Saturday, December 13, 2008

Palm Springs Diversion

I headed out to the desert on a whim...I had the time, and my winter place was available. I wanted to test Palm Springs as THE place to get laid on a trashy weekend. After driving all day through the tule fog shrouded Central Valley, navigating the interstates and avoiding LozAngeleez as best I could, I arrived in the desert paradise in time to make happy hour at my favorite drinking venue, Wangs-in-the-Desert...okay, I like the name, alright? They have better than average food and there are lots of other places to dine, but they have the best happy hour in town...the $4 martinis are offered in the large sized martini glasses. Nice enough crowd but the situation in Palm Springs is that it's mostly have to find the couples that swing, swap, go in for three-ways. There was none of this at Wang's on Thurs. night. After trolling, and finding only cock hungry bottoms like myself, I called it a night. That was Thursday.
Friday, I hit a party called Spa Fantasy, which turned out to take place at a nice house in Warm Sands. Much of the layout was set up for outdoor tub, mattresses, etc. and even an outdoor bar, as I recall...the place was dramatically lighted, inviting outdoor fucking...problem was goddamned freezing! Winter nights are cold in the deserts of California, forget the postcards you've seen promoting winter resorts. There was a nice playroom with a sling, a couple of couches. Some sucking, fucking. I slipped into the sling and a nice short little top fucked me aggressively for a few minutes and then pulled out, 'I don't want to cum yet,'...he said it in a nice way, too bad, but he WAS wearing a rubber, so this was a disappointment in more ways than one. He spent more time fucking another white guy with a full head of hair, and nice feet. More sheathed fucking. It gets colder as the night progresses so I bagged it around 2. As I checked out, I talked briefly to Mitch Banning, star of some HDK videos and whom I've communicated with on and buddylisted...Mitch was shivering under a blanket under a heat lamp. Not a sexy situation. Home again, earlier than planned.
Next day, I got a cheap thrill: I sat across from pornstar Drew Peters at the all-you-can-eat buffet at the Spa Indian casino; Drew looking slightly scruffy, unshaven and in jeans and tight shirt, and looking great.
Saturday night: armed with fresh poppers, I headed for the Camp Palm Springs where I had been invited to a 20-something masseur's bareback birthday party. I got there too late, this being around 11. The kid had worn himself out. He'll get me he's a professional with a lot to offer. The monthly bareback party was slow in getting was damned cold I headed for the playroom and not being shy, got myself into the a black baseball cap and dirty feet in the stirrups. It didn't take long to get a reaction; a fair haired top jumped right in and gave me a good ride, and I have to admit, I looked hot for 'an old guy,' my muscled tight bod, legs in the air, I looked fuckin' hot in the mirrors, and couldn't help lookin' at myself. This set went on for about ten minutes, and then an older daddy took over, and fucked me took a while for him to get it to its biggest, but this he did and he gave me a good fuck. I like slings because I can help the tops...I grab the links and impale myself on a dick and work it in as deep as possible...I pull in tight offering resistance to the thrusts...I drop my ass a little bit over the edge so the top can get in at a better angle, especially if he's short. All these tricks worked with the older top but he couldn't come. No problem, he was a hot fuck who doesn't have to come. Besides, he wasn't poz, and we love those poz loads especially.
When I got home, I felt the need to dump, went to the toilet, and shot out a load of cum! The fair haired top had come up my ass with a nice load. Almost perfect, though, don't know if he was poz, I surely hope so. Poz cum belongs in my ass, rather than a guy who's negative.