Saturday, August 10, 2013

Xtube Star Dabootfrk Gives & Takes Where He Can

I really like Dabootfrk, one of the contributors to the Xtube website, because he takes the time to give some backstory to his postings.  This tattooed, mustached black versatile stud uploaded only a half dozen or so videos but the situations are provocative: in an SUV parked in front of a daycare, or on a pile of trash behind a Texaco gas station.  The technical quality varies, and he never clearly shows his face, just some arty digital suggestions, but the action is always hot with big black dicks, messy cummy holes and creampies.  And the big black probe comes through the courtesy of his fuckbud Ajay2fly, another Xtuber.  Dabootfrk posted his videos back in March, so here's hoping he'll be sharing more soon.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Syphilis Treatment a Pain in the Ass

Hey, hi, shit, I've been out of circulation, yeah, thanks to my latest fuck-up with an STD.  This time it was syphilis and my life changed last week when a buddy texted me that he had tested positive and so I made the trip to my local VD clinic the next morning.  For those of you have regularly read this blog, you know this is not the first time.  I should feel lucky, as I've had sex with probably 200 guys since my last STD infection, but it's still a pain in the ass...literally.

Treatment for sif is thankfully quick and easy.  It's a couple of shots, one in each cheek delivered during the same visit.  The technicians don't mainline the medication when treating sif.  Instead they administer a shot deep into your butt muscle, and it's not over in a's a shot with a needle stuck in your ass for about five seconds, and it seems like an eternity.  You can leave right away and there's no follow up or additional medication required, but here's a heads up: your ass might experience some severe soreness.  I mean, severe, as in having to lie down.  And in my case it was a delayed reaction.  I didn't get that soreness in my cheeks until about 12 hours later, and since the shot went into muscle, I'm guessing my whole muscular system was effected, which would explain the stiffness and need to take a rest, i.e., stay home from work.

So the point here is this: if you have the luxury to choose, select a Friday (or whatever day happens to be the last before your weekend) for your treatment (the shots), and take the rest of the day one hour at a time, because if you need to sit down to work at your desk or computer, your ass is going to be so sore and it will mess up your concentration.  Even a pillow won't help, so take note.  Or maybe you'll be lucky and not have this problem, but be advised.  By the way, the penicillin will not necessarily kill any other STD you might have been exposed to.  You'll still get tested for the clap or chlamydia...ah, well, such are the wages of sin.

Of course, as before, I'm now a little gun-shy about getting back into circulation, but as we all know, time heals all wounds, er, a sore ass.