Monday, December 13, 2010

Good Fuck at Mack

Well, I got my lines crossed and showed up at Mack for a non-existent Cockpit Party last Saturday night. I had planned to fuck my brains out, get tested for STDs, go home and lay off sex until the results come in...a week or so. There was no party...I obviously messed up on the date...but the guys from the City Health Clinic were there and eventually we went through the testing routine. There wasn't much going on at Mack besides the other couple of guys getting tested, a couple of trolls lingering in the shadows and a single silver daddy decked out in full leather gear. Leather daddy and I connected (there was nothing else goin') mostly because his dick, long and slender, was sticking out, viagra-fueled and ready to go. I immediately went down on him and confirmed the readiness of fuckstick, and before too long, I was on the bench taking his prod delivered in forceful, steady strokes. One of my peeves about Mack is that it's uncomfortable if you're 'nekkid''s a place to have sex with your clothes on. So while my butthole was getting worked over in a very superior way, my knees on the bench were annoyingly on my mind. I moved the action to the sling where dad fucked my ass nice and rough, with a constant pounding, he could keep goin' at length, without losing a beat...his dick was just right for my was long but not thick, and it was rockhard the whole time. I love slings but I wanted to get the feel of his fuckstick up my ass I took him to the bunks upstairs and let him fuck me again, and again, but then I had to call it quits, since my appointment for my test was promptly at 930.
When I told him why we had to take a break, he responded, 'Well, I'm negative in every way.'
That earned him a second round of fucking after the STD test. I believe him, he's a mature guy who wears glasses and with a full head of white hair, maybe prematurely so but I doubt it. And this very good fuck did wrap up what could have been a disastrously dull night. If the tests turn up anything, then I'll have to go on a medication sabattical which means this might be the conclusion of my sex life for this year. Leather daddy says that he doesn't use the websites to hook up...his sex life revolves around Mack, especially on Tuesdays, which is Leather Night. Well, this might be a bit of useful information, especially if he's there. My attitude regarding Mack remains the same: SF needs better, and it's mostly about design and layout...the staff there, the music, the services have always been great. So, thanks for a good fuck at Mack...but not sure about the next time.

Friday, December 10, 2010

STD's and the Fuckbuddy System

I'm sitting here writing this with a load of hot pozcum percolating in my butthole. In a while, I'll be able to shit it out and add it to my collection stored in the fridge. This load comes courtesy of a fuckbud whom I call Capt. Hook the Butt Pirate of the Caribbean because of the angularity of his equipment and his place of national origin, although he's also a sophisticated New Yorker and now a San Franciscan. He's a professional and we fuck during his lunch hour, as his place of work is just a short walk away. I really love this guy, as a person and as a sex partner, and he's very important. All fuckbuds are. I'll explain.
Tomorrow there's the Cockpit Party at the Mack sexclub on Folsom St. and Gehno and the guys arranged with the County health dept. for STD testing. This is a wonderful and greatly appreciated function...although not unique...the Berkeley Men's Health organization conducts similar services the the Steamworks.
But you know, your fuckbuddies are also good sources regarding your STD status. If something comes up, they'll tell you right away...and not only will you go and get tested, but you'll (assuming you are a mensch and of course you are) stop having sex until the issue is resolved. Relying entirely on your fuckbuds could lead to a false sense of security, but I don't think so...we're all adults. It's as good a buddy system as any.
I hate getting tested because of my embarrassing, Christian guilt issues. The people at the SF VD Clinic and the people at the VA couldn't be nicer, but it's still awkward for me...I still feel guilty for getting the clap or worse. I can't stomach the condom lectures which health care professionals are obligated to give. So that's why I'm grateful to the Cockpit and most of all to my fuckbuds...for all the hot anonymous sex in our lives, we always come back to family.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NippleMaster Shoots Massive Load

I have to admit that I can't get into most of the fetishes embraced by many of you, nasty men. Leather doesn't count, and piss is something I do but thinkin' about it doesn't get me hard. Spanking, ho hum. Pinchin' tits never did it for me either. I'll do it gladly if it will get me laid, but I don't care for guys doin' it to me...especially by guys who don't know what the hell they're doin'. In short, I thought it was mostly bullshit. But now I see it in a different light because of this top who fucked my ass last week. This hot man is another Tom Shannon look-a-like. My friends chastise me over my admiration for the very excellent Mr. Shannon, but my admiration is serious and sincere: he's not only a hot man (now entering young daddy territory, and gracefully so) but he was the first barebacking top groomed as a star by Treasure Island Media. Oh yeah, they had Titpig in those days but like I said, I'm only a recent convert to nipple action.
Anyway, this guy who looked like Tom Shannon showed up with fairly modest equipment, all too obvious when he entered me missionary style grasping me from my shoulder blades and holding me close. The poppers were doing their job: in the very dim light his face was transformed into a skull-like presence, not unlike the TIM logo.
'Work my tits,' he commanded with such authority that I really concentrated on tweaking his nipples, not just in the usual half-assed way I've done in the past.
'Work 'em. Pinch those tits!'
He knew what he was doing. I got those tits so turned on that his cocktail-sized wiener swelled into something more along the lines of a Hillshire Farms kielbasa. Very impressive. I will never belittle nipsters again as being full of shit.
Almost Tom Shannon had a distinctive fuckstyle that worked for me: he rarely plunged into the deepest corners of my asscavern; he liked to work my buttlips with the tip of his dick and then swish it around a bit. Needless to say, he came and came bigtime, noisily and with vigor, shooting a massive load that went everywhere...belly, legs, mattress, walls...except where I wanted my ass!
There have been tops who have pulled out before cumming, and thinking back, I think they thought they were doing me a favor...regarding poz cumload taking. I never discuss status before fucking...sometimes afterwards I have, and in those cases, the top always turned out to be poz. But some poz tops are doing what they think is right by not cumming in a guy's ass, especially a guy they don't know.
There are even poz tops who use condoms out of respect for anonymous bottoms. A leather daddy about to fuck me, began to pull on a rubber. 'Sir, is that necessary?' I asked, keeping in the mood of the scene we we're playing.
'Yes, is!!'
Enough said. You don't try to change a leather daddy top's mind, and begging would be out of character for me.
Nipples, fetishes, HIV status, rules of the game. Enough said.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quantity not Quality

Men, it's been a while since I posted and it hasn't been so because I wasn't getting out and fact, since my last posting, I have been fucked by about 30 guys and while it's been a nice experience, there hasn't been a really spectacular fuck worth blogging about. Who wants to read about routine sex? What kind of a blog would that be? Nevertheless, there are some stories to relate; namely some fucks that were extraordinary in their ordinariness. Does that make sense?
I had the experience of getting fucked by a top who never really got least I couldn't really tell if he couldn't get it hard or if he had a really small dick. What I felt was a squidgy mess of wet, sloppy flesh that kept trying to get in and then delivered what I took to be more of a shadowfuck...but the top was really diggin' it and passionate in his own spastic way, and made a big noisy moan that I took to be a faked orgasm. No matter; it was better than staying home. When I did get home (this all happened at my local bathhouse), I did have that 'full' feeling but since I didn't think there was a load up there, I pretty much didn't give it any more thought. The next morning I had that familiar 'filled up' sensation that usually comes with a buttload of cum. But I thought it was just plain ole crap so I made for the john, but what I shat was a massive load of cum that floated in the toilet water. It was so enormous that I was able to scoop it all up with a spoon and add it to my cum collection receptacle which I store in my freezer. Who would have thought that Squidgy unloaded one of my biggest gifts of the year? Thanks, Squidge, whoever and wherever you are.
Another surprising fuck came from a top I call Pink Pearl...that's an eraser familiar to all of us from gradeschool days...because that's about how big his dick was. Now I'm not about to diss any guy's equipment...any dick is fine with me. A small dick can deliver a decent fuck if the bottom is smart enough to handle it. Small dicks should top missionary style; they get better purchase when on top and get as deep as they need to plug a hole. I got on my back, legs up and pulled my buttcheeks wide apart so that Pearl was able to get in and shoot a decent wad up my big hole. In all fairness, Pink Pearl did grow into a Large Pink Pearl...and I was happy to have him.
During my last visit to Steamworks, it was so crowded I had to bide time with the waitlist. So I headed straight for the gloryhole area and staked my position on the fuckbench where I took a succession of dicks, maybe 12 or so, in fairly rapid succession...none was truly huge, one was good sized, most were average and one was definitely in the Princess Tiny Meat category...and Princess was the one who shot a load up my butt. No complaints. But you know what? I'm ready for a really big piece of meat. I'm not counting my fuckbuds, all of whom are well-endowned and great tops, but the whole point of gay sex is the 'thrill of new meat.' And we are ready.
Now as we approach the end of the year, it is time for STD testing. There's a plan to all of this; I can let myself be a bitch in head for the next week, and then it's abstinence prior to the tests, and then we'll see. Maybe the last fuck of this year will be THE fuck of the year. Happy Thanksgiving, guys.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Art of Bottoming

Some latin queen hogged the fuckbench for the whole time that I was at the Steamworks last unusually long time, 10 hrs., since there was a promotional 10 hr. rental on that day, 10/10/10. Actually, he did me a favor, for I spent the whole stay in my large room, hosting a dozen butt-hungry sex are the standouts:

Black Daddy...this slender muscular mature top had a snow white goatee, and a longish dick that he used like a swirl stick whipping up a bucket of paint.

Branch Bank Manager...I don't know if he works in a bank but he sure looks like it, with a serious demeanor, average build, hair that's just combed not styled and...he wears his glasses when having sex...but with a big dick. Banker had also knocked back a couple, judging from his stale bourbon scented kiss, and a fuckstyle that can be described as haphazard. His fucking was unsteady, and unrhythmic with that big dick sideswiping the walls of my asschute like the dick had a mind of its own...but this is not a bad thing, actually. That long rod kept slipping out and I had to put it back in, much like putting the gas pump hose into the gas tank, and that made me feel really slutty.
Then I said something one never hears in a bathhouse, 'Just fuck me 'til you cum.' Banker said, 'I think I have to share the wealth,' which was a way of saying, 'shut up, bitch, I'll cum when I cum.' No matter. He never got the chance...drunken banker tried to climb on to the mattress, slipped and fell to the floor...pretty much killing the moment...though it was great to hear him mutter, 'Hot Ass!' as he left the room.

Stealth Cat...this man-boy/boy-man stood at the foot of the mattress and pondered my ass for a few moments (I was looking at him by way of the wall-sized mirror) and then pounced on the mattress and shoved his dick up my ass. This was the smallest dick of the night and the best fuck of the night. He got on his haunches and clutched my ass close...and by grasping him by the arches of his feet, we turned into an in-synch fuckmachine. His grinding fuckstyle resulted in a load planted deep in my ass...I shat out the load the next morning, hours took hours
to work itself out.

