Sunday, September 27, 2009

Barebacking Rich Wrangler - review

Patrick Kohl of Ricky Raunch is turning out some good videos. The first video I saw of his, I believe, was Bareback Attack, years ago, and I thought it was a good one. Then there were a few years of inconsistent product, the worst of it marred by crotch shadows and sequences where you couldn't see much of what was going on...they were OK, better than most, but by that time, Treasure Island and Hot Desert Knights were turning out consistently good product. In the past year, I've enjoyed every new RR video I've seen and 'Barebacking Rich Wrangler' can be included in that number. RR has relied on a stable of slutty, sexy characters in Jake Manhole, Fred Mayer and Rich Wrangler. Fred and Rich are in this one and they get fucked by a group of tops including Kamrun whom many will recognize from his work for Slut Machine and other producers. There's action in the sling and on a tuffet (bigger than the one Little Miss Muffet sat on) which isn't the best platform, but Mayer and Wrangler are such fuckpigs taking in several miles of raw cock that no one should complain. Buy this one.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Palm Springs Garage Fuck

I am never 'on time' to a sex party. If it's supposed to start at 9 p.m., I won't show up until 10 or later. If the party closes at midnight, I'll check in around 11:45. I expect that it will take a couple of hours for a party to get going. That idea is so wrong. Especially in the case of the Sling Parties hosted by a nice couple in Palm Springs. The parties take place in a very large garage, with the play spaces divided by heavy dark fabric curtains. There are slings (at least 2), a fuck bench in its own small area, two separate areas each with a California King sized mattress. There's more outside, more slings, and a pool. Now I've been here before, and gotten fucked by some big dicks, one big black dude stands I've got nothing to complain about, except being a major cumpig, I hate to miss out. As I checked in last Saturday night, the party had been going on for at least an hour, and the sex sounds, coming at me from every direction, got me going. I got in there as fast as I could and saw a massively-scaled black dude fucking a big white fuck pig bear. The guys were bears, 'technically,' but they were proportioned, not fat, and the top had a sensational bubble butt, which on a big man, is almost enough to make me cum. Watching this big black bubble butt work over this silver haired daddy, on his back with his fat wide feet in the air, got me semi-hard, which is really saying something. There was another top, a middle-aged dad, who was fucking every other bottom, but somehow for me, the timing was never right. I gave it an hour and then decided to bail...there was a 'Camo' Party going on at Helios. But then...the black daddy who had fucked me before...strolled by...he must have just got there. I know this dad can't resist my hot ass. I got on all fours on the mattress just vacated by bubble butt and white bottom pigbear...and within 5 minutes, big black daddy was fingering my ass. What followed was a rigorous, spirited, dedicated fuck and I was my usual loud-mouthed self...I don't moan, I don't wimper, I don't purr...I fuckin' yell, racial ('fuck that hot white ass!'), pozitive ('give me that poz load!'), ageist ('give me that young dick!') top slammed my poz ass with that big dick of his for a good 20 minutes, before shooting a massive load, accompanied by a sexy grunt. This fuck was so fulfilling that I didn't get horny again for whole week, only today (one week later) am I getting my groove back. I felt so good after that cum-thick session, I went straight back to my hotel...where there was nothin' goin' on (see the next post)...I went straight to bed...well, I watched a little of Dawson getting 'Loaded' as I got ready for bed...and then I wanked off nicely to the memory of black bubble butt fucking white pigbear. One thing, though: I've got to cool it down with the dirty talk...I was in a garage after all, separated from the street by only a short driveway. I'm sure not everyone in Palm Springs wants to hear a man's voice shouting 'fuck that ass!' in the otherwise still desert evening.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Christian 24 Cocks in 24 Hours Review

Just because you're a hot bottom doesn't necessarily mean that you'd make a great bottom in video. Some hot asses just don't read well on the screen, and it's nobody's fault. But when a great ass is captured from all the right angles by an artist like director Max Sohl, what results is a video that's going to be remembered and talked about for a long time to come. In short, Christian's talented poz ass is just plain splendid, and it's fucked every which way in Treasure Island Media's latest, Christian 24 Cocks in 24 Hours...I may not have got the title exactly right, but you get the message: it's the Christian dvd. Some scenes work better for me than others but there isn't a 'fast forward second' in this production...I especially liked the gangbang by a bunch of white frat boy types, the gang rape on a dining table by a gang of black studs and a sexual adventure in a dark and dangerous parking structure in the middle of a Manhattan night...Christian clothed for once takes Luke Thomas' (UK Butt Bangers) thick Brit dick up his arse. Here's another TIM classic to add to your porn library. One thing I want to add about the setting: it seems that the TIM crowd likes to film in some of Manhattan's nicest hotels...of course, Christian and Dawson are stars and should be treated like stars, but I still prefer Frank Stein's (Slut Machine) approach of a mattress tossed on the concrete floor of a basement somewhere on the wrong side of tracks. The deluxe setting doesn't hurt Christian's 24 Cocks, but consider the hotel suite where it was filmed with all the fine English traditional furniture, doesn't detract from the inherent sluttiness of the situation, that of 24 hours of no-strings-attached no attitude fucking. Keep in mind that Paul Morris' early videos featured Hotel Fuck Party and Tenderloin Hotel Fuck, and I hope he returns to that theme in a future video. Sleazy Section 8 Hook Up. I'd bottom for that one.
Best regards, men.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Charge a Day

Today I read in RawTop's website that there are studies which suggest that a poz load up a poz bottom's ass might help him stay healthy longer. Something about the immune system's need to be reminded or reinforced to maintain its vigilance and effectiveness. If this is true, it makes fucking obligatory for those of us poz bois who never needed much of an excuse to get fucked. But for those victims who remain in their apartments fearful of going out and meeting people and getting 're-infected,' it provides something to think about. Seriously. If true. Or if not true.

Lights Out at the Steamworks

I'd been meaning to hit the Lights Out Thursday at the Steamworks in Berkeley for some time now, and finally, it worked out. First thing, it didn't seem that much darker than usual...maybe the corridors were not lighted, but the lighting in the rooms can be adjusted as usual. I got there a bit early, 4:30 or so, but I know from experience there's a crowd that wants to meet up between 3 and 7, then there's a lull until about 9 when it picks up again.
My first fuck was from a Filipino who used a condom (the message is getting's the men of color who are using condoms and the white guys who aren' a rule, from my personal experience) to deliver a good, adequate, honest tricks, no dirty talk, no orgasm...just a good workout. OK. Within minutes of his departure, a bald meaty white guy came in and plowed my ass bareback. This was a nice athletic vigorous fucking concluding with a blast up my butt. Some dirty talk, and like a good top, he grabbed my ass and took control. The good bottom stays put, and I took easily his 7 or so inches. Finally...and all this happened within an hour...a middle-aged Latino guy came in and fucked me with a condom...his was the fattest, biggest dick of the evening but it was also only an okay fuck...maybe it was late for him, maybe I wasn't his type, whatever, but it was nice having that fatdick up there. No loads. Size matters only most of the time.
Then I did something I've never done before. After checking out the remodeled gloryhole area, I saw a fuck saddle and got myself up there, butt up, head up, ready. Within a matter of 20 minutes, I was fucked by three guys, 2 bareback...I usually reach under to feel a dick gripped by my asslips...that's how I know one guy was wearing a condom (I kept hoping it would slip off) but he handled me so smoothly he must have been in the gloryhole section with a condom on, but that doesn't make sense. Whatever. No loads, but I'm a convert...the fuck bench worked really well on this outing, and I'll plan to spend more time there next time.