Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pornstar & Exhibitionist Ray Dalton Gets Fucked in Parking Garage

I've been a fan of pornstar and escort Ray Dalton from the first time I saw him in a Treasure Island Media video quite a while back.  He has a raw and edgy look about him, enhanced by prison tattoos and the occasional Mohawk, not to mention a well-muscled and defined body, and I detect...a sly sense of humor.  His exploits captured on video, for the past five years or so, are well-known.  What is not so well-known is that Ray Dalton is a big time exhibitionist, driving the streets of Los Angeles, butt ass nekkid, and ready for anything that turns up, such as getting plowed in the dark corners of a public parking garage.  He'll also whip it out and jack himself off under certain circumstances, like, maybe, at an unusually long traffic light.  It's all on xtube for you to enjoy so start with his profile which is 'nakedbuff.'  Most of the postings are rather short, less than a minute, but his latest...the garage fuck...is longer than 3 minutes, and an indication, we hope, of longer sequences to come.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CAsexpig: Pussy Muscle Bottom Heats Up Xtube

One of the fascinating aspects of Xtube is how a contributor makes a grand splash with some great videos and then disappears.  Guys lose interest, or experience lifestyle changes in a relationship that doesn't have room for porn, whatever.  So, that said, check out these newbies while they're hot, or disappear, they and their fabulous videos.  Point in fact: one contributor who goes by the name of CAsexpig.  He says he's an ex-Marine and he likes to pimp out a skinny white bottom to big black daddy tops.  The set-up involves a sling and rarely do we catch sight of the bottom's face, but on the other hand there are a few dozen snippets of huge, thick ebony wood clearing out a most responsive, expressive and elastic hole; it seems to be the same bottom in all these sequences, so our hats go off to him...he's a hot piece of white ass.  Most uploads are short, but a good enough number are 2 to 3 minutes, and there's one that's about 25 minutes, but rest assured you'll get long dickin', internal loads, creampies and rosebuds.  And I almost forgot: CAsexpig provides a streaming narrative of trash talk but manages to avoid racialist or disease-related references.  The image quality is better than fair with vivid capture of aforesaid expressive asslips wrapped around all those anonymous cum donors.  CAsexpig is one of the better new contributors to Xtube library.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Black Country Dik Makes Me Feel His Cum

This trick from two nights past was a rangy black country boy with a bit of shyness.  And oh yeah...with a big dik...that he liked to use like a plunger. 

I have read many bottoms write how they could feel jets of cum blasted deep in their asses.  I've always thought this was total bullshit; in my time I have taken literally gallons of cum by now, and I'm pretty sure I'd know if I could feel seed planted deep in my hole.  But if they only imagined it then I guess it might as well have been so, being as it enhanced their sexual experience.  I can't say I felt his black cum as she shot up my butt but he came after only a couple of minutes...and kept on fuckin'...so that I heard and felt (!) that squishy seed on the edges of my buttlips, and the way he kept plunging in deeply then withdrawing, then working that big black dik of his all around my messy hole...yeah, I could feel all that going on.  Does that count?
A shot of cum lasts a nanosecond, but a messy anal massage with cum spilling out lasts much longer, to be sure.

After country boy left, I just lay around for a while, fingering my hole, licking his black cum off my fingers.  That pleasure lasted a lot, lot longer.  Oh yeah.