Saturday, February 28, 2009

Out of Commission

Well, men, I have joined a growing statistical group, that is, I was at the VA last week for a routine check-up and was told that I had tested positive for syphilis. Ah, uhm, embarrassment and surprise were telegraphed to my very nice and non-judgmental doctor. Embarrassed, yes...for I am a man of a certain age, my twink years are decades behind me. Surprised, well yes, but I shouldn't have been...what would one expect after being gangbanged on the pad at sex parties, fucked in a sling by dozens of guys I didn't even know, knocked up on numerous one night stands? Now I have had the clap a half dozen times during my sexual career, chlamydia once, urethritis several times, have been exposed to hepatitis B (while serving in the military overseas, non-sexual), have lived on with two hernias (so I've been told by Kaiser), and of course am HIV-positive. But syphilis? No, that was for undisciplined, irresponsible, total sluts!
'What the hell do you think you are, you idiot?' I asked myself. Truth is, it could happen to anyone who's been sexually active with multiple partners, anonymous partners. Hot sex sometimes comes with a price.
I had no idea how involved the curing process is...a spinal tap might be required for us poz brothers, I now understand. After undergoing a series of neurological tests to determine my reflexes, body strength and endurance, the VA decided to forgo the spinal tap, after consulting with the SF VD clinic. I'm glad the spinal tap was deemed unnecessary...I don't know how painful it is, but it's gotta be expensive and I don't want to burden the taxpayer anymore than is required to kill this nasty bug.

A series of six shots were prescribed, one in each buttcheek spread out over three weeks. I don't know how many cc's but let's just say the injection was long in duration (not a quick prick!) and deep into muscle tissue. What followed was a severe soreness that lasted for about 24 hours, requiring a lie-down in mid-afternoon, as it became tiring to walk or must be what a very old person feels like...puny in every way.

I'm feeling fine now, watching porn, pumping, jacking off...but I'll be out of commission for another two weeks. I fear the reaction to the next shots will be the same as the first, so I have to plan accordingly. Thank God for my vast porn library.

So men, when they say 'get tested' for VD, they are deadly serious. Just do it, go with the plan...hit the bathhouse on the night of free testing, keep in touch with your, that was the worst part, having to inform my buds that I had syph. I guess we'll all recover. Thank God I'm living in this city, in this state, in this country, at this time. I shudder to think what the guys in the 1880's, 1920's, 1940's had to go through.
Keep moving, going forward, we'll all be OK with a bit more care and attention.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fuckholes 2 in Fantasy and Life

Last Friday, I hit RockHard on Castro and bought my copy, planning to spend a weekend of dull wintry weather, indoors, whacking off to Paul Morris' latest. The video did not disappoint, actually this one is by Max Sohl, who I figure is a sort of Treasure Island East, based in New York and all...bringing the hot men of the Eastern Seaboard into the world of self-obsessed, insular California. Thanks, Max...and Paul...for another great vid. There are some familiar characters here, notably Javier known as a top, who bottoms in a sling and to memorable effect...and the resilient Christian, acting silly and getting fucked silly...Eric Wolfe, Jay Ross, Kurt Kaiser...and some new ones like Taylor Means who has a sort of hillbilly sexiness about him...a bottom who reminds me of all the country boys fresh off the Greyhound bus and picking up a few bucks working the street. Tell me I'm wrong...that he's really from Long Island. I was delighted to learn from his profile on barebackrt that top Kurt Wood is poz, so when he was drilling Taylor's neat little hole, he was drivinghome some poisonous devil seed. Hrmmm!!!
I was agitated by all of this action, that I posted on barebackrt quick connect and hosted a train of decent tops for most of the day.
They were all interesting this time out: a crossdressing black dude who flipped up his miniskirt to reveal a good respectable dick that plowed my ass and shot a load deep into my gut. I asked that he keep his cha cha heels on while he fucked me standing up, because I have a thing for heels, and he did so...and it must have worked for him, too...he came in about 3 minutes. Then I edited my post as a call for guys into sloppy seconds, and had numerous responses. One hook up brought up a lean mean daddy...pushing 60 maybe...ripped without an ounce of fat on this bod, and blessed with a massive sausage of poz dick meat. His style was long and slow, and though his dick felt like a big loofah pushed into my ass, it stiffened nicely with time and thrust, and filled me up nicely. Uncut bear had a beercan dick which wasn't much to look at when soft, but with some play, developed into a pine cone of a prick, with a pointed head and a shank that flared out with the thickness of a...well, a pine cone. What a great poz buttfuck! What a great day of online hook-ups! Hope for more today, Sunday, as it's really ugly outside, cloudy, grey with rain predicted. I'm a Fuck Hole 2! Hey Paul! Hey Max! Thanks!!!