Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Treasure Island Media's Fuckholes 3 Ups the Ante

Greetings, men, it has been a while since my last post and for that I apologize, but if I had blogged about my sexlife during these past weeks, this blog would have turned into an escort review blog, which never was the intent.  Yes, lads, I have been commissioning the services of professionals, and the changes have been significant and that is the subject for another time.  In the meantime, I have been selling old porn and buying new porn, and that brings us to Treasure Island Media' latest, Fuckholes 3 which continues the pattern set by Fuckholes 1 and 2,  and also breaks some startingly new ground.

When I travel, I always take along some of my favorite dvds, which I rely upon as background to my sex romps and/or to rev up my own libido.  I always include the best bareback video of all time, 'Cumsloppy Buttholes,' the Paul Morris masterpiece.  I usually pack 'Meat Rack' and 'Meat Packing' also by TIM (warm weather, outdoor sex, Jerek), and 'World's Hungriest Cumhole Contest' and the video depicting Kenboy's hiv conversion, 'Birthday Fuck Party' (?), these last two by Hot Desert Knights, and maybe Knightbreeders' 'The Best of Damien Silver' ...but...above all, Treasure Island Media's 'Fuckholes' and sequel 'Fuckholes 2.'

The 'Fuckholes' schtick was that the tops and bottoms did not formerly know each other.  That in itself was a major turn-on, even if it wasn't quite true all of the time.  These were videos that you didn't fast forward.  Each scene was distinctive, and up to now, one would have thought all bases had been covered.  'Fuckholes 3' proves that was not the case, for there's a lot of new stuff I never quite considered as porn materials.  I know better know.

Fuckholes 3 opens with a Ryan Cummings gangbang, and here is the main reason why I ordered the dvd via mail order and didn't wait to buy it in the store: I couldn't wait to get my hands on it...Ryan Cummings, the hottest multi-cumming hole in the business had been brought into the Treasure Island family, just as I had blogged about earlier this year.  Ryan is the most intense bottom around, so you are not a weak sister if you find you must take him in short doses.  I think maybe TIM agrees: Ryan takes only 10 loads in this opening sequence, and also injects 110 loads up his ass to be fucked out by the biohazard tattoo guy, fabulous Tony Bishop.  The loads must have been filtered, because they look as pure as Perrier.  My collections when defrosted look murky yellow and scummy.  As for the stench, ah...yes.  I think a Ryan Cummings dvd, in the manner of Dawson, is the next logical development.  I can't wait for that.

The hardest, stiffest top in the business Rob Yaeger fucks transgendered Sami Price.  I don't wish Sami any ill will, and I thank Max Sohl for expanding the discussion, but...well, you know...I was kinda hopin' the roles would be reversed: with a butch bottom getting pumped by a big black TG, although a drag queen top might have been good enough.  I think we'll see more of this, I surely hope so.

If Siouxsie Q had been banged by a gang of rapacious queers, that would have been something, but these guys are all straight.  At the right time, I might have enjoyed it more, but I'm still having trouble with girly voices in porn.  I used to mute straight porn so I wouldn't have to listen to those femmy squeals.  My experience is that women don't talk during sex; however, whores do, inspired by bad porn.

Rocco Steele fans (count me in), Lukas Cipriani fans (uhm, maybe, don't know yet), and Tommy Delucca followers...will love this vid.  Tommy looks all of 28, and he's been in porn for what(?)...maybe...10 years?  He's matured nicely, see for yourself, buy this video.  The other guys are mostly new to me, so I still have to imagine my own fantasies involving them, which means nothing to anyone but me.  I didn't know Dane Ford (Fuckholes) or Taylor Means (Fuckholes 2), and now they are among my favorite bottoms of all time.  Fuckholes 3 will definitely be along for the ride on my next trip to the desert.  Buy it!