Nur...this Middle Eastern looking guy fucked me rabbit style and I was sure he would come, but he didn't...but it was a good workout.

PozMan...I don't know if he's poz, but I think so...I looked like the way I like my poz tops to look: ravaged face, salt and pepper buzzcut, well-toned bod, tribal tattoos, and of a certain age. This coupling led to a missionary style pounding with intense eye to eye concentration, and he chose to pull out before cumming, denying me that poz load. This was some hot sex nonetheless.

4 White Men...these guys all looked similar: similar meaty builds, similar degree of baldness, all sure of themselves grabbing me and putting me where they wanted, all good fucks. I don't bother to discuss condoms anymore; I keep them under the mattress and if a top asks, I let him use one. But I just smear some lube on their dicks (I hate stuff that squirts or has to be squeezed) and let the tops go for it. All these four went for it...and they all knew what to do when I pushed back...they retracted their dicks, teased my hole and then plunged right back in. There is an art to bottoming, you just can't lay there, you've got to work for it, and that means working that hole. So I should thank that latin queen for keeping me off the fuckbench...and for giving me hours to perfect my art. Thanks,dude.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Captain Hook, Butt Pirate of the Caribbean

First thing, he IS from the Caribbean and he IS a butt pirate as he's savaged my asshole a few times now, to the point where he's becoming a regular fuckbuddy. He's also a chef who's worked in New York and San Francisco, but what makes him Captain Hook is his phenomenal cock: it's got a crook that's almost a 90 degree angle...I'm exaggerating a little to make a point, but I've seen and taken a lot of dick in my time, and this one is unique and for real. I've discovered that my best position for him is my fuckbench, actually a sofa with a low back where I can hang my arms or snort poppers while he fucks me. We've fucked on the bed and on the floor and standing up, but not missionary style...not yet. I'm really curious to feel how that dick fits in and what places deep in my ass it's going to prod and stroke. When you get a top who's average to small, you get on your back, spread those cheeks and stretch your hole to make it easy for him to stuff it in. With bigger guys, it's problematic. You'll notice that most bottoms take mega-hung Lito Cruz doggy style although I understand Tim Skyler takes it in a sling, that's rare: big guys can hurt. I'm wondering if this crank is going to hurt. The only way to find out is to do it, which I'm hoping will be next week, and with another bottom in a tag team scene. I'm not a territorial bottom; I love having other bottoms around, it makes it all that much nastier.
I'm not at my best right now, recovering from an ailment encountered in the desert, and Captain Hook just called...he comes over during his lunch break...and I had to tell him not today...damn! Next week...missionary style...2 hot poz hot poz Captain Hook...worth waitin' for.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

HDK's Bill Gardner Remembered

It's been over a week now since HDK founder, and Grandaddy of Bareback Porn, Bill Gardner, died of lung cancer in Delaware. Bill had returned Back East after his cancer diagnosis, about a year ago, but for years, he was a mainstay of the gay community and culture of Palm Springs, which is where I met him.
Bill was maybe the kindest, most unaffected guy I ever met, and his passing is a real loss for everybody, not just the gay community.
If you want to see and listen to this guy, check out "Sex/Life in LA Part 2," where Bill talks about bareback porn/ His good-natured self just comes across effortlessly and naturally. A reviewer of this video called him a 'happy chappie' and that about sums it up.
I did a little porn for HDK around the turn of the century, and was a loyal and frequent participant at the bareback parties hosted by Bill and partner John Singleton. These were truly the nastiest sex parties ever, thanks to the design and lighting of the expansive play space and all the pervs that seemed to come out of the woodwork to fuck like adrenalin-fueled fiends. I actually used to close the 4 a.m. as I recall...pig that I am and hoping for one last plug...I was NEVER disappointed. I never left sayin' 'well, that wasn't very hot.' Once I left a dildo behind...the play spaces were divided by hanging fabric (black, of course) creating piles of fabric on the floor, and my Doc Johnson get lost in there. I called Bill about the dildo...yeah, the guys had found it, and he sent it back to me by FedEx overnight...what a guy.
Bill never played during these orgies...he used to man the 'registration desk' and at times pulled security outside...this was in the north end of Palm Springs, an estate closed off by tall walls of trees, if you know the city, then you know how windy it gets up there.
He didn't play at the last party I saw him, a subsequent house John & Bill had moved into on the more suburban south end. These parties were also fisting parties and I topfisted a hungry older bottom on the fuckbench, really working him over. I was too involved and didn't notice that Bill had been watching me. "I hope you'll fist me like that some day,' he said. He said this in a very affectionate way, almost fatherly, as ludicrous as that may sound. "Sure, Bill,' I said, meaning it too. Alas, it was never to happen.
Take care, Bill. I'll make it up to you when we meet again in that Big Playroom-in-the-Sky.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some musings on Treasure Island Media...Island...What I Can't See 3

I was going to blog about Knightbreeders but got distracted by Treasure Island Media's latest, 'Breeding Season 2,' which I finally viewed last night. You may recall my blogging about seeing it on the lousy video screens at the Chaps II bar in SF and still being old stalwart Brad McGuire and a crop of new bottoms, including John Sullivan whom I described as a 'keeper.' He's more than looks like he's going to be TIM's next big star bottom. Breeding Season 2 is a 2-disc set and you really get your money's worth...disc 2 has some shorter chapters incl. a couple of gangbangs, some re-edited chapters and a preview of Ryan Sullivan's upcoming video, called 'Island,' a sort of homage to What I Can't See (more about that in a minute)which in shorthand will be referred to as WICS3 starring Ryan's brother...that same John Sullivan the keeper, the looker, who will play the role first played by cuteslut, the bottom who started it all.
Back around the turn of the century, barebacking was still something that raised eyebrows. It all got on tape around '99, with Michael McKey including a bareback fuck in Depth Charge 2, complete with a droplet of cum on a fucked hole. I wrote to Michael at the time about how the hell did it get in and he wrote back saying that the director was so tweaked at the time he didn't notice. MMcKey was the videographer, not yet to direct his own bareback classics. I think his reply was a joke, but we were definitely going in a new direction. Then around the same time, Paul Morris did Raunch Lunch (I believe) which I read about in one of those cheap, amateurish 'zines held together with staples. You wrote to a PO box on Market St. and Paul got back to you with a self-addressed stamped envelope...that was only about 10 years ago! McKey came out with Bareback:The Movie and Bareback 2:Once in a Blue Moon, but then Paul blew it wide open with 'Breed Me' and the opening sequence, some J. Arthur Rank gongs and a bottom milking 15 or 16 loads of cum out of his ass with a dildo. I think we were all shocked at this but there was no turning back...barebacking was taboo, verboten, sexy, hot and we wanted more of it.
What I Can't See had an interesting premise: a blindfolded bottom getting fucked by a wide variety of guys in a motel room that looks like Beck's on Market St. Cuteslut was a skinny little redhead who didn't drive, lived in Modesto or thereabouts and was posting in the early days of the internet...I think for a while he was splitting his time between CA & NYC. There was very little cum in this video, and I wrote to Paul about it and he wrote back saying that cuteslut's ass just soaked up all that jizz. There'll be a lot more cum in Island/WICS3, to be sure.
Scott O'Hara wrote that Cory Monroe (a cute skinny little blonde bottom from the pre-condom '80's) mused that he hoped one day there would be a porno that would be 'ALL SUCKING! ALL FUCKING! ALL POZ!' What made me think of Cory Monroe is that John Sullivan is interviewed in the preview (on disc 2 of BS2) and for the first time there is a discussion of HIV status...John is poz which of course is going to make him all that more desirable. The world turns..
In Breeding Season 2, the openly poz top Lito Cruz drills an in-shape daddy called Seth, and of course we all want to be like Seth sucking in Lito's poz load...disclosure is Sean Storm communicated to me, 'we all love those poz loads, don't we?' Breeding Season 2 is a terrific video, buy it(!) and can't wait for Island/Whaat I Can't See 3...I got a feeling it's going to be important.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Night of the Long Dongs

The best sex is the kind you want never to end...and that's what happened at my latest trip to the Berkeley Steamworks. I was there for only a few hours and I got fucked by only four tops, but it was extraordinary in that every one was massively hung, and I ended my stay there because I didn't want an average-sized dick to 'mess up' the beauty of the though I didn't want it to end, I knew that it would and I ended it because I wanted to remember it as a really special experience. The first top that fucked me was a 20-something Black dude with his hair wrapped in a bandana, and he delivered a rough fuck that plumbed the depths of my fuckchute. He didn't cum but the workout was so invigorating I didn't give a shit. The next top was a preppy type who was into piss...first I got rammed good and hard, followed by a piss is a great feeling getting your ass filled by a man's hot piss, and more about this encounter in a separate posting...just think, fuck, piss, wet, messy. The third, also supremely endowed was a Latin type who gave me a good even drilling and got me to thinking...ah, three big ones in a row...this can't go on. The fourth fuck of the night was delivered by a White top in his twenties with a scimitar-curved dick that was almost touched his navel...the firmness, the curve, the beauty of this dick was something to savor, but he was a rough fucker also, and by now my ass had taken a lot of deep drilling...this guy hit my prostate with every trust and I have to admit, it was gettin' to me, hurtin'...I moved forward on the bed (I was in one of the really nice x-tra large rooms) hoping he would follow and fuck me on my belly, but he wanted to give it doggy style and kept pulling me back to the edge of the bed. Wham, wham, wham, and god it was hurtin' but I wasn't goin' to ruin it for him, I held on for as long as I could.
Four big-dicked tops, one right after the other, is more than any bottom could hope for. I didn't want just an OK-guy to finish it off for me, so I called it a night while I was still riding the rush.
More about the piss enema in the next post...if you never heard of a piss enema delivered in a private room in a bathhouse, neither had I. This should be handled with extreme care.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sexy Nightmare: Getting Fucked at Army Recruiters'

Greetings, men...I'm in Palm Springs right now, just having awakened at 0745hrs. from a vivid nightmare and I want to get it down and share it with you because we tend to forget these bad dreams, as you all know.
I'm riding in an SUV driven by an elderly demented friend (dead since '05)when he stops and disappears. I go into this building and it's the US armed forces recruiting station and enlistment center (I've been there, know what it looks like), and there some guys there, including a parapalegic who's on the floor, naked with a hard on. Pig that I am, I asked him if he wanted to fuck me, and he says yes and I drop my pants to my ankles, and get down on the floor and can feel the head of his dick entering my asshole but he never gets it in all the way and deep...he doesn't have any legs, just stumps, but it seems that he's learned how to fuck despite the no legs. Finally, there's some nice fucking, but I look up and there's an Asian sergeant telling us to break it up, and not to say anything but the first thing we do after taking the oath is to go to the if the most important thing to him is his enlistment quota, which on reflection, absolutely rings true. Then I notice that the guy fucking me isn't the parapalegic at all, but some other guy...and then I notice my pants are missing...along with my wallet, ID, credit cards, money. Then I get afraid and angry and start cussing out my elderly friend who drove me here...and then I woke up! Ugh. This nightmare was 'so real' that I lay in bed for a few minutes worrying what to do about that lost wallet. Anybody want to translate any of this for me, by all means, don't hold back.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some New Players in the World of Bareback Porn

