Sunday, October 18, 2009

More video reviews

Here are some quick reviews hastily written while fresh on my mind this beautiful Sunday morning: 'Shoot to Thrill' by Frank Stein and Slut Machine, could be thought of as nasty bois get charged up by nasty daddies: a trashy street punk type (think 'Luke' from TIM's stable of starlets) opens and closes this show, getting fucked by anonymous tops, bent over in a video store. I have remarked on this 'type' before: young dumb and full of cum, which in this era, means that he's either a clueless dumb ass, doesn't give a flying fuck or is just plain fearless...any of these ways translates into totally hot! Then Lito Cruz fucks the living daylights out of a cute bearded poz art punk with a ring in his nose...everything reads beautifully in this sequence, followed by a three-way with a guy who looks a lot like Rippedstudx from the TIM stable of studs, same schtick anyway (black cap, shades, big black dick)and a couple of other dudes I've seen places (bar, street?), it's all played out well on the mattress tossed on the floor...Frank Stein's M.O. works here...then there's a hot pairing of two dark exotic ethnic types, Frank Stein doesn't always list his players, so you'll have to check the Slut Machine website for the names of these two, then finally 'Rippedstudx' returns to plow poz cutie Derrick Downs in a scene that will make you blow your load, for sure. This is the best video I've seen in a while. I bought it last month...and I had to see it a few times before appreciating it, it's just the way I am. I bought it without renting it first. You can buy it, it's great.
Now the new one from Stevan Maverick/Red Stag: 'Spit and Fuck,' and I've viewed it only a couple of times, so my opinion may change, sometimes it does with time. The action starts with poz versatile Timm Zane fucking a hot bottom, it's pretty intense and I plan to do some research on the bottom, hoping to see him again. Stevan doesn't list his actors either, so I'm doing my best to I.D. them for you. Then, Jayson Park's stupendous ass is kinda wasted getting fucked in a sling by Tober Brandt...we don't get to see enough although Jayson's licking cum off the floor is kind of hot. Then a Dan Fisk lookalike fucks Kamrun...yeah, good ole hot top Kamrun. I say 'lookalike' eventhough I'm pretty sure it IS Dan Fisk (I don't have the time to check the tattoos), and watching Kamrun getting fucked may work for you, there are a lot of guys who complain there aren't enough black bottoms taking it from white tops. This scene ought to satisfy that complaint. These studs have contracts just like the guys in the NFL or Warner Bros., so 'Dan' appears with his TIM tattoo taped over. This might be a first for Kamrun, a mostly topman who's fucked a lot of poz ass in his time. Then it's Lito Cruz (Lito really gets around these days) reaming the ass of a cute dark-haired bottom who looks like a typical gay slut college student...the kid's got the best head of hair in the business and an ass we'll want to see more of.
Then Dan's back, this time with TIM tattoo exposed (who cares, Paul? we all know he's a TIM discovery and thank you for it) and fucks a white construction worker type on a sofa...the bottom has a great long body, long legs, great feet and knows how to arch his back and hold his head up...this scene would have been better played on a bed. Finally, three white guys close the show in a scene marred by some sound just click on the 'mute' button for this last one. I haven't bought this one yet, but I I said, these grow on me. Enough for now, time to clean out for the evening.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Reversal at Camp Palm Springs

I have been visiting at the Camp for nearly 10 years now. When I first went there it was to attend the bareback parties that took place the first Saturday of the month...they still do...and at the time I was very observer not a participant...I had been recently diagnosed, hospitalized, and was on meds. Now this was nearly a decade ago, bareback sex was taboo...dangerous. But after a year, I ceased to be merely an observer and began my evolution into a bonafide sexpig. After all, I had observed the same guys fucking and doing everything one is not supposed to do, and after a year, they were still healthy...nobody was croaking from AIDS anymore, at least, nobody I knew.
The parties were and the sex in general at the Camp was so great in those stars...Titpig, Cole Tucker (fucking a preppy type in a sling, out of character),Tom Shannon right next to me on a mattress trading tops, tops fucking him, fucking me, mixing up the was so sexy it still gets me hard to think about aside, Tom is a loud one, even more vocal than I.
So I have fond memories of the Camp, and it is sad that I don't think I'll ever go back. In short, my trust in them has been violated...they threw out (so they say) my travel douche kit. They say they found it on the floor, which is possible, and in fact, I may have even put it in the trash can to keep it from mucking up the floor. It may have been tossed in the dumpster they said...well, they should have known whether it was tossed in the dumpster or not. I wanted to climb into the dumpster to retrieve it. Don't go there, I was advised...there are needles in there. Anything having to do with shit is tossed out, they said. Really? If it had been a celebrity porn star dildo, the kind that retails at $75...would they have tossed that? I don't think so. So no matter how nice they were about it...and they were very nice, I have no quarrel with the staff there, they are great...I don't believe they tossed out a perfectly good Jim Diamond travel douche kit (highly recommended, by the way...find it at your local adult store), somebody took it home and they covered it up with this bullshit story. So, I'm pissed off enough to forego any more stays at the Camp. I'll stay elsewhere, there are a lot of great hotels in Palm Springs. I like to be dealt with honestly...I don't appreciate bullshit. By the way, they didn't offer to reimburse me for the douche kit, which might have changed the way I feel. So long, Camp Palm Springs, I did have some great times there, many a load was pumped into my butt, and I left a few there of my own, as well. It was sweet.