Friday, April 24, 2015

Billy Twee's House of Sin

Here's an apology to all you guys, who have diligently read my posts, for the lengthy intermission since my last contribution to this blog.  No, I was not in the hospital, nor was I in jail. Here's what's been going on: I've been completely immersed in real estate transactions; selling properties, paying off all my bills, taking care of other fiscal obligations.  Then there was the process of finding a place where I could someday retire, but that meant a place that wasn't going to eat up my last dollar.  And then, get a new loan.  And then, etc., etc., etc.  It took some doin' but the deal closed!

Well, Billy Twee has found his place in the sun, quite the Colorado Desert, the Coachella Valley of Southern California, where the days are hot and the nights are warm, most of the year. Yeah, I've finally bought the place in Palm Springs, something I've wanted ever since I hit the bareback party circuit masterminded by John Singleton and the late Bill Gardner of Hot Desert Knights...ah, going back 15 years.  Yes, indeed, it was April of 2000 when I first had this dream.

You latter-day-sinners wouldn't believe those parties.  It was an airplane hanger-sized venue, with heavy black ceiling-to floor draperies (were they leather?  I can't recall) closing off play areas, a row of 6 or 7 slings, a fuck bench or two, cages, and a St. Andrew's cross (why St. Andrew, I've gotta ask...what happened to him? the Romans must have flogged him), a piss area with a couple of old tubs and a massive leather upholstered raised platform for hot fucking that could be observed at standing eye level.  And most important, appropriate lighting, with just the right amount of shade and shadow.  My first time, I had the time of my life, taking pornstar dick - the HDK studs were usually there, that's how local the bareback scene was in those days - and experimenting with a teensy bit of crystal (me, maybe the pornstars, too).  I was so stoked after this night of raunchy sex, I got into my was about 4 a.m. and they were kicking us out...and drove the 400 plus miles to San Francisco straightaway, all the while thinking I gotta get a piece of this and I think I can!

Well, it took a while, but I've done it, not that I could ever replicate those hot desert (k)nights...but I can try.  For once in my life, I have room, I have privacy, and I have the wherewithal, the friends and contacts, and the media, and at least for now, the physical capacity.  And for the first time ever, ever, I can host at will.

So watch this space because I intend to host fisting parties, escorts, outdoor fucking in the hot, dry night under that incredible desert sky, and most important, I'm gonna give back to all the friends in Palm Springs, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas, New York and Florida who have been so nice to me over the years.

You guys gotta understand, now I can be as loud and as messy as I want, and so can you!