Dan Fisk is marketing his own videos under the name of 'Bone Daddy' and the quality is as good as those by Slut Machine, which is very good indeed. If you're a Dan Fisk fan, you can order these sight unseen and you won't be disappointed. The one I saw was something about fuck that faggot ass, and there was plenty of fucking faggot asses, so enjoy. Blackbreeders I've been following through twitter and its website as production continued on their early videos, and they deliver: thick dicked black tops drilling talented bubble butt black bottoms. If anything, the action wasn't raunchy enough for my tastes but those chocoholics among us will enjoy these. I wasn't overjoyed by Daddy Pack (I saw only #2) and again, not raunchy enough...the daddies, attractive as they are, just didn't seem down and dirty enough to please my qualified we age, our passion shouldn't necessarily diminish, though admittedly, we are fighting the trends of Mother Nature. The guys at Rawstrokes just keep getting better and better: I bought 'Raw Hole Damage' because Jack Simmons' fucking of Jayson Park was the best interracial coupling so far this year, and now I'm encouraging everyone to buy 'Raw Addiction,' which is also interracial, with superb black tops plugging hot latin asses...ah wowza, this is one hot video despite Marco Cruise, the hottest piece of latino manflesh to come along in a long while, not being captured in the best lighting, with annoying crotch shadows...but I know his next video will be really great, there's too much talent there...add another hot latin bottom, L'il Papi, whose style is completely different but equally fabulous (nice dick insertion shots, and some nice butt perspectives) and the reliable Robbie Mendez, these flacos can really handle the massive black schlongs that equip the stable of tops that's making Rawstrokes one of the hottest studios of the moment. Though Spunk has been around for a while, in 'Hot Fuck' they introduce a hot little pussyboi bottom named Jay Elliott who got my crank goin'...add him him to that list of cute little bottoms like Tim Skyler and Christian Baxter...young they may be, but they are experienced and take it like the champs they are.
Lookin' forward to seeing Sean Storm's new one, Assblasters, with a lot of old familiar tops and of course, the new Treasure Island offering Breeding Season 2. This has been a good summer for hot if I only knew the HIV status of some of these new performers, the summer would get even better. We'll continue to keep an eye out and keep our readers posted.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Suction Cup Bottom at Chaps during Dore Alley

Treasure Island Media promoted a dvd release party for their new production of 'Breeding Season 2' at the Chaps bar to coincide with the Dore 'Up Your Alley' fair last weekend, and of course I had to go. Recalling the spontaneous sexual mayhem orgy that erupted at the Rawhide bar (this was during Folsom not Dore) a couple of years ago, this time I went prepared with a cleaned out, lubed up hole and made up my mind to take any cock that I could get. The bar was crowded as expected but I got my draft and made my way to the benches way to the back of that dark hole which seemed grubbier than boots were sticking to the floor. I gotta comment that the boys behaving badly back there were all 'of a certain age,' while the younger queens in their leather gear were more into texting and sharing images on their cellphones. One daddy let his fingers travel along the small of my back and down my pants, down the crack of my ass, to probe my greased up asshole. I was going to let him go wherever he wanted with this...and I loosened my belt and held up my pants by my hands in the pockets...the seat of my jeans was loose and ready to drop at his desire. Then out of nowhere, some dude in a black leather jacket turned up and went down on top daddy and clamped his lips on that dick that should have been going up my ass...and stayed that forever. This oral bottom did not do much more than keep his face buried in the daddy's crotch...I mean there was no head bobbing, no cocksucking technique, no coming up for air...he just clamped down with his fuckin' face in the guy's crotch and stayed there, motionless like a suction cup. I gave every sign to the top that I was willing to wait this guy out, but finally, I said fuck-it and got the hell out of there. Besides, the crowd of nasty guys in the back corners of Chaps had thinned out by then, so we were pretty much exposed, and that seemed less attractive to me and kind of killed the moment.
I went to the front of the bar and took in what I could of 'Breeding Season 2' which was showing on all the screens in Chaps and I can't review it based on what I saw as the equipment wasn't all that great and it wouldn't be a fair and honest review...but I can say that even in that less than ideal viewing situation, the video 'reads' as another TIM classic: Brad McGuire, a little older and more mature, has never looked better...and there are a bunch of new guys, all of them good, and one in particular, John Sullivan looks like a keeper. That's why although Treasure Island Media advertised that the stars would be present, I wouldn't have recognized them anyway...the new young guys were probably busy texting someone, although I did recognize Tober Brandt smooching (yeah, that's the word I'd use) some fans in a corner, and the always professional Sage Daniels was a good sport and spent the whole time, that I was there, selling TIM tee shirts and gear, closer to the bar.
Finally I saw Suction Cup leave, so I went back to where the action never happened, and it had cleared out almost entirely...there wasn't even anybody waiting in line to use the john. So my plans to get fucked got aborted by a no good, low down sorryass cocksucker...yeah, but there's always next time. We'll shoot for military night or jockstrap night or the provocative-sounding Skank Night at Chaps and see if the dynamic's any different. And oh by the way, Dore Alley is alive and well. Now the scene shifts to bear country...with the upcoming Bear Market and a bunch of events planned for the capital of bear country, good old Guerneville.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sex in the Desert Part Two

Using the ATM anywhere at 1 a.m. is creepy...anywhere. Once I had to use the Wells Fargo ATM in downtown Beverly Hills, probably the safest place in the world, at 1 a.m. and as I approached the bank I saw a shadowy figure standing nearby. Damn! It's some homeless dude (not unknown in Beverly Hills) who's gonna try to shake me down for some money, but was just an arty freestanding bronze sculpture, courtesy of the Beverly Hills beautification committee. But after a got some cash from the ATM in the deserted Palm Springs shopping mall, I made for the Camp Palm Springs where I thought the night pass would see me through the morning. As I approached, a gang of guys was just leaving, all together...highly unusual. Then I remembered that it was the grand pissy Wet & Hot weekend and the Camp was one of the host hotels; there were no night passes for tonight, I was told.
Well, Helios is just a block away and I did succeed in getting a night pass, and I checked out the playroom where there was one guy, a sort of nerdy bottom butt up on the mattress. He looked up hopefully; he thought I was going to fuck him.
'Sorry,' I said as I got down on all fours and arched my back, 'just another bottom.'
'That's OK. There are at least 3 tops out there,' he said.
'How do you know?' I hadn't seen anybody lookin' to fuck, just some guys in the hot tub.
'They just got back from a piss party at Camp Palm Springs and they're lookin' to fuck.' That gang of guys all leaving together, they were a group from somewhere. Nerdy bottom knew all of this.
Just then, a white daddy with a big gut walked in, got down on his knees and started to fuck my ass.
This was a good fuck, average-sized dick, some toilet talk, and some old school bump and grind fuckin' where I could feel his dick hittin' my buttwalls and I did my best to squeeze them tight. We kinda became one white on white wall of flesh and I liked watchin' myself gettin' plowed in the wall of mirrors that surrounds the fuck mattresses. Then another top came in and got down behind nerdy bottom.
'Wanna swap? asked the daddy fuckin' my ass. Now this is exactly what I wanted to hear, bottom-swappin' is one of my favorites.
'Kiss me,' I said to nerdy as the tops switched on us, but he just looked surprised, puzzled...not a real pig, as far as I'm concerned, he's thinkin' too much.
White gut daddy worked on nerdy a little bit, but the other top justt couldn't get into it...he hadn't even fucked nerdy for more than a minute, and after a brief bit of shadowfucking me, he just got up and left.
White gut daddy switched back to me and slammed my butt until he got tired...he gve up some more trash talk, and lots of white flesh shakin' all over, like just another typical everyday nasty white pigfucker. This all made me feel great.
White gut dad left...I didn't look up to see him go, but then nerdy left, too. There was nobody else around.
I gave it another 20 minutes and then went off to one of those nice outdoor mattresses Helios has, and tried to get a little sleep until something more interesting came along.
What came along was the night clerk, who at 3 a.m. prodded me and told me I had to leave, they were closing it up.
I walked down the road to my car, crawled into the back seat and slept the best I could until daybreak, then went home, dialed the security code correctly this time, and got to bed around 6.
All said, a nice night of fun sex, if a bit disjointed.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Video Reviews: 'Bad Habits,' Slut Machine's 'Obey'

Marco Paris' efforts get better with each offering, and now we have his latest 'Bad Habits' with some new faces and some old faces, all welcome. Jack Simmons, Luke Cross and Robby Mendez are all back. Brian Peters, who porn aficionados may recall from his work for SX Video a few years back, is a welcome 'old' face...his fans will not be disappointed. I hope to see more of top Maseo, previously unknown to me. And of course Marco himself gets poled by Rod Rockhard in the closer.
Frank Stein's newest for Slut Machine is 'Obey' and it's an exercise in interracial coupling with all the hot action we've come to expect from this talented videoaste. It has some of your and my favorites like Chase Coxx, Drew Peters, Sage Daniels and Jack Simmons. And the reliable top Kamrun fucks the shit out of newcomer Christian Baxter, a very welcome new face and new ass. This kid qualifies as a 'post-teen' with a slender bod and a peachfuzz tortured into a chin anchor...he's still working on that one, he's that fresh. I like to do a skim through a new video, and then concentrate on the scenes that work for me, inventing my own fantasies that get me going, usually involving latinos, bottoms, mate-swapping, men in suits, cheap motels, mattresses in a garage and of course, poz cum. It would please me to see more of Christian Baxter, maybe paired with little Tim Skyler as twinkie hustlers bringing tops home and sharing the love. I've already blogged about Tim Skyler and Taylor Means...favorably, of course, and I wonder if I'm moving into a twink phase...not really, not any twink will do...these kids just speak to us with their hot little bottoms.
For all you guys who buy without downloading the scenes off a website, these new vids are not risky buys at all. Buy 'em...they'll give you hours of pleasure for years to come.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sex in the Desert, Part One

