Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Menopausal Americans Elect Trump

Well, despite their obeisance to assorted prescription opiates and all those medications sponsoring the television broadcast news, and despite their reluctance to stray too far from their remote controls and adjustable lounge chairs, enough unhappy baby boomers waddled to the ballot boxes and elected a huckster to the presidency.  Do you know what the next couple of years are going to be like?  It's going to be one goddamned lawsuit after another.  Some of these will have merit, no doubt, as the Huckster-n-Chief has a shady past and a big mouth...not good for anybody, much less a president. With so many enemies from just about every walk of life, shit is sure to happen...Tromp will be a walking shitstorm.  And we'll have to take it one day at a time, but after some thought, I gotta say I have reason to believe that Tromp won't survive his first term.  This I know: we're stuck with him and it's going to be so annoying, so try not to obsess about it and keeping moving.

If only those poor misguided people in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin had moved on to better education, jobs and lifestyle, instead of waiting for politicians to bring back the typewriter factory, they wouldn't be so unhappy.  Their status has been intellectualized by the media, but take a good look and you'll notice they're mostly fat, out-of-shape and deprived.  Once every four years they get to come out and exercise their discontent at the ballot box, next to the factory that corporate Republican types shut down.  That's how capitalism works.  If you don't like it, then vote socialist or communist, and stop acting as if you were denied something.

You are a white man, so what the hell are you so angry about?  It's because you're fat, isn't it?  And maybe you can't get it up, and you've been married more than once, and it goes on forever until a huckster sells you something better than that OxyContin.  Forgotten?  Taken for granted?  Left behind?  You guys weren't 'left behind.'   You stayed behind...and are OK with holdin' the rest of us back. This is what happens when you don't educate yourself and realize that white is right only in your little shitburg.  Well, these white guys are dying off in record numbers but not fast enough, evidently.

Enough about these turkeys, for there were a lot of victories on the local level that might cheer us up.  The AIDS Healthcare Foundation's two ballot measures in California, Prop 60 and 61, are losing and that's all I'll say as they are still counting ballots in some counties, and I don't want to jinx it, but it looks pretty good that they won't pass.  More about these propositions tomorrow.

On closing, I'm betting that some moneyed folks will find that girl who claims Trump raped her...and that's the word the media was using, I'm not making this up...but who disappeared mysteriously last week.  There are some big name lawyers who would have a lot to lose if the story turns out to be fake, so there may be something to this, and we'll just take it one day at a time, as I said.  I also said it's going to be an annoying, toxic political environment for a couple of years.  Don't let it get you down...just keep it up and keep fucking.

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