Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bye Bye BBRT

Nervous Craigslist gets out of the Personal Ad business.  That clunky legislation signed by Trumpf put the fear of Gawd in them and others, and them others would include BarebackRT, and this I've learned firsthand.  Now I'm pretty sure that my favorite hookup site doesn't have a hoard of trolls spying on its members the way supertech entities do.  I'm guessing they have a software that's flagging accounts based on language, terms, etc.  I think I may have mentioned 'escorts'...not a stretch...then I get my account, which I've hard from BBRT's earliest year...ah, 'terminated.'  Their term.  Yeah, I've used this website to hook up, meet people, and wow, make friends, who will last longer than BarebackRT ever will. 

This could be a sign of changing times...when website 'escorts' are now 'pornstars' or 'masseurs.'  A boring game, and just as boring as getting drunk at a bar while trying to hook up.  We'll have to see where this goes, but I do take comfort that I'm not the only one.  That great megaslut, Ryan Cummings himself, revealed on Twitter that he, too, has had his BBRT account 'terminated.'  But the sad thing: Ryan, I and thousands of others with terminated BBRT accounts, will discover that we don't need BBRT.  Maybe most of us never did.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Pissy Trumpf

The piss story was provocative, and not handled properly.  By 'properly' I mean that interesting questions were not asked, possibly because the media didn't want to appear 'too interested' in piss.  To be interested in the world of piss and to be interested in the people actually paid to pee, well...that's something most people are not ready to admit.

First of all, I believe that Trumpf was indeed offered professional sex while in Russia; Russians are known for their hospitality, and it's been reported that the girls might be Ukrainian, not Russian, and these girls are known for their beauty.  No wonder Putin wanted to annex part of the Ukraine, their women are renowned as fine specimens of the female species.  But, we are also writing about professional sex workers and no such girl would pee on a bed.  A professional leaves the room as she found it, as if she hadn't been there at all.  The conclusion is that Trumpf thought they were going to wet his bed.  The further conclusion is that he's pretty square when it comes to certain fetishes, even one as tame as pee.

Sadly, Trumpf's military academy training failed him when it could have helped him enjoy some fine Ukrainian kinky (well, OK, in some quarters, kinky) sex.  Trumpf did you forget what you learned in survival training?  If you have to, you...can...drink...your own piss.  It's clean, ya big germophobe.  Piss is sterile and about the tamest way to get another man's DNA deep into your gut.  Yes, you can drink Bronkowski's piss.  Yes, you can drink Sanchez' piss.  Yes, Trumpf, you can drink Washington's piss.  Trumpf!  Enjoy!  Your time in the presidential limelight is drawing short.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Porn World Awaits Spermy Daniels

Yeah, Stormy will bring down the Big Ugly White Man.  Actually Whitey isn't the type to let Himself get impeached.  He'll skip first, but we'll have to see how this plays out.  Any which way, it ain't gonna be pretty.  In the meantime, I'm ready for Spermy Daniels, the next great gay pornstar.  We already have Stormy, but she ain't gay.  And we have Christopher Daniels, and yes he's very nice.  But I'm ready for Spermy.  Which studio is going to bring him out?  'Til then, I'll be happy with the new talent out there, just in time to restore my faith in porn.  It was getting a little too respectable.  Now we're ready.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Fire Island Fuck Boy Breaks New Ground

It has long been a fantasy of mine to observe a celebrity, well-known or with a cause for being known...get down and dirty into bareback, getting fucked...and in a very big way.  I'm not into cable, but I've run into, despite steering away from..reality shows...straight or gay; so my knowledge of 'Fire Island' is based on the trailers and snippets found on YouTube.  You know the format already...let's stir up some conflict and capture the sparks flying, or the shit flying, and Patrick McDonald, the Southern gaylena transplant from LA & NYC (Brooklyn) is the spark that set the fire on Fire Island.