I love the Palm Springs parties hosted by pspigslut. They are bare-bones, no bs, no frills affairs with slings, mattresses tossed on the garage floor, fuckbench, trashy tops and even trashier bottoms...this is not the barechest calendar crowd, and it is the hottest thing going in the desert, no looky-loos allowed. I checked in around 10 and saw a fairskinned latino daddy with a big dick and big gut, and one of those tattoos that looked like a variation of the biohazard the small of his back. The minute I saw him I knew that I would have to have him.
I checked out the playspaces (they are divided by curtains of dark fabric) and saw a bottom splayed out on a plank, lookin' so hot that it got my dick hard. When he tired of waiting...his position had to be uncomfortable although I know some my bud Mike...who can keep the pose for a long time...I took over his spot, and within minutes got fucked by four tops, and finally by hot latin daddy. This was a nice long-dickin' and before long, there were those great swishy sounds of a fuckbone mixin' it up in my sloppy hole, my buttjuices and the precum of the other tops gettin' all whipped up into a toxic mess deep in my ass. Daddy didn't want to cum so early, so goddammit, he pulled out and started fucking a sleazy bottom with a bad case of B.O. who had claimed a nearby sling. His B.O. didn't discourage the gang of tops there that night, they fucked him one after the other. Finally Daddy pulled him onto the mattress and fucked him for a little while and then moved on. Meanwhile, a fisting bottom was scraming bloody murder in an adjoining play area.
But I was good...feelin' OK...a top doesn't have to cum in my ass to make me happy. I was happy just to get a taste of that hot dick, yowza, hell yeah!
Stinky bottom finally relinquished his spot on the mattress so I made my move...two bottoms on a mattress is just fine, some tops like to fuck an ass and then move on to the next ass and then come back to the first bottom...with buttjuice traded all around, which is fuckin' hot. Not more than a couple of minutes passed before I felt a finger probing my butthole, followed by a cock shoved up my asschute. What transpired was a non-stop 20 minute fuckin' it turned ole buddy 'desert rat,' the energizer bunny. I don't know who pooped out first, but we called it off mutually, both of us totally played out. Desertrat is a great fuck with great endurance...I mean, non-stop fuckin', the guy never needs to catch his breath...but I don't think he's ever cum up my ass. Anyway, feeling satiated, I took a break, grabbed a Pepsi and saw that blackdaddy was leaving. It was about midnight, so I decided to bail and hit a bar for a nitecap, maybe something exciting will happen. After an hour of S&M (standing and modeling) at to pornstar Lance Hancock...I made up my mind to hit the rack, but when I got to my condo, I fumbled with the security code at the gate and was denied entry. I tried again, but of course the security system went into defense mode and rejected me over and over again. Now here I was, in sweatpants and flip flops, shirtless and short on cash, locked out of my own place...1 a.m. in the hot desert night. What to do?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pornstars Protest Tougher Condom Rules

'Pornstars protest tougher condom rules,' written just that way in lower case, thank you LA Times, as a headline in the Los Angeles Times, Wed. June 30 edition. Even the LA Times acknowledges that pornstars are made after a single performance, and since the Times refers to 'performers' without getting more specific, readers are assuming this is an industry wide development. The State of California Occupational Safety and Health Division (Cal/OSHA) is considering requiring condom use in all porn made in California. Well, they're talking about straight porn here...'the performers said they understood the risks of not using condoms, but believe current industry practices, which involve screening for some sexually transmitted diseases monthly, were enough to protect them.' Nina Hartley was quoted as saying she didn't feel 'any safer' with condoms. Nina should know what she's talking about and no other performer...pornstar, if you will, was reported...and that's where the Times left it. The bureaucrats are merely doing their job, and the article goes on to touch on 'employee (pornstar!) exposure to bloodborne pathogens,' 'at least 8 people were employed in the adult film industry at the time of their HIV diagnoses,' '4 of those people are confirmed to have been infected during an adult film production,' ah, well...hello. They're obviously not talking gay porn here. And then the LA County Health Dept. weighed in, saying that condoms should be required on porn sets...the San Fernando Valley, which is within the City of Los Angeles, as is Hollywood, is within the jurisdiction of LA County, and that would mean virtually every mainstream straight porn 'studio.' Gay porn is never mentioned, much less gay bareback porn...but one assumes that Cal/OSHA would make no distinction...and the squareball Times reporter, Rong-Gong Lin II (yes) didn't delve further. Of course, no decision was made at the Cal OSHA meeting in Los Angeles, and the issue was shelved until a meeting later this year in San Francisco. Of course Miss Chi Chi LaRue's stand on this issue is well-known, and she is not alone, but the bareback porn studios just blow this off. I doubt anything will come of this because of the ambivalence of the general public, but can you imagine the great California porn industry (San Francisco, Palm Springs, San Diego) industry relocating to south of the border, down Tijuana way? No shortage of new hot talent there.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

SF Pride starts at Truck

Treasure Island Media and Naked Sword sponsored an event they called Raw Underground at the Mission District bar, Truck, last Thurs. and for me, the SF Gay Pride celebration officially got underway. Not to repeat my mistake of a few Folsoms ago, when I showed up at the Rawhide bar for what I thought was going to be a TIM 'meet and greet' with special guest Dawson. I didn't bother to get myself together for sex because it didn't occur to me that the event would evolve into a sex party...I had even made a dinner engagement in Fisherman's Wharf, a world away from Folsom St. So this time meticulously cleaned out and horned up (after all, it's called 'Raw'), I made it down to Truck, which being south of Market is beyond my sphere of influence...I'm a north of Market guy...but no matter, there was a hip crowd of hot guys. I kept thinking WeHo vs. SOMA and decided, maybe the WeHo guys are a bit more self-conscious, but basically there's not much difference...I used to think the WeHo guys were more into lipo, botox & steroids, but this crowd looked pretty well-maintained, by what means, though, I couldn't tell you.
All drafts were $3.50, so it was an agreeable set-up from the moment you walked in. Star sightings: Damon Dogg in low hung jeans showing a bit of a crack, Jessy Karlson and Sage Daniels (I think...I'd have to play back some of his videos to be sure) or someone who surely looked like him, and some guys wearing TIM black tees with LOADED printed in red...maybe some of the performers on TIMFUCK or guys who haven't broken out yet. A nice party...but it wasn't a sex party, at least not by the time I left, around 10. I was anxious to get to the Cockpit for the Pride sex party. It was a smaller crowd than I expected, and not much for us bottoms, generally speaking. One bottom was getting most of the action and kept drawing a crowd to his sling cage for more than an hour, getting fucked by maybe a dozen guys. The rest of us had to be satisfied with 2 or 3 dicks, including 'Samurai,' the hot built little Asian bottom who's always there taking on all cummers. I've got to stop calling him 'Samurai' because now I think he looks Korean and that's not cool, Koreans were done dirt by the Japanese before & during WW2, and in their culture they never forget. We shared a bunk for a short while and a couple of cocks...I wiped some of the sweat off his back and rubbed it into my hole. Very hot. But it WAS a Thursday, so I bagged it around midnight...and ended up walking all the way home in the early morning mist. Lots of people still out in the SOMA bars, gay and straight, suggesting a good weekend where there'll be performances by Andy Bell (of Erasure), Martha Davis (of the Motels) and as I understand, the Backstreet Boys. I hope to see all these types at the Parade tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bottom-Driven Porn & Tim Skyler

Men, I'm sitting here composing this post with a load of cum in my ass. I know it's up there because it stuck to the blob of Crisco that I stuffed up my hole. Lubing your butthole with Crisco will make it easier for the load to stick to your inner manflesh...a benefit to those of us pozpigs looking to get recharged with a fresh hit of virus, if those Swiss researchers are to be believed...a benefit, and to those crazyass bugchasers, take note: finding a poztop may be one thing, but getting his pozload to do its nasty thing takes some planning...Crisco is the way to go. Then I got to thinkin' on how it's all about the bottoms, at least, lately.
What got me started on this trend was watching Max Sohl's sex tape masterpiece, 'Fuckholes,' the original TIM 2005 production, tho' 'Fuckholes 2' is pretty damn good too (I wasn't in the mood for internal cum shots which make 'Fuckholes 2' extra special)...a trashy top is one thing, but a trashy top is just as likely to be a straight goon, a dork with a big dick, a self-centered pig..all of that is OK but a trashy bottom is a gay phenomenon, cultivated by gay porn where bottoms are the real stars right now. This wasn't the case 25 years ago when to be a bottom was to be at the bottom of the gay social ladder. Go back 50 years and nobody would admit to taking it up the ass. To do so would make you a real, old-school pathetic faggot. But today, thanks to porn, the bottoms are in the driver's seat. Take Jayson Park, Dominick Rider, Sage Daniels, Ian Jay & Fred Mayer, for example: these are the hardest 'working' (if you can call it that) men in bareback porn...and if you see a new video and one of these guys is in it, it's going to be a decent video. Whereas Dan Fisk is the super top of the moment, what we want to know is who's Dan fucking, and if we like him (take any of the 5 uber bottoms mentioned), then we'll buy it. Which leads me to cutie pie bottom boi Tim Skyler, also 'hard working' and about to crash into the upper echelons of gay porn. I first saw Tim in an HDK video of a couple years back where he played a Palm Springs houseboi broken in by a herd of poz tops from the HDK stable of studs. He wasn't really my type at the time: too young, too skinny, a little too white bread for my taste...but he has grown on me, because he represents a type I admire...Tim is famously HIV-negative, and it's a topic that's been making the rounds on gay blogs, that is, Tim's famous resistance to the plague. He says he owes it to his good constitution and his healthy (?) lifestyle, but whatever, if I were in my 20's (Tim is probably 24 but just as probably 19, he certainly looks it), I'd be terrified to do what Tim does (on video, or wherever) and so my cap's off to him. Young dudes who hungrily get knocked up by known poz tops are either brain dead or fearless, and I'd have to go with fearless in Tim's case 'cuz he ain't stupid. He would have to have gotten fucked bareback before testing negative, so doing what he does carries the brazen badge of bravado. So Tim's new videos are going to make him a super big star: his gangbang in a sling for Raw Fuck Club and I Fucked Your Boyfriend Bareback by Loadmasters (see Rob Rodin's website) where he gets drilled by famously super-mega-poztop Lito Cruz. Shit, I can hardly wait for these babies. As for Tim Skyler, add him to the list of hardworking material all the way.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bad Manners at the Baths Ends with Cummy Hole

