Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fast and Furious Slingfuck Closes Sex Party

One must show his best manners when he is the last one left at a sex party and the host isn't interested in having sex with him.  This happened to me last Sunday, but my good manners were rewarded in the end.

Now understand that I had arrived late by two whole hours, which is a long time when it comes to sex.  There were guys already leaving as I was undressing.  I had a couple of beers, and just enjoyed the fine desert weather, but the crowd thinned to nothing as I lounged alone, out back, poolside...with a cool Tecate in hand.  It was so nice maybe I didn't care if I got fucked that day.  But I was a guest, and nobody likes a guest who doesn't know when to leave.

I had fully dressed, such as it was...four articles of clothing: baseball cap, an old orange A&F tennis shirt, khaki cargo shorts and flip flops...and then a tall, tanned stud, decorated in tribal tattoos, peeked from behind a black curtain.

'I know you,' he said.
'Yeah, and I know you, but from where?'
'I fucked you!'
'Oh yeah!  You're (his barebackrt profile name)!'

'Are you really goin'?'
'Well, it's like everybody's left.'
"I haven't left. Get your ass in the sling ,if you want.'

Well, hell yeah, I want. This dude has a torpedo-shaped prod that he likes to drill relentlessly into toxic asses, shooting a load, then hustling off.  He's fucked me a few times, always on a mattress, always with a lot of vigor, so I knew that a sling would only make his performance better.  I was right.  This was a fast and furious fuck, an athletic breeding lasting only 3 or 4 minutes but something you'll remember for a long time.  Then we weren't alone anymore; the host had shown up and a youngish, firm and in-shape cub had materialized from somewhere.  Cubby fortunately had no problem with sloppy seconds, fucking me nicely and cumming within a couple of minutes.  Two good fucks and two loads within 5 minutes whereas sometimes it's 5 hours between fucks.  I guess you need a sling to make it sing.  No complaints here.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pornstar Robby Mendez Jailed!

Yeah, you read right.  Pornista and baby mogul Robby Mendez, of LA-based Robby Mendez videos and host of pool cum sex parties, was arrested near Palm Springs a couple of weeks ago just as his pool party at the Cathedral City Boys Club was about to begin.  If you are a lover of bareback porn, you should know who Robby is: this LA barrio boi took a thousand miles of raw black cock in service of Raw Strokes, and then ventured out on his own, producing and starring in his own videos, that's Robby Mendez Productions.  Go to his website and get familiar; he posts clips from his own videos and trailers of his recorded pool parties, which always lead to sex parties.  Robby's bottoming style is one of silent endurance and is rather underplayed, if that's possible in porn.  His style is his own.  If you check him out, you'll find he's a very likeable, modest and thoughtful guy.  Why would anybody want to do him harm?

The story that I got is that somebody...let's call her an evil, malicious, bitter and terminally unhappy queen...phoned into the authorities that Robby was spreading meningitis at his party in Palm Springs, simply because he was hosting the party.  A little background: a gay man in West Hollywood did die of meningitis recently, and the queens went wild, getting vaccinated and refusing to share their Bud Lights.  Meningitis is highly contagious, spread by close physical contact like kissing, but it can be contracted by sharing a Dixie cup, so yeah, it's deadly serious.  I associate it with Basic Training in the Army when dudes are in perpetual close contact.  The West Hollywood case was anecdotal.
This has nothing to do with Robby Mendez.  If there were concern over a serious outbreak, then every school, restaurant, bar and public facility in Southern California would have been shut down.  They weren't, and as of this writing, they haven't.

So what rotten, despicable queen would do this to Robby, a sweet kid if there ever was one?  Well, I don't think she was going after Robby.  She was probably going after her boyfriend, or somebody she lusted after, who was planning to attend Robby's party.  She thought by phoning in her phony concern over the potential spread of meningitis, she could thwart the party and her boyfriend's getting sex on the side.  That's just my guess...I don't know...but I'm basing my conclusion on what I know about the evil queens of this world.

So little Robby was hauled off to jail...booked, mugged, printed...and tossed into a cell until he could be bailed out, which he was.  If you're interested, Robby's first person account of the story is now on Youtube for the whole world to ponder.  As for me, I still don't know on what charges he was arrested.  My guess is that the charges will be dropped, and I hope, sincerely, that the perpetrator of this outrage will be identified and sued for damages by Robby Mendez.

Until then, stay tuned.