Thursday, September 22, 2016

Folsom Bareback Parties Gear Up

With the actual fair to take place this coming Sunday, barebackers are turning up the heat with the party earnest...tonight, Thursday night, with action continuing through the early hours of Monday morn.  Orgies once were; now it's mostly gangbang activity, featuring the cumdump of the blow your load and go, no hangin' around and no other bottoms...thank you!  Ryan Cummings has over 250 guys signed up and there are other cumdumps posting their parties on websites, as well.  There are dudes who just can't get enough ass, and the format works well for them. There's the CumUnion party at Steamworks and 442 will be rockin' for sure, but I'll be lookin' for my usual one-on-one action, lately relying on my rentmen; but this will be their busiest weekend of the year.  It's enough to make you want to head for the movies.

The prepper crowd is changing the nature of the bareback party scene.  That blue pill has made the boys a lot less inhibited...fearless, even.  A couple of weeks ago, just trolling through the BarebackRT website, I ran across a listing for a gangbang of superstar bottom Dolf Dietrich.  It may have been a photo shoot, I don't know, but the ad certainly read like the customary bull run for eager tops.  But scanning the list of invitees, I saw that more guys identified as Neg+prep than poz, and that appears to be the case for Ryan's affair off Market Street as well.  Hell, that poz load was part of the fun, the best part.  Ooops, what did I just write?  Oh well, that's how it I've rarely been politically correct anyway.  It's supposed to be a warm weekend, so what's the Good Lord telling us?
Happy Folsom, guys!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Billy Blanco, Cody Winters Standouts in TIM's 'Filler'Er Up'

You won't be able to keep up with Billy Blanco in TIM's 'Fill 'Er Up' so don't even try.  Should those of you, who are of a certain age, elect to jack off to the opening sequence in this latest bareback video from Treasure Island Media, you have been hereby warned that you are venturing into cardiac arrest territory.  Dangerous.  Billy Blanco, who's been around and as I recall, mostly in group fuck scenes, is oh so obviously inspired by the slutty moves of bottom sexhawg Cody Winter, a fetishist known in New York as an advocate for fisting and other extreme hobbies.  The fetish here is cum, and lots of it, and while it takes Billy Blanco a while to dig it out...we hear those slurpy sounds of a cumbucket getting stirred...before we actually see it, we're not disappointed to see it finally fucked out of Cody's fabulous white ass, a lot of it, too.  Like all serious cumpigs, Cody arrived at the shoot with a buttful of jism,  No fake (pina-colada mix) cum here.  This one good, fine, extended scene and worth the price of the video.

There are all too few interracial porn events with an Asian bottom gangfucked by a bunch of hot black dudes.  Ah, you've thought of that, too, have you?  Eli Lewis is the bottom here.  Buy this video and check it out.  Ah, uhm...Ray Diesel.  I don't need to say anything else, except that you'd be lucky to enjoy any of these fine black men.

A guy with all the potentiality for superstardom, Hunter Williams, is in a couple of scenes but we will wait for 'his' great moment in a future video.  The rest of the Fill'Er Up is full of the nice match-ups of established favorites like Marcus Isaacs, for example, and a roster of newish studlets.  We certainly hope to see more of Billy and Cody in upcoming productions, sooner rather than later.