, but of late, re-inventing itself by featuring porn stars as an attraction. Jayson Park was the host's featured bottom last month and on Saturday, the party will star the talents of Sean Hunter and little Trey Maddox. We'll be coming back to these guys later.
Another bareback event on the California sex calendar is the Cockpit Party in San Francisco, which seems to be back in the good graces of barebackrts, since it's posted among the party listings, after being 86'd for a couple of months. I guess Gehno of the Cockpit and the Pornmaster at barebackrt have come to an understanding, for they were in competition for tops and bottoms until just recently. The bbrts party, Cummunion and the Cockpit party no longer take place on the same night, so I guess all's right between them.
Going back to Sean Hunter: you know him. He was a Hot Desert Knights discovery, a dedicated top distinguished by the biohazard tat on his groin. We saw him fuck Trey Maddox in an HDK video, and then Treasure Island Media picked up on him, and he got to fuck Christian (in 'Built to Fuck' maybe, I'm too lazy to check, but it's on the TIM website) and then he re-appeared to fuck Go-Go Eddie (Hibbs) in TIM's 'Bone Deep.' He's a reliable fuck and I'm sorry I won't be down in the desert to test him out. As for Trey, he was famously fucked by megatop Steve Wiley for Hot Desert Knights, on a massage table...'is there an extra charge for a prostate massage?' 'No, it's complimentary.' 'Cool.' a sequence remembered for the drops of cum that dripped on the camera lens. Trey was the featured bottom one night at the infamous HDK warehouse sex parties down in Palm Springs. The deal was the featured bottom got one of the big raised platforms all to himself and anybody could fuck him. Little (he's maybe, what? 5-2) Trey got a lot of attention that night. Anyway, the California boys have a lot going on this weekend, too bad for the rest of us. Way too bad.