Saturday, March 28, 2009

Headin' to Orlando

Business takes me to Orlando next week. Of course I want to experience Parliament House as it sounds sleazy and tacky in the most attractive way. It would be nice to get some charged Florida cum up my ass, so we'll see what happens. I plan to be appropriately trashy, leaving my door open all the time.

Back in Circulation/Morning Poz Cum Injection

I'm happy to report that I'm back in circulation after three weeks of treatment for a ghastly STD, so yeah, it happens to most of us eventually, especially us slutty ones. But now I needed to get fucked bad, really prove it, I posted for a quick-connect on Barebackrt, giving horny tops only an hour to respond. Happy to say I hooked up within 10 minutes with an 'older' guy, the best kind for a quick NSA 'younger' guys are more likely to flake out. I call myself a 'young dad' and I don't know for sure whether I look old or young for my age...I tend to think I look my age, but 'well-maintained' as we used to say in the Hollywood of my youth. The top who came over was around my age, but salt-and-peppery, nicely-built, with blue eyes in a nicely weathered Marlboro Man face. I went down to the gate to meet him, and we came up to my place where we got down to it. I rolled down his jeans to discover a hard dick with a scrimitar of a curve, slightly crooked with a nice plump head. I had prepped my burning butthole with a couple of injections of lube and the swordsman slipped his mantool right in, it just slid right in with my buttwalls squeezing it firmly on reflex. What followed was a quick rabbit fuck with me on all fours, wearing a dirty tank top and bare feet out so he could see bits of the dirty floor adhered to my sweaty soles. Sunlight streamed in through the Venetian blinds casting sexy shadows across the wall. Some grunts, the usual dirty talk, no sweat. His was a perfectly-dimensioned dick, not too big and certainly not small, that hit the G-spot on every stroke. Then he uttered, 'I can come, but I don't want to,' to which I replied, 'go ahead, and come...come up my ass!' Which he did, plugging it deep into my guts and working it around, every bit of his poz cum, which caused my dick, hard again, to bounce against my abdominals. I jumped off the bed, retrieved a shot glass and pushed his load out, and deposited it in the ice cube tray for future use. A quick morning was about 11 on a Saturday...lasting all of 15 minutes, then he was outa there and I got myself ready for a workout at my gymn downtown. It's nice to be back in the mix.