Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sex in the Desert Part Two

Using the ATM anywhere at 1 a.m. is creepy...anywhere. Once I had to use the Wells Fargo ATM in downtown Beverly Hills, probably the safest place in the world, at 1 a.m. and as I approached the bank I saw a shadowy figure standing nearby. Damn! It's some homeless dude (not unknown in Beverly Hills) who's gonna try to shake me down for some money, but was just an arty freestanding bronze sculpture, courtesy of the Beverly Hills beautification committee. But after a got some cash from the ATM in the deserted Palm Springs shopping mall, I made for the Camp Palm Springs where I thought the night pass would see me through the morning. As I approached, a gang of guys was just leaving, all together...highly unusual. Then I remembered that it was the grand pissy Wet & Hot weekend and the Camp was one of the host hotels; there were no night passes for tonight, I was told.
Well, Helios is just a block away and I did succeed in getting a night pass, and I checked out the playroom where there was one guy, a sort of nerdy bottom butt up on the mattress. He looked up hopefully; he thought I was going to fuck him.
'Sorry,' I said as I got down on all fours and arched my back, 'just another bottom.'
'That's OK. There are at least 3 tops out there,' he said.
'How do you know?' I hadn't seen anybody lookin' to fuck, just some guys in the hot tub.
'They just got back from a piss party at Camp Palm Springs and they're lookin' to fuck.' That gang of guys all leaving together, they were a group from somewhere. Nerdy bottom knew all of this.
Just then, a white daddy with a big gut walked in, got down on his knees and started to fuck my ass.
This was a good fuck, average-sized dick, some toilet talk, and some old school bump and grind fuckin' where I could feel his dick hittin' my buttwalls and I did my best to squeeze them tight. We kinda became one white on white wall of flesh and I liked watchin' myself gettin' plowed in the wall of mirrors that surrounds the fuck mattresses. Then another top came in and got down behind nerdy bottom.
'Wanna swap? asked the daddy fuckin' my ass. Now this is exactly what I wanted to hear, bottom-swappin' is one of my favorites.
'Kiss me,' I said to nerdy as the tops switched on us, but he just looked surprised, puzzled...not a real pig, as far as I'm concerned, he's thinkin' too much.
White gut daddy worked on nerdy a little bit, but the other top justt couldn't get into it...he hadn't even fucked nerdy for more than a minute, and after a brief bit of shadowfucking me, he just got up and left.
White gut daddy switched back to me and slammed my butt until he got tired...he gve up some more trash talk, and lots of white flesh shakin' all over, like just another typical everyday nasty white pigfucker. This all made me feel great.
White gut dad left...I didn't look up to see him go, but then nerdy left, too. There was nobody else around.
I gave it another 20 minutes and then went off to one of those nice outdoor mattresses Helios has, and tried to get a little sleep until something more interesting came along.
What came along was the night clerk, who at 3 a.m. prodded me and told me I had to leave, they were closing it up.
I walked down the road to my car, crawled into the back seat and slept the best I could until daybreak, then went home, dialed the security code correctly this time, and got to bed around 6.
All said, a nice night of fun sex, if a bit disjointed.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Video Reviews: 'Bad Habits,' Slut Machine's 'Obey'

Marco Paris' efforts get better with each offering, and now we have his latest 'Bad Habits' with some new faces and some old faces, all welcome. Jack Simmons, Luke Cross and Robby Mendez are all back. Brian Peters, who porn aficionados may recall from his work for SX Video a few years back, is a welcome 'old' face...his fans will not be disappointed. I hope to see more of top Maseo, previously unknown to me. And of course Marco himself gets poled by Rod Rockhard in the closer.
Frank Stein's newest for Slut Machine is 'Obey' and it's an exercise in interracial coupling with all the hot action we've come to expect from this talented videoaste. It has some of your and my favorites like Chase Coxx, Drew Peters, Sage Daniels and Jack Simmons. And the reliable top Kamrun fucks the shit out of newcomer Christian Baxter, a very welcome new face and new ass. This kid qualifies as a 'post-teen' with a slender bod and a peachfuzz tortured into a chin anchor...he's still working on that one, he's that fresh. I like to do a skim through a new video, and then concentrate on the scenes that work for me, inventing my own fantasies that get me going, usually involving latinos, bottoms, mate-swapping, men in suits, cheap motels, mattresses in a garage and of course, poz cum. It would please me to see more of Christian Baxter, maybe paired with little Tim Skyler as twinkie hustlers bringing tops home and sharing the love. I've already blogged about Tim Skyler and Taylor Means...favorably, of course, and I wonder if I'm moving into a twink phase...not really, not any twink will do...these kids just speak to us with their hot little bottoms.
For all you guys who buy without downloading the scenes off a website, these new vids are not risky buys at all. Buy 'em...they'll give you hours of pleasure for years to come.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sex in the Desert, Part One

