Monday, October 3, 2011

Up the Gut - Review

'Up the Gut' is the latest from Treasure Island Media, with Max Sohl directing TIM's mostly New York crowd, your favorites and some new additions. This video features the usual format of unrelated sequences with few crossovers, and with those showing up in the big bang group fuck at the end. The show starts with a hot top sporting a highly stylized biohazard design fixed into a tattoo'ed arm band, or maybe I'm thinking wishfully here and reading something into it...fucking a fresh new pussyboi bottom who keeps his clothes on. And then...
I've written before that today's porn studios really do function more like the Hollywood movie studios of the Golden Era than the Paramount Studios of today (god, all the others...MGM, Fox, Columbia, Warner Bros. are history) in that they know how to market their stars and give audiences what they want..and I'm talking about the current crop of movies that are based on comic strip characters, video games and computer generated special effects. Hollywood has killed off all of its stars and doesn't want to spend money on developing new ones; actors are pretty much left to their own devices. So thank God for porn: porn knows what to do with stars, and TIM has finally matched up the hot top of the moment, Antonio Biaggi with video veteran fuckhole Christian. It is a thing of beauty: that thick dark Latin man meat plunging into Christian's perfectly groomed receptive hole, and we get the shots and angles we want. You can read Christian's buttlips working that fuckstick as it probes that hole. If that weren't enough, the following scene has two Kurts, Wood and Kaiser, pummel the exquisite ass of Euroslut Lucas, as he demonstrates the power of ass muscle...this scene must be seen to be's called Cock Control, and you'll see why...the poz fantasies attached to these three poz players will be sent reeling. Next Brad McGuire, 'old reliable,' introduces new pussyboi Puppy into the world of bareback video porn...I'm sure we'll see more of Puppy in the future, hopefully in the throes of drilling at the ends of some poz tops.
You may have seen Hot Rod in the Rawstrokes videos where he's done some very impressive and serious fucking; here he's paired with black bottom Ayngel Valentino (who looks familiar, but I can't place him) and we get the movie's best cum shot...freshly fucked asshole dripping goops of cum, you get the picture.
The final closing orgy scene didn't quite do it for me, but that's no reason not to buy this dvd. I think it has to do with the architecture of the scene...the placement of the bottoms, for starters...they're head to head on a black sofa, but it seems a little awkward, despite the efforts of the two superb bottoms, the aforementioned Lucas is joined by Cory Koons, the very hot Eurasian versatile whose artful talents haven't quite been exploited as they should have been by some other porn studios. We'll look forward to seeing more of Kory in future TIM efforts. The tops include some of your favorites, you'll recognize most of them. Maybe I'm being a little too critical, but remember, Treasure Island Media, in one of the greatest bareback videos of all time, Cumsloppy Buttholes, gave us the Dawson & Sean Storm dual gang bang, the gangbang against which all others must be measured.
This is a great it. Treasure Island will end the discounted price sale of this dvd within a few days, so if you can't get it locally, check out the website.