Nevah in all mah born days have I experienced such bad manners at a bathhouse as I did on Memorial Day while at the Steamworks in Berkeley. Most outrageously, a skinny little thing in a suit (matching tanktop & brief) came into my room (one of the Super Slut Suites), put his bony elbows on his knees and stuck his face within a couple of inches of my own. Those fags that mess around with your lighting controls are bad enough, but this one was literally in your face. I reached out to grab this twit, meaning to pull him close so I could say to him, 'Come closer and get a real good look, you dumb cunt!' but he quickly skampered out, the little bitch. Later on, three frat boy types staggered in...I'd seen them around grabassin' mostly, but then the one wearing a baseball cap, asked, 'do you mind if we use your room?' I never answered...and I don't know what I would have said, 'yeah, if I can watch' is probably what I should have said. I didn't have time, as they all got busy, takin' turns slappin' my ass. I wasn't sure where this was goin' but after a few minutes, they left just as casually as they'd come in. Bad form, I thought.
Finally, an older type came in...follwed by a younger, lean built type. I thought they might be together, but no, they weren't a team, and the younger guy simply had barged in, no matter if some other top was in there already. Bad form, again, but lucky for me since what developed was a real three way, with my sucking off older top while the younger guy fucked my ass. His style was long dickin' and he worked over all the corners of my shitter, and then abruptly left. The older guy followed him out...not much ritual or posturing, but after all, this is the baths. I didn't think the fucker had cum, but I blew out a blob of Crisco (my new lube of choice, I just shove bits of it up my ass) coated with fresh cum. Yowza! The fucker had dumped a nice load up there. Immediately, I thought that I should share this cum with any and all interested, so I made my way to the playroom and got up on the fuckbench. On the fuckbench, I farted and squeezed out more cum, and felt it trickle out of my butthole...I continued to push out, and more trickled out, accompanied by sloppy, farting sounds. But I couldn't get anyone to fuck that cum-filled ass! I usually give the fuckbench 20 minutes or so, and if nothing happens, I move on. I moved on. I went back to my room, got fucked on my back by a fierce looking Asian guy...he looked like the badguys in an old wartime movie, with his bald had and glasses (!), grimacing, acting like he was cumming. He took off his condom and put it in the trash bag the Steamworks provides. After he left, I checked...a bogus orgasm, no cum there. My ass was still cummy though, this guy had just swished it around. I went back to the fuckbench, sucked off 5 or 6 guys and got felt up by another half dozen or so, but nobody got near that cumbucket asshole, and I was thinking that the cum would be drying out. Back at the room, I got plugged again by an older gent, bareback and he worked the cum around a bit, and finally a big daddy came in but we couldn't get his thick black mamba snake up and goin', so I went back to the fuckbench for a third go. I got felt up a couple of times before an anonymous fucker stuck his dick up there and gave me a decent ride...this was the sluttiest hookup of the session. No load, though, but talk about making that cumload last...too bad somebody didn't get it while it was fresh.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mexican Cum Goes Ass Schmear

Well, it took him a while, but he finally fucked me. I was in the sling in the playroom at Camp Palm Springs on a Sunday evening and where all (well, most of them, as we'll see) the guys there were into jacking off. But...there was a skinny Mexican guy hanging out, giving me looks but not really cruising. He'd come closer, then back off, and eventually retreated to a cot and jacked off a bit to porn. Then he'd come closer again and the pattern was repeated. Finally...after a couple of hours...he grabbed the sling and fucked my ass...not the biggest dick but he knew what to do with it. With this top, I worked my buttmuscles massaging his dick as he fucked me, and he seemed to like that...I know I did...I puckered my hole and pushed out a little bit and he kept right on fuckin'. Finally, he pulled off...and I saw him rip off the condom (!!!) and he finished by whacking off and squirting all over my stomach. The best I could do was to wipe up the cum with my fingers and smear it all over my butthole, doing what I could to finger a bit of it into my ass...hoping that the next guy would work it deeper into my manhole. Sadly, there was no next guy. Sundays are problematic...sometimes they can be hot, but this wasn't one of those times. However, if I can't get cum shot into my ass, then I'll do what I can to get it up there...smearing it all over my asslips or shoving a condom full of cum up my ass. Cumlovers must be resourceful. Hey, happy fuckin', get laid tonight!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Human Butt Plug

The Human Butt Plug is the best way to describe this Palm Springs top, with whom I've communicated several times before, whom I finally hooked up with last Sunday night. It was already around 10 p.m. when I logged into barebackrt to check out what was happening late on a Sunday night, in Palm Springs not necessarily the best time. I wasn't online for more than 5 minutes, when I got 'pinged' by Human Butt Plug, and within minutes I was on my way to his place in the gay ghetto of Warm Sands. He doesn't call himself the Human Butt Plug...I do. This guy's endowment is so big and fat that he can bring pleasure even when only semi-hard. As I sat down on his plumped up manmeat I felt my buttlips stretch and fit over that knob of his, and he didn't need to do much more...I had that fulfilling sensation one gets with his favorite butt plug...the one where the slightest movement causes subtle gentle ripples along the walls of your fuckchute. I maximized my good fortune by squeezing his shaft with my buttmuscles and massaging it, sending little jolts of pleasure up, down, everywhere. Butt Plug didn't let me do all the work: he told me when to move forward, when to back up, when to twist, and finally he was flipping me outwards like a tailgate, and that fat dick never once slipped out...I just kept the clamp on as best as I could and his cock is big enough to stay in. There was a third to our little party that night, a latino guy who I'd buddylisted a while ago...and I assume he got his ass worked over after I left, which I did around 2 a.m., but not before probing Butt Plug's butt with my talented little hands. His canal was not the deepest but it was certainly wide enough to provide for lots of fun...this closing was just a 'getting to know you' kind of fisting session...we both agreed to take it to the next step and soon. We also agreed that the 'tight hole' was vastly over-rated, surmising that the guys with tight holes just aren't getting around enough.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is a Pornstar? Some Comments on the Death of Chad Noel/Donny Price

'I think it's always funny when we call call them pornstars' muses pornstar Damian Ford in Jochen Hick's documentary 'Sex/Life in LA 2:Cycles of Porn' (highly recommended, by the way, if you can find it). 'I mean, what is a star? How many movies do you have to do to be a star? One, in porn.' Right you are, Damian. I haven't seen every bareback porn video (I have an aversion to twink porn, crap like Eurocreme) but I've seen all the good ones (the Knightbreeders have escaped me because I won't do Paypal, the only reason) and I know most of the pornstars. So when there was internet buzz about the 'AIDS-related death of 'pornstar' Chad Noel, I was taken aback. Who? Chad Noel. AKA Donny Price. Who? It turns out Chad was in the Brent Corrigan video that was pulled off the shelves when it was learned that Brent was underage. If you have this video...something about a pool boy and under my radar because it qualified as twink porn, in my book...better throw it away because if it ends up in the wrong hands, you could be in a lot of trouble. But back to Chad Noel/Donny Price...and his 'AIDS-related' death: it didn't take long for the sermonizing do-gooders to get online with their tittering about the evils of barebacking, etc., you know the drill by now. They're out there in droves...these professional humanitarians clogging the circuits with their rhetoric. It turns out that Chad/Donny was indeed HIV-positive, but his death was not AIDS-related...some guys, who've claimed to be his friend, attest that the demise was probably drug-related, which certainly rings true. Drug abuse is the real problem, not calculated risky sex. It's been a while since we've lost a pornstar to AIDS...lately, the deaths have been related to drugs, abusive relationships and alas, that scourge of a younger generation...suicide. All of these causes can be avoided with appropriately-directed sermons. There are some good aspects to the bareback culture which I've discussed in earlier blogs.
Google 'Dead Porn Stars' and you'll find the website that lists all of the departed greats and near greats, and those of you of a certain age, will be taken down a path called 'memory lane.' It's a long list, including the best top in porn history, a guy named Chad Douglas. And the best bottom, well OK, it's a toss up between Chris (Danny) Burns and Jon (Gaines) King. What Bill Gardner or Paul Morris could have done with these guys. As of right now, I have known still more dead pornstars than living pornstars, but I'm constantly working to change that. Nothing brightens up your day more than a pornstar's dick up your mancunt. Yeah. I'd better work.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Treasure Island Media DVD Sale

Men, there is a sale on ALL T.I.M. dvd's going on at Superstar Video on Castro St. I've checked around the neighborhood and the sale seems to be exclusive to Superstar, and there's no mention of it on the TIM website, although I made only a casual, perfunctory check. I was astonished that the new videos are included, so I bagged 'Raw Underground: Paris' featuring French pornographer Eric (see his website, he not only directs but performs in his own videos, and he is hot), and more about that some other time. I just wanted to get the word out: if you've been meaning to update your T.I.M. video collection, and I know I'm not alone, this is the time to act. Better get to SF this weekend before the sale far as I know, Superstar doesn't take online or telephone orders.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Smoke Gets in Your Ass

My own ass, actually, and on a school night to boot...things happen when you're unemployed. Feelin' hornier than usual, I walked around the corner to the porn arcade on Geary & Polk Sts. Nothin' goin' on...oh well, actually, a workin' boy was lodged in there but we don't do that sort of thing...and horny as I was, I just wasn't in the mood to stand around and model for an unknown period of time. Back home, I got pinged by a guy on honest to God total top, and it wasn't gettin' any earlier...get on over here, I wrote back. Said top turned out to be a recent transplant from LA and into partying...he pulled out a pipe and politely offered...partying hadn't been discussed earlier, but as I said, I was really horny...and it wasn't gettin' any's now around midnight. What transpired was an inspired, crystal meth-fueled session that lasted six raunchy hours. LA top fucked me on all was an average-sized dick that stayed hard the whole time he was into his spirited, aggressive fucking...he kept it up the whole goddamned time, kinda unbelievable, but he sure did. After a couple of hours, he shot his pozjuice deep into my butthole. And this despite the crystal. As for me, it ain't my thing, but I did take a couple of hits...and most of what I got was blown into my mouth...a smoky kiss that sent all that shit straight into my brain. It turned out that he was also into farts, and got what he wanted by blowing crystal smoke right up my ass, and then resumed fucking my poz hole getting it juicy, sloppy to the point where it emitted loud, raunchy sounding farts...a steady machine gun rapid firing off of little nasties, and then eventually that loud gassy blaster he was aimin' for. Whenever the farting subsided, he'd load up on the pipe, and then get down to blow more smoke up my ass. I don't think I've felt sluttier in my life. LA top turned me on my back and then fucked my ass for another long session, and while he came close to blowing a second load up that smoky ass, this time he came up a little short. Nevertheless, this was one hot of the best among a slutty lifetime of great fucks. Fartmen, get a hold of me...I want more!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Steamworks All-Nighter