Well, he's that celebrity, reasonably well-known I suppose, certainly down and dirty, and most certainly, into bareback in a video by the smart guys at Raw Fuck Club, 'Fire Island Fuck Boy,' which came out last November and was for me the most notable event in Bareback Porn of 2017.  I don't care much for Patrick's nom de porn, Ace Arborwood, and I'm guessing it has something to do with his Georgia boyhood, but his performance is great.  If you find you're agreeing most of the time with my take on bareback porn, you'll like 'Fire Island Fuck Boy' Part 2, where the action moves to the sling and the loads start shootin' and Ace/Patrick does everything that a trashy white bottom slut is supposed to do, and with some nasty relish, demonstrating some natural talent.  RFC has rounded up a stable of hardy studs, some of whom you'll recognize, so enjoy FIFB.  The buzz online is that Patrick has 'disappeared,' so gay chatter is all about 'where is he?'  He created a Twitter account about the same time his video came out, but he hasn't posted once.  I don't think a porn career would hurt him at all, and hope to see more of him.  But he should be doin' somethin' right now, as the shelf life on pornstars is notoriously short, something we all recognize.

I don't know, of course, because I haven't met Patrick, but he's probably Negative and on Prep, which is typical for the emerging generation of bottom bitches...and since he's got nice hands, he's probably got nice feet which we're not permitted to see, as he wears some dorky hiking boots throughout.  I've gotta say that as far as my own fantasy of celebrity bottom pornstar goes, I'll have to settle on an Ace Arborwood.  And keep dreaming of Charlie Sheen.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Guns Is All About Sex

Hello Men, the Big Gun March is still a couple of weeks away, and it will be a game changer, but the discussion won't be enlightened much, and such is because we Amurricans keep dancing around the real issue: the NRA and its gazillions of guns is All About Sex.  Take away the guns from these girleens and you've basically cut their balls off.  And their diminishing weenies are all these menopausal toads have got goin' for themselves.  The March is only one part of these Changing Times we're living through (very exciting, actually, if you're on the right side of the fence), namely, the eclipse of White Male Entitlement.

A new truck used to be enough for 'em; but then trucks got girly, with little mirrors to check your make-up before you swaggered into the bar in the middle of nowhere redstate land.  Now it's a gun, and they gotta have not just one, but a whole garage full of guns...each time they look downwards and take note of how much Peter has shrunk, they gotta go out and buy another gun.  The first gun used to be a sort of rite of passage.  The rite of passage is a familiar theme in American teen literature.  It could have been illustrated by a horse, or a football, or a surfboard.  Boy grows up.  Boy Gets His First Gun.  And then another, and maybe yet another.  Some of these White Men are out of control. 

Full disclosure: I used to be a junior member of the NRA, albeit years ago.  But as we fired our .22's (single bolt action, dating myself, yipes!), we juniors knew it was all about gun safety and respect for the weapon.  That shit was hammered into us, and I learned it for a lifetime: treat every gun as if it were loaded, don't point it at anybody, etc.  It all sounds quaint now, because today Guns Is All About Sex, and while usually still more expensive than a hooker, but not necessarily.

There was a time when the NRA looked for the butchest, most self-assured type to serve as Spokesman for Guns.  Charlton Heston played it fairly well, if sometimes going over the top...'my cold dead hands'...pretty good Chuck, not bad for a dude who Gore Vidal alluded was too dumb to be gay.  But that was the gig, and I think a professional one, as Mr. Heston used to be a fairly liberal activist and Democrat, before the Guns.  At present, the NRA leadership looks so squirrelly as to make one wonder if the endowment matches to the proto-rodent exterior. 

Mark my words: the Gun Battle will intensify, and get butt-ugly, but in the long term, the right girls will win this battle. They've got no dick no lose.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Trumpkin Commie Stooges for a New Century

It used to be 'commie pinko fag.'  Which was worse?  To be a commie, in Lenin, Stalin, Putin, for you youngins, or a 'fag?'  Well, it was a match, the terms went hand in hand, the worst!  A commie AND a fag...the lowest form of humanity.

