Thursday, March 31, 2011

Afro Macho Top Barks 'No condoms!'

I have a favorite room at the Steamworks in's Room 310, and the bed is situated parallel to the hallway, making for a different vantage point in offering up one's, may I say, hot ass. The room is smaller than average, too, but I love it...I get on my knees and spread my ass and I'm only a couple of feet from the's a slutty pose and always gets results...quick results I might add...remember, we're in a bath house. On this occasion, a slender guy, with the biggest afro I've seen in years, came in and started feeling up my butt...but in a way that indicated he knew what he was doing...not the annoying crooked finger buttprobing that an intern, who's never been laid, might do. Within seconds, I felt a big, thick dick as hard as your favorite dildo, go straight up my ass...I'm on my knees, remember. My buttchute took it all in one slip and he was in balls deep. He left the door open, which in bath house etiquette means he was willing for others to come on in. I rarely say anything when a top does something, especially when it might lead to a group session, which I really like. The looky loos came streaming in, maybe three of four of them, in this very small room. The Afro Macho Top was giving it to me machofucker style with no let-up, and the looky loos were feeling me up, pinching my tits, rubbing the muscles of my sweating back. Whenever one made the slightest move suggesting he wanted to fuck my ass, the top sternly barked out, 'no condoms!' in a very unfriendly way. There was some tittering, and then...all those girleens fled much faster than they had come in. Machofucker fucked me to the very end, shot a load in my ass, and then kept on fucking it in deeper. Then in true machofucker style, he just pulled it out in one quick move, slurping sloppy sounds, buttfarts, cum flying...nothing delicate or graceful about this guy. But another great fuck, made unique by the way he took control and got rid of all the safesexers, something's that never happened like that before.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fucked at the Top of the Stairs

I'm not a big fan of Victoriana. I mean I don't favor tearing down old Victorian buildings...on the contrary, I think they should be celebrated, saved or adapted...but although I have read and enjoyed "The Pearl" and "Fanny Hill", my fantasies are about more contemporary settings. So then, on this mid-afternoon hook-up, I found myself on the steps of a late Victorian house on a hill overlooking the Castro. I had chatted with this bald daddy on BBRTS, and his profile pictures suggested a vaguely leatherman sort of lifestyle...not enhanced one bit by the Victorian setting, but no matter, as I was here and it was a boring throwaway day and I was horny.

The front door gave directly straighaway onto a staircase, so naturally, I looked up and there he stood at the top of the stairs, looking very much like his pictures, a fairly well-maintained dad, and hell, he was a top. When I got to the top of the stairs, dad put his arms around me and engaged in some very expert tongue work which I reciprocated. It's hard to find a great kisser, so when you do, you gave it some time and work.

With our tongues engaged in their own coupling, our arms moved down our bodies and belts were unbuckled and pants were dropped...I realized that I wasn't going to make it into bed, shit I wasn't even going to make it to the bedroom. Dad wanted to fuck right there, at the top of the stairs. Like most daddy tops, he was an experienced and talented fucker. After sucking his ample dick, memorable for all the veins, that viewed from above looked like rich burrowed tunnels,...carrying viagra-fueled blood that would help get his poz seed into an asshole that would just swallow it up, without lube. This daddy was in great shape, giving me what amounted to a roughfuck, so hard that I kept steady by grabbing the newel post, a Victorian fixture at the head of the staircase, and holding on. After slamming my horny ass, he shot a nice load up there. I quickly dropped to my knees to suck him some more, which he liked, but then he directed me to the post and started fucking my ass again. He may or may not have come a second time, but he eased it off so nicely, I was able to hold on that dick with my buttmuscles for a couple minutes more, until I just let his dick slip out. This was a nice 'mature' fuck by guys who know what they're doing.
This man is so conveniently located...there was a lot of street parking, an advantage to living on a hill...that I hope he becomes a regular thing. Victorian or otherwise.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Blatino Drills Hard, Shoots Deep

I had bottomed for this big-dicked Latino on a couple of other occasions, both times at parties posted on barebackrt. The first time he was furiously fucking a smallish dude on a bench at a garage sex party...the encounter was loud and in a dark corner of a play area...the bottom moved on and I climbed onto the bench where he had been, in hopes that I could be as lucky. I was. This massively-built machofucker then nailed my ass in the same way he had taken care of my predecessor, with swift firm strokes, totally in control of my hot throbbing fuckchute...well, I did say 'machofucker' didn't I? As it was dark, all that I could be sure of was that he was massive, well-endowed and very dominant.

