Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kid Satyr Leads 271 Dick Assault on SuperUltraMegaBottom Ryan Cummings

Men, catch it all on xtube...start with Ryan Cummings.  This super cumpig has yet to reach his ultimate capacity, since he's constantly aiming towards new heights, which ain't easy for him, since he's based in Edmonton, hardly the center of the gay universe.  He is one of two entities that I actually follow on Twitter; the other is Ray Dalton.  If you check him out on Twitter, you will learn that he will be in Los Angeles next month, featured at CumUnion and at the Slammer, and most probably another weekend of pump and dump action at one of Hollywood's sleazier motels (Oh God, that is so HOT!!).  His xtube download is of a previous no holes barred cumfest on a earlier trip to LA, and it's rather long by xtube standards, over an hour of non-stop action.  Keep in mind that this venture still qualifies as amateur but it's damned good, and certainly better than adequate.  For the ultimate Ryan Cummings gangbang video with superb production values, we'll have to wait for a major studio (Treasure Island Media, guys?) to document it all.  Be patient, I'm pretty sure that it will happen, yes indeed.

The raunchiest sex I've enjoyed has been at the old Cockpit parties in SF and the Hot Desert Knights 'dungeon' ('warehouse' would be more accurate) parties in the desert, where I took one dick after another and just gave up trying to keep count...oh, I guess...maybe 30, but Ryan leaves nothing to chance or the imagination or estimation...he keeps count with an electronic tabulator.  When he says '271' he means '271,' it's right there on the machine.

So who's Kid Satyr?  He's a very hot black poz daddy in LA who used to blog as Mindspring, well, as I recall, for he gave up blogging a while back.  But for a time, he was my source for what was going on in Hellay.  He also uploads some of his videos on xtube, including a couple with Ryan, all very sexy, steaming, cummy, sloppy...what's not to like?  Kid Satyr opens and closes this latest Ryan Cummings video, performing with his usual aplomb...his styling is just fabulous, so go to xtube and check out Ryan Cummings and Kid Satyr, or better yet, get your ass down to Lozangeleez and feel for yourself.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Cum is on the Floor

The cum is on the floor.  I got reunited with a fuckbud this weekend and he fucked my ass just like old times, and it was even better because he had stored up a few days of his poz jism and gave me a generous deposit after some extended stroking...yeah, even better because this load was just as big as he had promised, unlike the old times when he took care of my ass on a weekly basis, and it was great, but oh yeah, this time it was even better.  Like most bottoms, I want to keep that load up in there for as long as possible, with my buttwalls absorbing all that toxic juice, sending it to every corner of my deserving bod.  But also like most bottoms, just thinkin,. about all that cum up there, keeps me restless and horny as hell.

Something had to be done, as there is nothing like a restless fagwhore; we just can't concentrate on anything except gettin' more dick up our asses.  At times like these, I have learned to rely on local sexcare givers for psychological and physical support.  These lovely boys can be at your disposal for cabfare and lunch money, and so what if it sets us back a couple of Franklins?  So a local caregiver came right over and delivered his much desired and needed care, and another generous deposit.

Well, I know this can't go on ad infinitum, after all I ain't Ryan Cummings, you know...but I did keep these loads up my ass through the night, and upon waking the next morning, I was still restless and horny as hell.  But since I couldn't afford cabfare and lunch money for another caregiver, I'd  have to fall back on Mrs. Fist and her five daughters, as their services are free for the taking.  So in getting ready,  I took a squat on the hardwood floor and shat out a copious blob of natural lube that had marinated all night.  I mean, a big fat wad of gorgeous, deadly squat.  I couldn't touch it, it was so beautiful.  It is so beautiful.  It's still there.  The cum is on the floor.