There were (and are, apparently, according to current news accounts)...spies...or...commie 'sympathizers,' or stooges, what was called, back in the day, a commie tool.  Liberals could be dismissed as 'parlor pink' or 'wearing red pajamas.'  That would have been your Aunt Ida, and she was a Democrat of  course.

In the Bush era, the spies or commie tools were usually in financial distress...debts, outstanding monetary obligations were seen as the motives for spilling military and political secrets.  These guys were usually well-educated and did their damage from the inside.  A military profile was often the norm.  A woman was often involved.  No gays in this mess, however.  This environment seems to be absent in the current unfolding of events.  Today's stooges don't seem to have traveled this path, but the jury is still out.

Anyway, the media of an earlier time would not have pursued any gay angle even if there had been one, I think.  In the 1950's Alger Hiss case (leveraged to the max by primo Commie hater Richard Nixon), it was much later that a possible gay issue was revealed.  The obese, disheveled, schlumpy 'reformed' gaylena Whittaker Chambers went after Hiss after only after Chambers' alleged gay moves were rejected.  In retrospect, the Hiss case, could have been the ideal setting for 'commie pinko fags.'
But such was not to be.

British intelligence was thick with educated, posh gays passing secrets to Stalinist Russia during the 1950's, and there was a gay mafia within, some of whom ended up in Russia and part of the terms offered involved the Russians providing Soviet boyfriends.  Sounds pretty faggy.  The subject requires more study on my part, but 'commie pinko fag' certainly seems to be part of the mix here, a form of British social and sexual disaffection, homosexuality at its heart.

Today's stooges may be motivated by greed, but the narrative is still being played out.  Real estate deals seem to be the bottom line with unsavory Russians anxious to convert their useless rubles into American dollars through real estate investments.  And there are stooges willing to help them, for whatever reason, we will see.  But we do have Russian commies in the White House Oval Office.  We do see GOP and Russian chumminess that must be rockin' old Richard Nixon in his Republican grave.  We have yet to understand the level of commie and stooge cooperation in the technological tinkering with the American electoral process.  Commie, yeah.  Pinko, oh yeah.  Fag, still missing...but this trail has far to go.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Roy Moore Didn't Help with Girls' Homework

Try for a moment to imagine yourself as a bible-thumping, God fearing Kristian gentleman in your early 30's in the morass that is Alabama.  And being a firm believer in Scripture, are...still (!) chaste.  A virgin, and possibly intimidated by real women.  I don't recall Scripture devoting much space to the virtue of chastity,...yet Kristians seem to put a high value on chastity, although in reality, chastity won't get one very far. 

And knowing your Bible inside and out, you know that Moses had 2 wives, and Solomon had 3, and David...well, David had 8.  Some barely more than children.  Well, that would be enough for any clean, pure, white Kristian virgin man.  Hell, let's hit the mall.  Fresh young girls.  No tainted hellfire belles for this guy.  Young girls...inexperienced...incapable of criticizing his clumsy, hicky moves...too young to protest those uncool hands, and easily shamed.  It all makes sense to me, and I'll leave it there.  Perhaps it will become clearer after this election tomorrow.

The most obvious comparison that comes to mind is the monumental Lewis Carroll who penned some of the finest words in the English language.  Lewis Carroll had a similar interest in little girls.  Google is burgeoning with images of Lewis Carroll together with his little girlfriends in sausage curls and flouncy Victorian party dresses.  He loved to sketch them in the nude, and wrote poems and stories for them, including one notably named Alice.  The comparison fails, though, on a couple of scores: first, Lewis Carroll seemed to lose interest in his girls as soon as they reached puberty, which is when Roy Moore seems to have demonstrated his interest... in the women who have come forward in our current controversy.  Second, Lewis Carroll was a genius...not just a witty, trenchant writer, but also a mathematician, photographer and clergyman.  Roy Moore, not so much.  The Kristian believes rather than thinks.  Roy Moore can't seem to think of what to do.  He went into hiding for several days after the women's disclosures were made.  A plausible excuse for Roy Moore's creepy pursuit of vulnerable, impressionable young girls, sees to have eluded him.  As for the girls now women: their homework's done.