The good thing, about having friends in from out of town, is that you often get around to doing things you've been meaning to do, but for whatever reason, haven't. I mean, who ever heard of a San Franciscan who hasn't taken the tour of Alcatraz? Well, I haven't and I know of many other locals who haven't either. I need a friend who wants to go to Alcatraz and then I'll finally do it. Friends from SoCal came up for the Cockpit Party last Thursday night, and we all agreed to hit the Steamworks in Berkeley on Friday night, which we did. I've been to Steamworks many times and have blogged about my encounters there, but I'd never stayed later than 9 p.m. We checked in around 5 p.m., and it seemed slow for a Friday (the Steamworks has been pretty good for me, as far as daytime action is concerned), but while there was a drag for a while, overall it was busy enough, so we renewed our rooms...they had planned to do so anyway, and I eventually did so myself...I know, it was out of character...but that's the point: do something new or different and you'll surprise yourself. We checked out at 8 a.m., Saturday, and I drove us back into The City. The biggest surprise is that I wasn't the least bit didn't catch up with me until early Sat. evening. But here's how it went for my first All-Nighter ever.
Check in: 5 p.m.
#1 Over the Hill Surfer, 5:30 p.m., tall, slender, pretty much hairless on his body but he made up for it with a full head of blonde hair...nice man-face, good kisser, kinda affectionate...couldn't get it up...left at his discretion, and I told him I hoped he'd come back..more about him later.
#2 Samoan Top, 6:15 p.m., I don't know if this guy is Samoan or not...what the govt. probably says is that he's Pacific Islander. I know better: there are Polynesians, Melanesians, Micronesians and some subgroups which the white man bureaucrats simply lump in together as 'Pacific Islanders,'...I'd be annoyed, just as white man's nomenclature of 'Asian' pretty much lumps in 3/4 of humanity into one big group...Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Thais, etc. are all distinctive, too different to be dissed as 'Asian,' but by the same token, white man also uses the term 'Caucasian' for biological types native to Europe, North Africa and the Near East, as well as parts of the Eurasian land sillyass is that? But I digress: this top certainly looked Samoan to me: big, barrel chest, big arms, thick neck, small ass to push it in with, it was average-sized but torpedo-shaped...ST slammed my ass for a good 15 minutes, alas, wearing a condom. The last Samoan top I had buggered me butthole in Palm Springs and dumped a goodsized load. This guy didn't come; I checked his condom when he left. Nice guy, though.
From 7 p.m. to about 10 p.m., nothing happened!! I trolled the halls myself...not much goin' on anywheres.
#3 Politico, 10 p.m. I don't know if this guy is a politician or not, but he sure sounded like one: smooth talker, generous with the nice comments, flattering me with words about how handsome I am, what a nice ass I've got, etc. Politico (and God I really do wish he were a closeted office holder/high ranking bureaucrat...that would be so hot, and a first for me) fucked me good with a thick, fat dick...yowza...this was the best fuck of the night. Don't know if he came or not...handsome devil in sort of an Irish way, mature face, full head of hair, nice smile. I wonder if bottoms in Wash DC are getting fucked by closeted politicians, oh hot! Yowza!
#4 African Guy, 11:30 p.m. He wanted to cuddle, after he couldn't get it up. Breaking the stereotype, he was average sized. Completely hairless body, very sexy, nicely-shaped cock...I wish I could have had it.
#5 The return of the Surfer, 12:30 a.m.; they say they'll come back, but they rarely do. He did! I worked on his dick and it stayed spongy and floppy, then low and behold, he came on my belly. I wiped it up with hand and lubed my hole with it. It was the best I could do. This was a nice bod, nice to hold on to.
#6 Older White Guy 1:45 a.m....fucked me good with condom.
#7 At the fuck bench in the play area, got fucked by a top anonymously in the dark, never saw his face...reached down to feel his cock working my ass: condom! Shit, man! No load, withdrew after a few minutes.
#8 Stocky Latino, 3:00 a.m. On the surface, he's one of my types: stocky, muscular build, short dark hair, thick thighs. But then...a dick the size of a peanut with balls resembling a couple of very tiny walnuts. Ah shit! However, after working on his dick for a while, it got rock hard and Stocky Latino gave me a good hard fuck, he fucked with vigor and total domination...he was mostly on his knees as he fucked me on my back. Raw! Don't know for sure if he came or not, but by now my asshole's making those squishy sounds. After he left, I tried to push it out, whatever was up there...nothing came out so I guess it was just my buttjuices.
#9 Anonymous Top, 6:00 a.m. Back on the fuckbench, somebody fucked my ass bareback for a few minutes then withdrew. We had attracted a bit of a crowd, so I sucked everybody else, four or five guys, hoping one of them would finish the job. Not only did I fail in that, everybody left after I sucked him off. I cleared out the play area all by myself at 6:00 a.m.! How fucked is that?
#10 Inept Chinese Fucker, 7:30 a.m. Still on the fuckbench. This guy tried for 30 minutes to plug my hole with a droopy noodle. He seemed to think the problem was lube, he kept lubing himself up...that's why I call him inept...anybody could go soft, that's part of being male...but this guy wouldn't take the hint: I stopped cooperating after sucking him for 15 minutes or so (this whole exercise lasted about 45 minutes)...and then I kept moving up on the bench so that he couldn't reach my hole...then he'd try to pull me back. I'm not rude...and I'd never 'diss' anyone, but here, I had to pull myself off the bench and leave. It was almost 8 a.m., maybe he was just tired, played out, it happens.
On the balance, a very nice pals also had a great time, and I think they'll be back. Thanks Steamworks for the spotless rooms, nice staff, great house music. I renewed my membership and hope to be back soon.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Discreet Businessman Becomes Nasty Poz Fucker in Late Night Hotel Hook-UP

When blogging, I do my best to respect the wishes of the guys I have sex with. If it's a famous person, like a pornstar, I'll go ahead and be upstanding, but if a guy has a lot of 'Ask Me's' in his profile, then I won't mention his screen name. He's got his reasons which are none of my business. I'm not being coy or playing games, it's just the way I see it. Last Monday night, a visitor to SF found me online at barebackrt...he was the only total top 'looking' and I was going to ping him myself but he beat me to it...the Hilton's about a 15 minute walk from my place...we exchanged a few messages, I gave him my cell phone number, we connected...and it turns out he was esconced in a rather large suite on the top floor of the Hilton Tower. He looks like one of the guys on 'Mad Men,' super-straight, conservative haircut, old school black framed glasses. He's built like a linebacker with an average-sized dick which was easy to get rock hard at 90 degrees. And he's HIV-positive, which is a matter I always clear up from the start, but it's not mentioned in his was one of his 'Ask Me's...which is why I asked.
I went down on him directly after shedding all my clothes (I look rather preppy myself, not my usual dressed down appearance) while he stripped his sport shirt and trousers, leaving his white tee. He keeps his glasses on, while he stands at the bed, and pulls my ass over to the edge. I get a nicely-paced, deliberate, measured fucking, and he knows how to use his dick, giving my throbbing buttlips a nice massage. He talks a little bit...not too much...just some phrases in a low voice, about a 'tight hole.' Well, my hole ain't's deep, hot and big. So I keep my mouth shut, he ain't complainin'. But he gets it...he doesn't plunge or plow, he really strokes. It's a hot fuck.
I've been pretty quiet...but he asks me about the load in my ass (I had slipped a cum cube up there before I left home), 'whose is it?' 'A hot Mexican's,' I said back (at least party true)...'oh yeah?' Then I let loose with some trash talk about wanting his poz cum up there, to mix it up with the poz cum of hot latinos who've been fuckin' me lately, and then, pop! pop! pop! He shoots his load into my ass. It was the poz references that got him off (join the club!) Despite his Chamber of Commerce front, this top turned out to be just another twisted type into cum-mixing, spreading and sharing the toxic seed, getting off on the whole idea. When I got home, I took a squat on the kitchen floor, pushed out his cum into my reservoir tank of seed...and it was a pretty good load, nice and clear, nasty and deadly. Thanks, man, nasty mr. businessman.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bath House Roughfuckin'

It's Friday afternoon and I'm back at Steamworks thinkin' to hook up with guys on the down low. You never know how it's gonna go at a bathhouse, and today was no exception. And it didn't look very promising...not that busy, and...a lot of bottoms already there...a wide range of bottoms hungry for dick, for every taste. In the room next to mine there's a cute little Abercrombie & Fitch type slut (and later I'd see him in an A&F cobalt blue tee) putting up and out his best feature: a perfect bubble butt. There was a hot Jake Wetmore type, and a slightly round femmy type in a green bandana, and a guy I think I recognized from barebackrt, in one of the highly desirable 'SuperSlut' rooms on the main corridor leading back to the gymn and the gloryholes. There was enough to please any top and most versatiles.
But, hell, nobody was getting fucked! The best I could do was an okay fuck on the saddletramp in the gloryhole area, delivered by a short Asian guy wearing a rubber.
After a few hours...a lot of time was spent in my room vacuum pumping behind a closed door...I decided to call it a night. As I got to the checkout, there was a crowd of 4 or 5 black guys, don't know if they came together or just happened to come in at the same time. All were overweight; 2 were downright obese. Seeing all this for what it was: promising, with great potential...I went back to my room.
None of these black guys bothered to give me a look, as best as I could tell, but out of nowhere this white daddy comes him, sticks his long and slender dick in my face and gets the best blowjob I could muster...within seconds, this long rod is deep in my ass and this guy gives me a hard and rough plowing...maybe a good 15 minutes, a good loud fuck...he was just as noisy as I am, and I'm noisy with trash talk and my head thumping against the bathhouse wall. White Dad doesn't come, but quits and departs with a grunt. I just chilled, stretched out, savoring the fuck, my butt up in the air. Within minutes, another white dad is in, plugging my ass. This dick kept slipping out and was brutally stuffed back in, a man in control. Loud sex noises all along, just as before...then after a frenzied fuck of 15 minutes or so, he's outa there. He didn't come either. Moments later, as I left my room, I saw a line of 3 or 4 guys up against the wall, as if waiting to see who the trashy slut in Room 210 was. 30 minutes of hot bare fucking, 2 hot daddy tops...worth it! Never saw any of the black guys, finally left feelin' good.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Masterful Poz Latino Fucker Despite Mishaps

I had a window of free time, so I hit up on barebackrt with a younger latino poz top, who turned out to have an amazing cock, a gift from God, a crooked dick curving downward like a scimitar...not just bent, but an honest to goodness crook, a crank, a masterpiece of mother nature and I could hardly wait to get it up my ass and savor the sensation of it digging into me, doggystyle. Fuck yeah!! Then I'm on my back, he's inside me, and we're kissing like a couple of gone to hell apes. There are certain moves that are done best with a big dick in a big hole...such as...this dick swiped the insides of my fuckchute with a rippling sensation that I couldn't recall ever feeling before, touching places I didn't know I had, then enhanced by his gentle massaging of my asslips, shit, it was one hot fuck and I knew it and I did my best bottoming style to match his masterful fucking...that means pushing back a little meeting his thrusts with my buttmuscles pressing around that crankshaft of his. Then it started getting juicy with some minor farting sounds, like a ladle dipping into some thick soup...but he hadn't cum yet...his profile read that he liked long sessions, this being one dude who takes his time. But I was so caught up in his slow and steady drilling, that I just let the farts go, until...goddammit, I let go with eine grosse fahrt, I mean, a really big one that shot a blot of lube onto his tank top. Somewhat embarrassing to me, shit, but thank God he didn't care, laughed it off.
This buttlove continued and got pretty intense...meeting his thrusts with everything I had in me...he said pushing back with my asshole would take him longer to cum, and I thought OK, but I was getting really worked up and finally, asked for a break to take an aspirin. Yeah, dudes, I really thought I could have a heart attack...besides, I'd taken a Levitra. So, eventhough I feared that I was killing the moment, I ran to the john, swallowed an aspirin and got back to it. The dude never lost the beat...we just changed positions...first spooning, which he handled supremely well, slipping out occasionally but that just made it hotter when he guided that torpedo back in, running over my asslips with that crookdick then hitting me at different angles. Shit, how much of this can I take? Then he put me on all fours and gave it to me doggystyle, and then I thought I really would die..he really knew how to work the sides of that butt canal, I don't think he ever hit the deep bottom like a lot of other fuckers wasn't a punchfuck, but a slow, steady cranking massage, really fantastic...and then I inadvertently did my best to fuck it up again...first with the fart, then the aspirin, and now with a bottle of spilled poppers. Neither of us noticed this until the stench in my small apartment became overwhelming. The poor guy had to stop...he was getting a headache...we had to break it up and open the windows. He never did cum, and I never got what would have been a special toxic recharging. Shit, but it was one memorable fuck, and M., I hope we can do it again...and again.
One word about the poppers mentioned: this was a new one to me, called Amyl Night and it was a fresh bottle I bought at Rockhard on Castro St. I build a resistance over time to most poppers, but this was new to me, as I said, and I must attest, it is some potent stuff, with a different kind of high, though, sadly, the whole bottle was lost, so I'm back to Rockhard to get me another. If only it were as easy to find a fuckbuddy with everything I like...poz, latino, shit, life can be good.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Steamworks Cumdump