Our second pairing was at the same place some months later...another party with the same format, except this time, I got up on all fours on a mattress on the concrete floor of this sex garage. Man, he gave it to me again, and not just me, but an older, chubby bottom who had situated himself right next to me. This top tag-teamed us, going from one bottom to another, giving us equal treatment until he finally dumped a load deep into chubby's firm ass. I tracked the top through the barebackrt profiles and buddylisted him...well, just in case an opportunity should present itself. Eventually, last weekend, it did.

This time I hosted and since I don't have the usual California King sized bed, I improvised with a twin mattress on the floor. This was OK with him and he fucked me in a totally different but still essentially machofucker style. This time he wanted me flat on my stomach, butt down, thighs together, as he pommeled my ass with the violent energy of a gymn workout. I have a tendency to raise my ass and arch my back; machofucker would have none of this and kept pressing my butt down so that I was flat on the mattress. I got the hang of it and got a great fuck with machofucker changing the pace only as he let go with a pulsing load plumbed into my inner depths.
So even though you think you know a guy's fuckstyle, sometimes you discover you don't know as much as you thought...and in a nice way, too. As he got up to go, I saw that he had a stylized biohazard tattoo on his back...a design I've seen on some porn models and among friends at sex parties. There are few things better than a hot Latin poz load delivered machofucker style deep into your ass. Men, are you with me? Life is worth living!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Elderly Gent Gets Off

When I first checked out the Cathedral City Boys Club it was on a cool day in December. They have a very generous day pass with in-and-out privileges and a fairly extensive play area...a few sheds, one with gloryholes, another with benches and another with a sling...a 'confessional' and some sheltered outdoor pads for fucking, and a long, circuitous trail with many spots for sexual encounters. The grounds are landscaped with the usual tropical trees and shrubs, so you can really get into it, if you're a pig with some imagination.

But as I said, it was cool, only in the 60's in the middle of the day, but I still did my best to get fucked on one of the outdoor fuckpads (there are 2), and I attracted a lot of feel-ups, but the crowd was mostly older dads in various states of decay. But then...and of course this is what makes the hunt so never know...a louche-looking Latino in sweat pants and a hoodie turns up, lingers a bit, obviously interested. He was so shrouded that what I remember most are his moustache and his teeth, and oh yeah, his fair-sized dick. The guy was out to fuck some ass and I was happy to comply...he came rather quickly and pulled out and my ass responded with a loud, squishy, sloppy fart. This seemed to scare him, and he beat a fast trail for elsewhere. But I had a nice load in there and it made the wait totally worth it. I had a couple more feel-ups but nothin' else got close to my butthole. But with the 12-hr. day pass, I was able to come back around midnight and I got a second load in the sling by a youngish dad type, a hotel guest who was wearing the issued the standard bathroom. He came like he hadn't come in weeks, with some violent thrusts and a yahoo that traveled into the chilly night. As I left, I saw him by the pool dancing by himself to the piped-in muzak. Well, not bad, I thought...2 for 2, eventhough it took 12 hours.

My next trip was in much better weather, more guys, the same out-of-shape daddy types, nobody really hot...BUT...again the hunt, if you're patient, can deal some surprises.
Here was a truly old daddy, maybe in his 80's, I'm not kidding, he could have used a walker. He moved very slowly and stuck his average sized dick in my face. I was happy to oblige...I felt dutiful, not merciful...I pride myself on my 'no attitude.' The elderly gents don't have much of a bush; this guy had a few blades of wispy pubic hair, all gone gray. He got semi-hard and I did a half-assed suck-off, and lo and behold, HE CAME!

In a matter of minutes. He said absolutely not one word, and then retreated, each footstep a steady stalk, like I said, he could have used a nice walker. I didn't swallow the cum. Instead I spit it out into the palm of my hand and did my best to push it into my ass, and then I cleaned off my hand by wiping my asscheeks with what was left. Cum is cum, but to be happy with an 80-year-old's cum, I think qualifies me as a real cumpig.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fucked Raw by Identical Twins - video review

This is the latest from Knightbreeders directed by Justin Credible and starring Damien Silver, the hottest hole in the business, bar none. The twins are a bit of a dud, and hung, what's not to like? Well, the guys didn't seem to be really into it, though Damien did his damned best climbing up and riding those impressive dongs like there was no tomorrow. But the tops didn't help out much at all. Having said that, this video is worth adding to your collection (I don't review videos I didn't like) because Damien Silver shoots out two massive loads from the twins, and again in the final segment (there are 3 scenes), he shoots another big cummy runny load delivered by a serious black stud daddy...and it's all real, not pina colada mix and it is unedited, there's no break in the sequence...big dick is retracted and the cum just flows...flows...out in a river. The opening scene Damien Silver tops a well-built black stud (Zaine?) with a hole loaded up with cum...he said he got 9 loads in a bathhouse and there's no reason not to believe him. This video is a real cumflood. Git it.