I love the Palm Springs parties hosted by pspigslut. They are bare-bones, no bs, no frills affairs with slings, mattresses tossed on the garage floor, fuckbench, trashy tops and even trashier bottoms...this is not the barechest calendar crowd, and it is the hottest thing going in the desert, no looky-loos allowed. I checked in around 10 and saw a fairskinned latino daddy with a big dick and big gut, and one of those tattoos that looked like a variation of the biohazard the small of his back. The minute I saw him I knew that I would have to have him.
I checked out the playspaces (they are divided by curtains of dark fabric) and saw a bottom splayed out on a plank, lookin' so hot that it got my dick hard. When he tired of waiting...his position had to be uncomfortable although I know some my bud Mike...who can keep the pose for a long time...I took over his spot, and within minutes got fucked by four tops, and finally by hot latin daddy. This was a nice long-dickin' and before long, there were those great swishy sounds of a fuckbone mixin' it up in my sloppy hole, my buttjuices and the precum of the other tops gettin' all whipped up into a toxic mess deep in my ass. Daddy didn't want to cum so early, so goddammit, he pulled out and started fucking a sleazy bottom with a bad case of B.O. who had claimed a nearby sling. His B.O. didn't discourage the gang of tops there that night, they fucked him one after the other. Finally Daddy pulled him onto the mattress and fucked him for a little while and then moved on. Meanwhile, a fisting bottom was scraming bloody murder in an adjoining play area.
But I was good...feelin' OK...a top doesn't have to cum in my ass to make me happy. I was happy just to get a taste of that hot dick, yowza, hell yeah!
Stinky bottom finally relinquished his spot on the mattress so I made my move...two bottoms on a mattress is just fine, some tops like to fuck an ass and then move on to the next ass and then come back to the first bottom...with buttjuice traded all around, which is fuckin' hot. Not more than a couple of minutes passed before I felt a finger probing my butthole, followed by a cock shoved up my asschute. What transpired was a non-stop 20 minute fuckin' it turned ole buddy 'desert rat,' the energizer bunny. I don't know who pooped out first, but we called it off mutually, both of us totally played out. Desertrat is a great fuck with great endurance...I mean, non-stop fuckin', the guy never needs to catch his breath...but I don't think he's ever cum up my ass. Anyway, feeling satiated, I took a break, grabbed a Pepsi and saw that blackdaddy was leaving. It was about midnight, so I decided to bail and hit a bar for a nitecap, maybe something exciting will happen. After an hour of S&M (standing and modeling) at to pornstar Lance Hancock...I made up my mind to hit the rack, but when I got to my condo, I fumbled with the security code at the gate and was denied entry. I tried again, but of course the security system went into defense mode and rejected me over and over again. Now here I was, in sweatpants and flip flops, shirtless and short on cash, locked out of my own place...1 a.m. in the hot desert night. What to do?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pornstars Protest Tougher Condom Rules

'Pornstars protest tougher condom rules,' written just that way in lower case, thank you LA Times, as a headline in the Los Angeles Times, Wed. June 30 edition. Even the LA Times acknowledges that pornstars are made after a single performance, and since the Times refers to 'performers' without getting more specific, readers are assuming this is an industry wide development. The State of California Occupational Safety and Health Division (Cal/OSHA) is considering requiring condom use in all porn made in California. Well, they're talking about straight porn here...'the performers said they understood the risks of not using condoms, but believe current industry practices, which involve screening for some sexually transmitted diseases monthly, were enough to protect them.' Nina Hartley was quoted as saying she didn't feel 'any safer' with condoms. Nina should know what she's talking about and no other performer...pornstar, if you will, was reported...and that's where the Times left it. The bureaucrats are merely doing their job, and the article goes on to touch on 'employee (pornstar!) exposure to bloodborne pathogens,' 'at least 8 people were employed in the adult film industry at the time of their HIV diagnoses,' '4 of those people are confirmed to have been infected during an adult film production,' ah, well...hello. They're obviously not talking gay porn here. And then the LA County Health Dept. weighed in, saying that condoms should be required on porn sets...the San Fernando Valley, which is within the City of Los Angeles, as is Hollywood, is within the jurisdiction of LA County, and that would mean virtually every mainstream straight porn 'studio.' Gay porn is never mentioned, much less gay bareback porn...but one assumes that Cal/OSHA would make no distinction...and the squareball Times reporter, Rong-Gong Lin II (yes) didn't delve further. Of course, no decision was made at the Cal OSHA meeting in Los Angeles, and the issue was shelved until a meeting later this year in San Francisco. Of course Miss Chi Chi LaRue's stand on this issue is well-known, and she is not alone, but the bareback porn studios just blow this off. I doubt anything will come of this because of the ambivalence of the general public, but can you imagine the great California porn industry (San Francisco, Palm Springs, San Diego) industry relocating to south of the border, down Tijuana way? No shortage of new hot talent there.