Since I found myself in Berkeley last Sunday, I just had to drop into the Steamworks for a relaxing couple of hours before heading out to the Central Valley for a family Sunday supper. Arriving around 2, fairly early, I thought it would get me a good choice of rooms, but all they had was the extra large 'super slut' room with the oversized metal frame four poster bed and optional sling...mirrors on two walls...located on the main a whopping $55. Well, I was already there...and though I had expected to fork over a Jackson and get a standard room, it was time for plastic...that really messes up my budget, so I won't be buying Dick Wadd's 'Niggas' Revenge 2' or Sean Storm's 'Cum Greedy Fuckholes.' Well, it's all about priorities, you know.
I adjusted the lighting and got a pretty good effect...I came pretty close to looking like Dawson at his peak, which to my mind, was when he made 'UK Butt Bangers.' I gave myself 2 hours, that means $27.50 per hour...well, that's still better than a cheap hotel.
#1 Chubby Daddy
I'm not a discriminating bottom when it comes to putting it all out in a bathhouse. #1 was horribly out of shape with a big belly that folded over...well, and I'll be nice...the smallest dick I've seen in a while, and it looked even smaller due to the rolls of fat folding forward. But you never know, so I sucked on that mini-dick but wasn't able to get much of a rise. I'm a nice guy: I told chubby dad that he should come back later, maybe...but he never did...never saw him again.
#2 Crix Belly
This was a middle-aged dad with a crix belly that I hung on to while he fucked my ass...I was on my back taking his average-sized dick after sucking on it for a while until it about doubled in size. But dad's dick kept slipping out, so I thought it was me and maybe I shouldn't move so much...but it turned out to be dad's fuckstyle...withdrawing and then thrusting with quick, short jabs...Crix Belly finally shot a load up my ass and with great gusto. For those who don't know: a Crix (from Crixivan, an HIV med)belly is hard, not flabby, as if there were a basketball in there. I say this, eventhough I don't know anybody who takes Crixivan anymore.
#3 Mohawk Art Punk
This was a slender, short arty type with a blonde mohawk to contrast his darker hair everywhere else. Another average-sized dick that plumbed my innards nicely until he filled his condom. Neat freak: he slipped the condom off and tucked it into the small plastic bag the Steamworks provides. I would later take this trash bag home, snip off the condom's head and add that cum to my frozen cum collection.
#4 Latino Daddy
One of the reasons I like Steamworks is that there are always a lot of Latinos there. Latino dad didn't bother with a condom (among Latinos I've had, I'd say it was 50-50 regarding condom use...kinda scary since most Latinos are married even if they get all their sex in bathhouses) and fucked me well with another average-sized dick. A noisy load blast, by the way.
#5 Salt and Pepper Dad
This dad was truly grateful for the chance to fuck my ass and dump his cum deep into my guts. By the this time, I'm hearing sloppy sounds coming with each thrust of his dick, also average-sized. I should have shoved that condom up my ass...that would have been hot. S&P dad was really enthusiastic and dare I say, grateful, like he hadn't cum in weeks. He gave me an appreciative hug.
#6 Athlete
Here was a well-built lean type who fucked me bareback for a good 15 minutes and in just about every position. This was a neat, efficient, energized fucking with a big dick. More squishy sounds, and now my ass is beginning to feel 'full.' Hell yeah.
#7 Tom Shannon look-a-like
This was not the superb Mr. Shannon, but when we looked at each other face to face, I saw Tom Shannon. And he fucked like Tom Shannon, forcefully, with vigor and control and eager to try every position, including a reverse fuck. Not to mention his well-sized appendage. TS came loud and strong. Finally, I got up off the bed and stood by door.
'You want me to leave? Are we finished?'
' you?'
'Hell, I'm Italian. I can give it up forever.
'Well, I'm Italian, too (a lie), and whatever you can give, I can take!'
Round 2 followed with some more esoteric positions, like with me hanging on to the bedframe. A lot of stand-up fucking. TS didn't come a second time, as far as I could tell. A memorable fuck from a nice guy.
I would have liked to test myself longer...I still had about 6 hours left, but I had to get on the road. Not bad for a couple of hours, as close to a cum dump as I would get for a Sunday afternoon.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Truth About Dawson

I worked out so hard on Saturday that I was too goddamned tired to get laid. I checked out barebackrt to see what was going on...not much, so I called it a night and retired early. Awaking energized and fresh on Sunday morning, I went online early and hooked up with a gent I'd played cat and mouse with for over a year...trying to hook up, but it seems something always came up and we still hadn't connected. Sometimes it was him, sometimes it was me, so that made it especially hot when we finally agreed to meet early on Sunday morning. The host has a nice set up, in a vaguely art deco house in SF's highly desirable Cole Valley, a woodsy neighborhood where the mists of the afternoon fog keeps everything green and squeaky clean. There's a playroom of sorts just off the garage, with a nicely upholstered daybed and a big screen TV playing porn with Dawson, the textbook hot bottom fucking trashbottom college slut Ian Jay. My host delivered an earnest fuck and after he blew his load kept his dick impaled deep in my toxic asshole, grinding, digging in deeper and deeper. When he pulled out, his dick was bigger than it had been going on. We chatted a bit, seems he's well-connected, knows some of the guys at Treasure Island Media, even knows Dawson himself and informed me that the superstar has been relocated to San Francisco for about a year now. So, Mr. Dawson is NOT an out-of-towner, as I had blogged in my last posting. Just to clear the record, Dawson is now a San Franciscan...I hope to see more of's a cheap thrill and a bonus to living here in Sodom-by-the-Bay.
Cheap thrills: catching porn vet Max Holden bouncing out of the Metro station on Market St. and hurrying down Montgomery St., wearing a USAF flight jacket...the pukey green kind, with orange lining, made me wonder if MH had been a fellow flyboy...Keer shopping in Cliff's Variety on Castro, wearing sweatpants, a tank top and running shoes...little Billy Boyd on the Muni Metro looking a little worse for wear (after a hot night, maybe), and a Mick (Plowed, Like Honey, Knocked Up, all by TIM) look-a-like, having coffee with a pal at the outdoor cafe in Citicorp Plaza just off Market St.
Looking forward to my next Dawson sighting, take care, all.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tag Team Bottoming at the Cockpit Party at Mack

Men, readers of this blog already know that Mack doesn't really work for should, but alas, it doesn't. For readers who don't know what Mack is: it's a sex club on Folsom St. and probably the only game in town for skin on skin mansex. Officially, bareback sex doesn't happen here, and the management provides condom dispensers in all the play areas for those who want them. Last night, though, Mack was closed for a private party hosted by the guys at Cockpit, which is related to Treasure Island Media, whose 'corporate offices' (yeah this is a multi-million dollar industry) are located just around the corner.
Mack doesn't work well for me because it's mostly about having sex standing up and with your shoes on. There are 3 or 4 sling rooms, a couple of bunks, a bath tub for piss aficionados, and encounter areas on platforms which must be reached by ladders.
Having been here not that long ago (read the January blog post), I went straight to the bunk looking to stake myself some cum dump real estate...but shit, a hot daddy was already there...and he was a big daddy, maybe 6-4 and these guys take up a lot of space. Dad was butt up on all fours, and he did have a gorgeous flawless ass (I guess Dad is about 50) with a little pink (tight?) hole. And he was built(!) but with big shoulders, the tell tale pockmarks of steroid use on his back, a 'Crix' belly and a Viagra-fueled rock hard dick. And dare I say, hopefully...poz. I wedged myself into what space was left, hoping to entice tops into a tag team situation...the comingling of cum, buttjuices, spit and lube between a couple of poz bottoms is a great way to spread the seed and its strains. And that is exactly what happened! Some tops started on my ass and then went to work on his, others fucked Dad and then switched over to my ass, giving me a bit of pre-cum, Dad's buttcanal water, cum and whatever else, I'll take it. I got those good, swishy, sloppy sounds after the first couple of injectors...which is great, because the Cockpit crowd is an older, more sophisticated, more experienced crowd...there's plenty of expert fucking but not necessarily a lot of loads. Who wants to cum early and leave early, unless he's got another date? I did feel one top's load, though...not the cum being shot into my ass but his change of pace when he slowed up, thrust his dick only part of the way into my cumbucket and then jolted a two pulse movement, slow and focused. By that time, my big hole which has the internal contours of hills and valleys, gripped that dick and it seemed to rest, momentarily between two ridges of ass magic, as that seed was spewed forth, more of a trickle than a blast...but I felt every swell of his dick. Then my butt muscles milked that boner best I could, before it popped out and the top disappeared into the crowd that had gathered. Neither the top nor I made so much as a grunt, but as he was leaving, I let go with a whisper, 'yeah.'
That was the only load of the night, as far as I could tell...I lost track of how many dicks ventured into my asshole...I always want more. Part of being a pig is that of being insatiable.
Cheap Thrills Dept: The Cockpit Parties are usually Thursday night affairs so it's mostly a hometown crowd, although my friends Kevin and Mike came up from SoCal...and the most notable out-of-towner was Dawson, who had arrived as I was getting ready to leave, around midnight. San Franciscans that we are, we all pretended not to notice, and the super megastar blended into the mass as just another guy lookin' to get laid. Little Trey from TIM's Bone Deep and several HDK videos, was also seen.
An aside: the Power Exchange is slated to move to its new venue at 220 Jones St. which is where the old Campus Theater, home to Scott O'Hara, Jim Bentley, Chris Burns and other greats from the pre-condom era, was located, but now there are problems because the neighbors are complaining. Although this is in the Tenderloin neighborhood, which San Francisco has zoned for this sort of business (to keep the rest of the city free from such dark-sided enterprises), evidently there is a day care center for Vietnamese immigrant children close by, which of course, won't do. So we'll see where this goes. I bring it up because the old Power Exchange on Otis St., where some Cockpit parties were held, works way better for me and other bottom sluts. Having said that, I'm anxious to see what they've done with 220 Jones. I don't think many kiddies are going to be around at midnight and bumping into bareback sluts in heat.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

