Saturday, January 8, 2011

Best Bareback Porn 0f 2010

2010 was yet another bottom-driven year in bareback porn. Dedicated bottoms Jayson Park, Ian Jay, Orion Cross, Sage Daniels and Dominick Rider worked their asses off, figuratively and literally, to keep us entertained and inspired. These guys may have performed in 100 videos among themselves, and if you saw one of their names on the wrapper, you knew you were in for a good time. Lito Cruz remained the top of tops throughout this past year, Dan Fisk entered new territory with his own 'Best of' video, and Treasure Island Media and super-mega-top Brad McGuire opened a new chapter in video history. And some of the more mainstream (read 'condom') studios ventured into bareback porn with new products.
The best porn lives on in your brain and is enough to get you hard, and maybe get you off. That's my criterion for this list of the best bareback porn of 2010, and here it is in no particular order until we get to the best of the year, and that comes at the end of this blog entry.
'Asses Full of Cum' from SX Video, starts off with hot Latino superstar-waiting-to-be-discovered Diego Cruz getting gangfucked by a quarter of Latino tops. Ian Jay also stars. We get to see it all, with great shots of Diego's ass, feet and face. SX's 'Double Fuck My Ass' has some great group action with Dominick Rider (I told you these guys were busy), veteran Drew Peters and newer buttholes like Nelson Troy. We loved 'I Barebacked your Boyfriend' from Rob Rodin and the LoadMasters...we bought this one because of the cast, Lito Cruz, Tim Skyler and Seth Miller (who's interested us ever since he peddled his ass at IML, he actually said he was charging, this at an event where is ass is passed around like a bag of M&M's, we admire Seth's hutzpah), and weren't disappointed. Seth delivered, and we're happy to report that twinky-pooh Tim has picked up some slutty moves as he develops into the twink bareback superstar.
You can't beat Treasure Island Media for production values...nobody else can touch them though Slut Machine comes damn close. Both studios kept up the high quality of their products and were meticulous in their casting, overlapping veterans with new faces, match-ups and pairings in the tradition of the long gone Hollywood studios.
'Breeding Season 2,' 'Sperm Assault' and 'Obey' are all keepers, buy 'em.
Some lesser entities advanced: BlackBreeders came out with 'Raw Magnum Fukkas' (I might be wrong on the actual title, I tried to google it but it didn't come up) with not-so-great camerawork or lighting, but the men and action were so hot, it didn't make much difference, this was a New York gang, I think. 'Rawstrokes' continued to get better with each production...with 'Raw Hole Damage,' Jayson Park was at his best and showed what's meant by 'dirty talk.' There are a lot of things not to like about 'Bareback Marathon NYC' and they don't have anything to do with the performers, mostly black thugs from xtube and so on, but we did get more of L'il Papi (in his third video) and he's ready to 'go national.' We'll be writing more of him in subsequent blogs, I'm sure. Jayson Park (I told you he's been busy) and Fred Mayer make 'Supercharged' from Rawfuck Studios one of the videos of the year...Mayer may be the slut of all, he could read from the Bible and make it sound slutty. And Sean Storm reached a new high getting gangbanged by a bunch of mature local tops in 'Cum Greedy Fuckholes.'
Sadly, I haven't been able to see Jayson Park's play for Dick Wadd...someone's going to have to buy it for me.
So here it is: the best bareback video of 2010 is a compilation video, and I know that's really not fair, so the consider the second best to be No. 1, and that is 'Double Fuck/A Cockwork Orange' from Knightbreeders. It's not as good as 'The Best of Damien Silver,' also from Knightbreeders, but they both feature the raunchiest, sleaziest bareback action around. Next to Knightbreeders, Treasure Island Media looks vanilla, and it all comes down to Damien Silver's fabulously videogenic ass, it's fuckin' unbelievable! He's a full-bodied stocky number with a big ass and an impressive asshole that grasps the biggest dicks and milks them dry, and we get to see it all. For a while I thought that the director Justin Credible and Damien Silver were one and the same, because of the unity of presentation, and I'm still not sure. In fact, there have been moments when a phone rings in the midst of production, and Damien gets off a top's dick to answer the phone. It doesn't seem to slow the action. But more than that, I just love the whole Knightbreeders concept of low class, white trash, street hustlers, fucking in condemned buildings or in the tacky apartments in Hollywood with special effects in the form of fog, exploding gassy bubbles amid the imagery of satanism, anarchy, Catholicism, howling wolves, squawking ravens, storms, thunder, etc., etc., etc., these are not to be believed. And oh yeah, did I mention the thick dicks, rivers of cum fucked out of big sloppy holes as part of a religous sex cult ritual? Now try and find these fabulous have to go to the Knightbreeders website. Rockhard on Castro St. carries some of them, but not all, and they sell out quickly. I'm sure you can get them somewhere in LA, probably Circus of Books but I've yet to check.
It's been a great year for bareback porn, despite the passing of video pioneer Bill Gardner...where Hot Desert Knights, an industry leader for a decade, goes from here, I don't know. We'll be watching...and also watching Treasure Island Media and their venture into 'serosorting' in porn or whatever they're up to. It seems like some are finally acknowledging the appealing taboo of HIV. I'm not alone is recognizing that being up-front about your poz status is going to get you laid, and bareback poz porn would only enhance that.