Saturday, May 17, 2014

Shorty Drills Deep

If you're one of those people who just assumes that any cute, short guy is naturally a bottom, you are so...wrong!  I was among that group, and of course, since I myself am only 5-6, when I say 'short' I mean shorter than I.  That would be really short.  We're talking Joey Rodriguez territory here since that cute little Latin poz power bottom is said to be a whopping five feet tall, and I'll bet Joey's stretching it a tad.  The little dude who strolled into my room at the Steamworks was not Joey, but he had a similarly wiry tight muscled bod and a bouncy step, and I thought oh here's another cute little bottom who's just another tease...he'll feel me up, caress my anxious butt lips with his hot little hands and...leave.  I was so wrong!  This shorty turned out to be a real rabbit fucker.

When I top shorties, I prefer missionary style: it's the best way for a short-statured man to penetrate a cute little ass.  You can spread those thighs wide apart,  nibble his nips, engage in some deep tongue action, all while your dick is buried deep in his hole.  You can look deep into his eyes as you plow away and kiss him deeply while you plant a load deep in his ass.  Shorty on shorty makes for some really hot sex, especially if my bottom plants his feet on my face, since that does it for me...I'm shooting a poz load up that little bumhole.

The shorty who fucked my ass at the Steamworks didn't want it missionary, however; he grabbed my ass and put it where he wanted it, doggystyle, and he knew how to fuck foot on the floor and the other on the mattress, and with that dick (I'd say 'little dick' but only affectionately; he was pretty average) hit my fuckchute at a variety of angles, viciously, feverishly with constant, unrelenting thrusting.  Rabbtfucking at its best.  Oh yeah, shorty on shorty...the best.  Better than a poor 6-0 bottom looking to get fucked...all those legs...poor fuckers,