26 Yr. Old Twink Impregnates Billy Twee with Toxic Cum

He isn't a conventional twink, per se...he's a college-educated Latin with a baby face and innocent demeanor. We had communicated on barebackrt a couple of times, but he works in biotech and lives down in the Silicon Valley, hardly convenient but he sounded hot, his being young, hung and full of poz cum, and I buddylisted him, hoping, that, well...maybe. 'Maybe' became 'for real' last Saturday when he mailed me that he was coming into town on the train and could we hook up. A no brainer.
When I let him into our building, it didn't take him long to make his moves, feelin' me up in the elevator, with soft touches, almost romantic. Once safely in my place...he dropped his pants to expose a gorgeous, crescent-shaped uncut dick. Within minutes, that uncut piece of Latin meat was plowing my deepest innards. We got off to a rough start, though...he rammed that prod brutally into my ass with his first penetration. I groaned, and immediately had doubts that I could take it. But wait a minute! There hasn't been a dick yet that I could not take. With the patience and gentleness of the true mentor that I am, I guided his not-so-chiquita banana where it belonged. Man, this guy went to work on my ass...his style was to pound, pound, pound, relentlessly and deep. I braced myself against the bed frame, hands and feet, offering the best resistance I could to his energetic, piston-driving fucking. He fucked me all the way across the bed and finally over the side, with my hands braced on the floor. He never lost the beat.
Finally, he pulled out and jacked himself violently...I held my need to say 'don't move, bitch,' a good bottom knows when to move and when not to move.
A few more jerks, followed by another brutal insertion, this time it was not a problem, and then a couple of violent spasms as he shot his poz load deep into my gut.
He took a shower, and then asked for the easiest way to get to the Castro. The best tops know when to move and when not to move, as well. Our meeting would be brief, but memorable...this happened last Saturday but I'll remember it for a while. Fuck me again, G., anytime. I hope the IRS sees the light...we need his biotech talent and his other talents, too.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pozboi Gets Fucked Every Which Way by Mature Poz Top

With nothin' much happenin' on Barebackrt, I checked out Asspig and hooked up with a nice-lookin' fisting partner...we made plans for an early evening fisting date and I was going to fist him and that was that, a typical, pleasant Sunday evening. He turned out to be a nicely, gently weathered dad, with facial hair and salt and pepper everywhere and his own well-appointed playroom on the top floor of a great Victorian where the Castro melts into the Mission...fisting under the rafters. He greeted me warmly, and afer undressing and some kissing, he directed me to the platform bed next to the sling and got me on all fours. I was going to get fucked! Bareback! We hadn't even talked about this, good thing I was cleaned out and ready to go. Dad slipped his hard dick into my ass without lube and delivered a good, steady fuck...some tops would have left it at that, and that would have been good enough for me, but not this guy...he fucked me in a variety of positions, maybe to find out which one worked best...hell, they all worked out fierce! Doggystyle, wheelbarrow, sideways, both on our knees-my back to his belly, I sitting-he on his back,his dick piercing my butthole,a double reverse with our facing opposite directions-his butt against my butt-his dick up my hot hole...all of these requiring a big dick and a big hole, so we made it happen. Finally, he came up my ass, doing it missionary style.
After he came, I say, 'we didn't talk about this beforehand, but might that have been a poz cumload?'
To which he replied, 'oh yeah,' as in, 'well, duh.' Oh hell yeah!
Then I fisted Dad in the sling, the old school way with good ole Crisco. I oughta get back into Crisco for sex because it doesn't seem to have that old Crisco smell anymore which in the old days would last, well, like forever.
I got it up to the elbow with very little effort at all, and I let my fingers do their magic, turning, twisting, tweaking the deep valleys of his fistpussy. Yowza! Dad came...surely a modest little be expected...the bigger load was in my ass! I was so happy that I made him happy...his face after he came was one of such peace and contentment, that I thought I should leave right then, not to disturb the afterglow.
But I did get a tour of the house...the playroom will be extended to take up much of the top floor with its peaked ceiling, remindful of an attic, and a big window looking out to the palm trees, Mission High School, Dolores Park and beyond the twinkling lights of the mansions on Dolores Heights. A light rain had started, sort of a magical fisting memory, if I were the romantic type...which I'm not. I'm more like 'Yowza!'
Thanks for the hot sex, Paul, hope to meet up again and often.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mack SF...Valley of the Trolls?

This documentary is not a review of Mack, but rather what transpired during my visit there last Saturday. First off, Mack is well-managed with the best music I ever heard in a sex club and a campy, generous front desk staff...I got a discount for being a veteran. The last time I was there was before the fuck buddy Craig and I needed a place to fist...he had already fucked my ass in his room at the Holiday Inn and I wanted to return the favor by fisting his hot hole (we had met at one of Tom Fister's parties in the Castro) and we both preferred a sling rather than a bed or the floor. I bare fisted Craig's big hole at the Mack that night and there wasn't much else going on at the time (I've forgotten what night of the week it was) and we drew a curious crowd, such as it was. I thought that Mack was OK and a place with some potential if one bottom wanted to get his butt plowed, and the atmosphere was bareback-friendly.
I checked in around midnight and there wasn't much happening, although attendance built up steadily through the evening. The next thing: I was about the hottest man there, and that's not a boast, but should you give you an idea of what the other guys looked like (check out my profile, pics on barebackrt, I am not a little twink despite identifying as a boi), and being the hottest man in the room doesn't necessarily mean you're gonna get a rush...a lot of guys tend to get intimidated by you and then they fear rejection. That's too bad, because I would have gladly hosted any dick that wanted in. But...on that night, I don't think there were many guys there to fuck...they were there to watch. Some guys didn't even bother to strip...they trolled around in street clothes...not much interest in fetish guy actually wore a business suit (!), stalking around like a bored Episcopal priest. Not a few guys could have used a cane or even a walker. Yes, this esteemed sex club, there were guys teetering around, about to keel over at any moment, or to skid down one of the ladders that led to and from the cages and bunks built on the tower platforms. How sexy is all of this?
If there was the slightest hint of action, these doddering trolls would best as they gather around and get a good view.
I staked out a place on top of one of the towers, slipped off my jock and stuck my butt up and out, obviously looking to get fucked. Nothing happened...but I was patiently waiting for the bars to close and for the storming of a herd of hot men from the Powerhouse and Chaps. It didn't happen...there was no flood of fresh hot blood. Just a few more 3 a.m., the place was fairly crowded but with very little action...just looky-loos trolling around...and of course the computers were all in use. I had the platform pretty much to myself until an unremarkable couple climbed up and settled into an extenuated, boring suckathon. Then a very young latino with absolutely no muscular definition tried to mount an ugly troll wearing glasses...the troll, not the kid. That animal act went on for about five minutes...and that was it for a while. 4 a.m., 5 a.m....finally the kid returned and tried to fuck me. He started to stick his fingers up my hole, but in a crude way that told me he didn't know what he was doing...this was just something he saw in a video. But, he's just a kid, and it's my job to teach him something. His cock was not particularly big, but like with all young kids, it was rock hard. I'm on my belly and he's messing around back there...I didn't what in the hell was doing, so I finally reached back and guided that hard little rod into my twitching, eager hole...ah shit, he's wearing a condom...well, he's the top and it's his call and he's right to take care of himself...the fuck wasn't the best, figure he's still figuring it out (maybe he's straight?! who knows or cares?), and I guess it was better than nothing, but let's hope he figures it out before too long.
Check out for me was 6 a.m. and it was time to give it up. Gathering my shit, I realized that the kid had taken my old bottle of Fist by mistake and left me with his new bottle of Jungle Juice Premium. The kid was long gone by then so I took the Jungle Juice home...Mack had not been a complete waste of time, then...and better than staying home.
Mack could be so hot, and maybe on a different night, it would have been better...but for now, I think I've gotten Mack out of my system.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Going to Hellhole SF

Men, I finally made it to Hellhole, the monthly fisting party on the edge of a warehouse/office bldg. next door to Mr. S. Leather. Hellhole is very well organized, as are most fisting events, for reasons I will get to later. A cheerful guy greets you as you enter the bldg. and shows you the way...there are signs along the way, leading up stairways and down hallways. Now it costs something, probably to keep out the guys who aren't serious, because as we know, fisting is serious, maybe the most serious of all male-to-male sex encounters. Last night it cost $25 with some of the proceeds going to charity...yeah, that sounds expensive, but you never get the feeling that it is a ripoff
The space isn't all that big: the main room has about 10 or 12 slings, one upholstered platform, and a St. Andrew's cross...there are 2 other separate spaces, with more slings and another fuck platform...I didn't like the lighting was too bright, so I stuck to the main space. The fisting brotherhood may appear to be clique-ish but that's because there's an element of trust that's required in a fisting relationship. You wouldn't let just any crowbar stick his arm up your ass, now would you? But...this can pose a problem if you hit these parties stag...most of the participants are partners or have known one another for a long time.
I found another single who admitted he was still learning the 'art' of fisting...and I believe him, as his hole was the tightest I've ever handled. With some patience and determination, we eventually got my whole fist up there where I discovered the landscape of his love tract...there were ridges and nubbins in there, and I massaged them all with my fingertips, nothing else moving except those select digits. The man was in total bliss. All this time, we played in silence, our eyes locked, and the concentration, the sex was intense. But most notably, his tight hole gripped my hands like a vise, to the point where I felt an relentless pressure bearing down on the fist...this was a 'first' for me..most holes I've fisted were big, greasy, sloppy holes allowing for a lot of movement deep inside. This guy wore me out, and I was grateful when he called for a break. He requested that I use gloves, and of course, I did. After all, we'd just met.
I wish it were a little darker in Hellhole...some darkness would add to the mystique, and the marginal quality of this fetish and all its taboos. For all of the fisting going on, Hellhole didn't seem quite nasty enough for me, although that's my own little take on things. It may be the best place for regular fisting, but it's still a bit may have to wait a while before a sling becomes available. Everyone is friendly and considerate, which shouldn't be surprising since fisting has its own etiquette and most of the guys into it are educated, literate and professinal types, much more so that the gay population at large. At Hellhole there wasn't a chance that I would get fucked, and I didn't relish standing around, so I bailed around midnight, although the action goes on until 2. I can certainly recommend Hellhole, and anyone interested can start at their website
So in search of dick, I made tracks for Mack, which is only 2 blocks away, and more about Mack in my next post.