Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Guide to Vacuum Pumps

I bought my first vacuum pump several years ago and at first, didn't use it much. I think I bought it on sale because of its really low price, but at the time, pumping didn't interest me all that much. I don't remember now what it was that inspired me to take it up, although Al Parker probably had something to do with it. Al Parker popularized pumping those many years ago and in fact, developed the product and eventually owned the SF Pump Company (I believe that was the name), which was carried on by Al's family after his death.

Then I really got into it. I loved the pressure created surrounding my dick sucking it deeper into the acrylic tube. But I really loved and still love the way it plumps up my dick. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and more than a bit of a tease, so vacuum pumping really works for me. I now pump every morning for about a half hour to get a nice fat sausage, then I wrap up that sausage with a sweatband to keep it plump, and then I'm on my way. In the Al Parker bio, 'Clone,' we learn how Al used to pump it up before personal appearances, but I'll bet he did it even to walk to the corner 7-11.

My first pump was made of plastic, and eventually I accidentally dropped it on the floor and of course, it cracked. Then I went out and bought another plastic model, and that one broke just by ordinary use. It developed its own crack, somehow, but let's face it, if you're talking about plastic, what should you expect?

So I decided it had to be made of metal...that would be more durable, and last a long time. Wrong. The metal one I bought at my local porn store somehow broke on its own...it simply lost all its suction power. Of course by now I'm hooked on vacuum pumping, so I went to find a better pump. There are a lot of pumps on the market now...some don't even use the trigger style, but some sort of bulb you keep squeezing. Save your money, if you're looking to get into this type of play.

Stick with the metal, but not just any metal. My new pump I found at Mr. S. Leather, the leather goods emporium in San Francisco. I don't think they bother to sell all those other types of pumps;...they sell a trigger style pump with a red handle and a brass body, costs a little more but I don't think this one will fail me. Also the quality of suction is sure and the meat plumping is very fast, almost instanteous. I can't find a brand name on this model so maybe it's exclusive to Mr. S., I haven't asked Mr. S as to whether it's theirs alone nor have they rewarded me for this testimonial. But the leather-clad saleswoman who helped me definitely knew her shit, and she doesn't even have a dick...at least I don't think so.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Steamworks Misses an Opportunity

Let me say this from the start: I love the Steamworks in Berkeley! I'd be in a dry rut without Steamworks. No less an authority than Mindtrip (see his blog Life in the Raw, if you haven't already, it's the best) says Steamworks Berkeley is the best bath house he's ever been to, and he should know. But...Steamworks, in its dutiful recognition of the United States Armed Forces, has unwittingly (I believe) shorted some of us. Steamworks is commemorating Veterans' Day with an offer too good to pass up: a free locker for active duty military personnel. All that's very well and good, believe me, that's great, stupendous, fabulous. But what about the rest of us ole dawgs who've served our country and are actual veterans right now? It's a matter of semantics, I think, but you are a civilian or active duty or a veteran. Active duty military personnel are veterans-in-the-making, and become veterans upon honorable discharge or separation, as we call it. At least that's the way it used to be. Veterans need sex, too. A free locker or a discount (I'd settle for that!) for actual veterans would be great, Steamworks. So we'll hope the message gets to you and look forward to next year.
For all you vets out there, and everybody else, take a moment to reflect, upon those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those of us who served and are lucky to still be around, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. After that reflection, I'd rather head straight for the Steamworks, along with all the other vets I can round up in the waiting room of the infectious diseases (the HIV office) at the VA. Any vet who recognizes me from my barebackrt profile, come on up and say hello next time you see me.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Top Has an Open Door Policy

After going through a bit of a sex drought, I finally got my groove back last weekend, but for a while I thought I was going to be the new poster boy for safe sex. There was a crowd at the Steamworks, as there usually is on Sunday afternoon, so during the wait for a room to become available, I passed the time on the fuckbench where I was fucked in rapid succession by a couple of sheathed anonymous dicks...the second was an especially spirited workout concluding with a loud, earnest orgasm...but a rubbered fuck, or so I thought. I've maintained that I can't feel a wad of cum being shot up my ass, but I definitely can tell when I'm carrying a buttload of semen...there's that filled up feeling and a slight urge to crap.
By the time I got my room, a couple of hours had passed and I had that pregnant feeling the whole time. I stuck a finger up there, swished it around and somebody's load oozed out. One of the tops must have removed the rubber, or it broke, or whatever...cum up the ass!! I got on all fours right away sticking that lubed ass out and front in my favorite piggy position.
It didn't take long.
A lean balding white guy came in, feeling me up, and I turned to work on his dick, which grew with a nice curve upwards almost parallel to his belly, the kind of hard-on you find on teenagers. After my working his dick for a while, he took the next step...by asking me if I had a condom (!). I keep them, the ones the bathhouse provides, under the mattress. If I were into safe sex, I'd keep them out in plain view the way this very hot Irish looking big bootied bottom (he's gotta be about 6-2) always does...he was there already big ass in the air, condoms by his side...but this top was in my room and I'm not one to turn down a fuck, so I gave him the hoodie and he went to town on my ass, but he didn't come.
Within moments of his leaving, a built old/young daddy with a butch flattop came in, not that big a dick but with the most impressive set of nipples I've seen in a while...work my tits, he said, and I did, and this got him really going, so that he fucked me good and hard, bare, though the dick wasn't that impressive at first we got it up to a pretty decent size. But...Nips kept the door open the whole time...and naturally we attracted a crowd.
Another guy comes in, kinda German looking, he wouldn't fuck me but he did a good jackoff on himself...then shot his load on my ass. Nips is still fucking, but he pulled out, then smeared German's cum around my butt and pushed what he could up my ass, then Nips resumed fucking. He didn't cum. By now there was still another guy in the room...Nips leaves, and this guy, with his pencil dick shoves it in, bare. I'm still in doggystyle position, working pencil dick for all it's worth...it gets bigger, decent, shoots a load. Another guy has come in, feelin' me up, leaves.
Still another guy is there, I hadn't noticed him before, he gets in line and then fucks my ass, not all that great but nobody's complaining here. Another guy is there I notice, and he wastes no time plundering my butthole...I don't get a good look at him, but he's got the hardest cock, like a red hot poker stabbing my ass...he also likes to stick a finger up my ass right along his hot rod...it almost hurts, but I guess he doesn't want to cum, because he doesn't but he could have if he wanted.

Finally, a grizzled greying bear is there...there's such a crowd in the hallway spilling into the room, I'm not even bothering trying to keep up with who's who...I can tell only by their dicks. Grizzly Bear has the biggest dick of the day, and my guess, it's pharmaceutically enhanced because he's relentless...Grizzly is 50 if he's a day, and the best topman, though he doesn't make a deposit, he does deliver that great 'I'm so fucked!' sense of satisfaction.
When Grizzly leaves, everybody else leaves, and I decide it's time to rest, and close that door.
'Til next time...